19 Feb 19
Four weekly flights to Busan good news for Korean fans.
15 Feb 19
Aviation-related activities contributed around 80% of SATS’ revenue in Q3.
15 Feb 19
The airlines' joint venture, NokScoot, was hit by heavy losses.
14 Feb 19
The increase was due to revenue improvements in both its food solutions and gateway services.
11 Feb 19
It blamed one-time events from its associated and joint venture companies.
30 Jan 19
KrisLab will explore the use of virtual reality to allow designers to step on board and explore future design concepts quickly.
29 Jan 19
The airport was busiest on 21 December when a new record of 221,155 passengers passed through its terminals.
16 Jan 19
Cargo load factor slipped 3.5 ppt.
11 Jan 19
Competition in the airline industry continues to place pricing pressure on the firm.
7 Jan 19
And real estate investor ARA Asset Management jointly acquires office property with UK property group.
21 Dec 18
Traffic to and from India jumped 14%, making it ahead of Changi's top 10 markets.
18 Dec 18
Tickets from more than 300 airlines and online travel partners can be booked through Google’s new feature.
5 Dec 18
Scoot could boost pricing from the additional routes to enhance profitability for the group.
4 Dec 18
They could look into providing optional meals for Scoot passengers.
29 Nov 18
Traffic to and from the US climbed 28% with additional services from Singapore Airlines and United Airlines.
27 Nov 18
Terminal growth is only expected to hit 1% to 0.5% as competition from Chinese firms persist.
27 Nov 18
And seed investor Cocoon Capital launched its $20m fund targeting fintech and medtech startups.
22 Nov 18
Scoot will pilot 17 of SilkAir’s routes over the next two years.
15 Nov 18
It was also hit by a 24% YoY hike in jet fuel costs.
14 Nov 18
It blamed a 40% increase in jet fuel costs and share losses from Virgin Australia.
9 Nov 18
It continued to be hit by the absence of the $7m gain from the disposal of SATS HK.
9 Nov 18
It blamed lower airframe and fleet management revenue.
8 Nov 18
It will allow businesses to quickly locate and communicate with employees in case of emergency.
29 Oct 18
It will invest into the development of a 665,000 sqft complex worth $290m.
25 Oct 18
Visitors from China and Japan boosted monthly volumes.
19 Oct 18
They will be issued on 25 October.
17 Oct 18
Airlines of Singapore and Peru will be able to fly between countries with no restrictions.
17 Oct 18
And here’s why SIA’s non-stop flight to New York may hit turbulence.
16 Oct 18
It secured a 4-year ATR 72 landing gear overhaul deal from an Asian airline.
16 Oct 18
Cargo load factor dipped 0.2 ppt.
12 Oct 18
From Singapore, it will fly for 18 hours and 45 minutes under normal weather conditions.
11 Oct 18
Tenants include Shake Shack, Pink Fish and Laderach which will have their maiden outlets in Singapore.
9 Oct 18
It allows more space for its cabin that can host 161 passengers.
5 Oct 18
They will shorten connection time to Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.
26 Sep 18
Scoot's consumer satisfaction saw the highest score of 75.3 in a study.
23 Sep 18
It will be used for the 19-hour Singapore-New York flights.
21 Sep 18
Airfreight throughput rose 1.8% to 184,000 tonnes.
20 Sep 18
It placed eight in the global rankings.