Architecture transitions to an 'integrated' industry

Firms said professionals must be experts not only in design. 
3 days ago

Architecture transitions to an 'integrated' industry

Firms said professionals must be experts not only in design. 
3 days ago

Where to invest your millions in real estate

Amongst locations, realtors suggest the Core Central Region.
6 days ago

How realtors dealt with the new realities of the real estate market 

An expert from Savills said the market has become increasingly international in its outlook. 

Singapore’s most outstanding architecture professionals under 40

This year’s list includes architects who helped improve healthcare spaces.

How can brick-and-mortar stores be less boring? Here’s what experts say

Physical stores must revamp customers’ experiences by pushing “phygital” strategies.

Singapore's most notable real estate agents under 40

Women took the lead in this year's list, taking 11 spots.

How firms can meet the booming demand for ESG jobs

Firms must seek a sustainability leader with an ESG mindset and green courses for workers.

Office and hospitality markets on the road to revival

Property experts said the shift of consumption to services gave two markets a lift in 2022.

Helicap plays matchmaker for underfinanced SMEs 

Its technology evaluates SMEs' funding needs and positions them as attractive investments.

ShopBack converts an old school building into a university-like workplace

The purpose of this is to promote continuous learning amongst its employees.

Tug to bring integrated and bespoke digital marketing solutions to SEA clients

The agency opened its doors to businesses in Southeast Asia in July.

Is HDB resale a good investment?

OrangeTee’s Dallas Hassan and Huttons Asia Real Estate Groups’ Lee Sze Teck answer frequently-asked questions on HDB.

Time for businesses to go beyond WiFi and connect to Private 5G

A private 5G network can provide coverage in spaces with metal obstructions, unlike Wifi. 

Spoof proof: How the new SMS Sender ID Registry prevents phishing

Phishing remains a huge problem in Singapore, with reported incidents jumping from 16 to 5,020 within four years.

What traveling looks like in the world’s reopening

Travelers are ditching their bucket list trips for “less adventurous” itineraries, Scott Dunn said.