Professional Services/Legal

15 Sep 20
The joint protocol is expected to be formally launched on 20 November.
25 Aug 20
It will build upon the Skills Framework for IP launched in 2019.
20 Aug 20
It will reportedly on take 30 minutes for SMEs to file their forms.
18 Aug 20
Shareholders argued that the two REITs’ investment mandate will overlap.
12 Aug 20
This follows after the High Court granted UWG's application to be carved out of the moratorium.
11 Aug 20
It leverages AI, and data science to assist lawyers and clients.
7 Aug 20
It now seeks the final registration approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
23 Jul 20
It establishes a new licensing and regulatory regime for insolvency practitioners.
21 Jul 20
The COVID-19 pandemic is being felt in the operations of businesses worldwide and one of the most striking disruptions is evident in supply chain...
21 Jul 20
The CAWG reviewed 56 issues and recommended 36 legislative reforms.
20 Jul 20
It was sued last year to recover funds that was allegedly said was sent to other patrons in 2015.
14 Jul 20
Auditing services remain their strongest suit, but the way they do it drastically changed.
13 Jul 20
Unilegend Investments is willing to add in an available working capital to the group.
8 Jul 20
This is in relation to legal proceedings against it by Samuel Cranage Baker and Jeremy Lee Chuen Yang.
6 Jul 20
Both firms are also being probed over carrying on a trust business without a licence.
30 Jun 20
Many businesses are grappling with significant survival issues with the pandemic still in sway.
26 Jun 20
The guide will assist lawyers making submissions to SGX RegCo on behalf of listed issuers.
25 Jun 20
Trainees may also get hired by the host companies.
18 Jun 20
The oil trading firm is also demanding damages, interest and costs from the bank.
14 Jun 20
The act covers agreements made before 25 March.
4 Jun 20
This follows after charges of money laundering were filed to Martin Cheah Kok Choon and Guilherme Esteves de Jesus.
2 Jun 20
This follows a lawsuit filed for an alleged breach of contract.
1 Jun 20
The Supreme Court will not take a recess in June to deal with the backlog.
12 May 20
Seeking quality legal advice can help companies understand the law’s new regulatory and licensing issues.
10 May 20
The hospitality, retail and construction sectors were in bad positions before the circuit breaker.
8 May 20
This comes after HOOQ commenced a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 27 March.
21 Apr 20
This applies to bank loans incurred by local SMEs.
17 Apr 20
The new scheme meeting's schedules are yet to be decided.
14 Jul 17
They proved the impact of language on business.
13 Jun 17
Its Documentation Quality Assurance & Control Team made the cut.
18 May 15
The Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act has been amended.
24 Jan 12
Guess how many Singaporeans are freelancers?
10 Jan 12
He joins the Firm from Allen & Gledhill, Singapore, where he was Head of Business Development & Marketing.
4 Jan 12
Mr. Goh’s past position as Financial Controller of the company boosted his chances to be chosen by company.
15 Dec 11
Yet Robert William Livingston II maintains his postion as the company's CEO.
13 Dec 11
Michael Ng Hung Chiao moves out.
5 Dec 11
Colliers International says renewals and consolidations will be the status quo.