Professional Services/Legal

15 Aug 19
They engaged in a 7-year front-running arrangement resulting in profits of $8.07m.
30 Jul 19
Nowadays, the General Counsel (GC) role looks significantly different.
11 Jul 19
The individuals carried out a front-running arrangement over a seven-year period, resulting in profits of $8.07m.
9 Jul 19
This was blamed on an impairment loss of $31.27m from the acquisition of Asia Box Office.
19 Jun 19
It has been restructured as a research centre under the university.
14 Jun 19
It aims to cover legal expenses incurred in IP infringement proceedings worldwide.
7 Jun 19
The lawyer was accused to have deceived CCJ Investment in disbursing $6m.
4 Jun 19
It is looking for firms that startups focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain and advanced analytics.
24 May 19
The funds may have been paid out on the instructions of JLC partner, Ong Su Aun, Jeffrey, and might have been unauthorised.
23 May 19
Legaltech innovations are now moving beyond document generation solutions towards blockchain application.
10 May 19
They include former representatives of Jefferies Singapore and Legacy FA.
9 May 19
Bonitas stated in a report that Best World limited the scope of its independent review by PwC Singapore to divert attention from fabricated sales...
6 May 19
In recent years, we have seen an influx of Asian money into countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.
6 May 19
The money was surrendered by former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng.
3 May 19
Law practices can receive funding of up to $130,000 for adopting advanced tech solutions.
27 Mar 19
And tech-enabled student housing startup Oxfordcaps raises $11m in series A funding.
26 Mar 19
Practice trainees should be conferred with limited rights after six months of training and focus on a single law practice for a year.
25 Mar 19
Total assets of the 50 largest insurance providers in the city hit S$232b, up by 13.73% from the previous year’s $204b.
22 Mar 19
The prohibition was ordered as Zheng had not honestly performed her duties as the bank’s representative.
21 Mar 19
Key accomplice Goh Hin Calm was sentenced to 36 months imprisonment by Singapore’s High Court.
21 Mar 19
It predicts the likelihood that market manipulation has occurred based on trade analysis and past cases.
20 Mar 19
Other enforcement actions included 19 prohibition orders, $698,000 in civil penalties and 223 warnings.
18 Mar 19 will first provide a 12-month accidental screen damage protection for brand new mobile phones.
8 Mar 19
The new space is set to open on Q1 2020.
5 Mar 19
The European Union’s consistent online tools allowed it to retain first place.
18 Feb 19
They specialise in various areas such as shipping, intellectual property, energy, and aviation, amongst others.
17 Jan 19
Creators will be given a new right to be attributed as the creator of the works regardless of whether they still own the copyright.
16 Jan 19
It will provide advisory services including the valuing of companies, equity interests and shares.
18 Dec 18
It aims to develop and test new services tools and solutions for the legal sector.
5 Dec 18
Whilst China has been working on launching its Belt and Road initiative, the immensely ambitious undertaking of construction and infrastructure...
16 Nov 18
This will allow Russian enterprises to explore IP growth markets in Asia.
14 Nov 18
The upcoming introduction of the Singapore Variable Capital Company (S-VACC or VCC) is a significant event in Singapore’s asset management...
9 Oct 18
The city state's corporate debt market was hit by more than $1.5b worth of defaults.
31 Aug 18
By 2023, bar admission will not qualify law graduates to practice law as they still need to undergo a year of professional training.
23 Aug 18
Their bilateral trade ballooned 44% to $3.5b in H1.
9 Jul 18
Singapore businesses are facing several significant legal changes on the horizon which will impact how many companies work day-to-day.
1 Jun 18
Revenue of the big four accounting firms gained 7%.
1 Jun 18
Applications will start by third quarter of 2018.
19 Apr 18
It will add 30 new legal consultants in the next six months.