13 Aug 19
Passenger traffic in Australia nearly ground to a halt whilst those in India fell below the 5% mark.
9 Aug 19
Govindasamy will replace Nicholas Ionides, who has been with the airlines for 10 years.
5 Aug 19
Previously, Vistara only covered Indian domestic flights.
5 Aug 19
It will improve customer booking and check-in transactions by 60%.
1 Aug 19
Losses from associated companies widened to $31m due to a drag from Virgin Australia.
29 Jul 19
This is mainly due to the reduction of expenditure.
26 Jul 19
It captures and integrates process data into a 3D virtual environment.
23 Jul 19
That said, its food solutions division could ride on the 2020 Olympics.
22 Jul 19
The move will improve the customers’ check-in experience.
19 Jul 19
It was hit by lower cargo revenue and the consolidation expenses of its GTR entities.
15 Jul 19
Passenger carriage rose 8.5% YoY.
11 Jul 19
Line Maintenance Partnership will commence operations in Don Mueang International Airport.
10 Jul 19
It will focus its efforts on its airline catering and ground handling services.
9 Jul 19
Aviation market in Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing in the world, and on course to become the world’s largest in the next 20...
2 Jul 19
The agreement extends the firms’ 20-year partnership.
28 Jun 19
The agreement also includes both firms’ subsidiaries SilkAir, Scoot, and Firefly.
27 Jun 19
It was fueled by the double digit growth from Australia and Japan.
17 Jun 19
It will leverage Honeywell’s technologies to provide a one-stop MRO shop.
17 Jun 19
A pilotless drone system will produce HD images from inspections of aircraft exteriors.
14 Jun 19
This means that SATS may shell out $333m annually on average during the three-year period.
11 Jun 19
It beat out Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Heathrow in airport brand strength.
11 Jun 19
The parties will develop safety policies through joint seminars and research projects.
7 Jun 19
The joint company will focus on component MRO solutions.
3 Jun 19
Traffic rights will be given to three airlines to operate on the Singapore–Busan route.
24 May 19
Passenger traffic from Australia rose significantly.
24 May 19
Volocopter and Skyports will hold public flight trials by H2 2019.
24 May 19
And budget carrier Firefly is expanding flights from Seletar Airport to more Malaysian locations.
17 May 19
Earnings per share fell to $0.223.
17 May 19
Rising expenses from steep fuel costs hit earnings.
16 May 19
Its Newtec acquisition and satellite communications business makes it a standout for Smart City initiatives.
15 May 19
Passenger carriage rose 7.6% compared to last year.
15 May 19
Its aerospace sector recorded a 6% profit increase to $62.7m.
15 May 19
The grounding of B737 MAX aircraft will hit main airline operations.
13 May 19
Falling airframe and fleet management revenues hit earnings.
10 May 19
It lags behind Hamad International Airport and Tokyo International Airport.
2 May 19
The contracts cover inflight catering, cabin and cargo handling, as well as services for Scoot.
29 Apr 19
It cited weak demand and a shortage of aircraft resources.