Information Technology

17 Jul 19
The machines have taken over almost all array of business applications and operations whilst generating copious quantities of data.
17 Jul 19
The pilot programme will combine data protection and innovation competencies to train DPOs.
16 Jul 19
In the age of Industry 4.0, innovation hubs have grown beyond borders almost as a pre-requisite for companies looking to jumpstart their digital...
15 Jul 19
Instagram-focused budgets are something that wasn't seen one or two years ago, said marketers.
15 Jul 19
These standards discuss safety requirements as well as building inspection guidelines for drones.
15 Jul 19
Its customer Illumina is expected to grow 6%, albeit at a lower rate compared to its previous estimate of 13-14%.
12 Jul 19
Project POET will cut the usual processing time to retrieve information from up to three months to just two days.
12 Jul 19
With more than 1 in 4 companies experiencing business email compromise scams in the past year, Singapore was found to be the most targeted country...
9 Jul 19
Smartkarma produces, curates, and publishes unbiased intelligence for institutional investors.
8 Jul 19
Driving productivity and technological innovation will be the beachhead in Singapore firms’ fight against a more subdued economic...
5 Jul 19
Mass data breaches have been impacting our region, reiterating the fact that no business or nation is truly immune from cyber threats.
2 Jul 19
Although Singapore was ranked as the safest country in the world based on a report by the World Justice Project in 2018, cybersecurity breaches...
1 Jul 19
Departmental conflict was cited by respondents as a key factor.
28 Jun 19
Around 80% of its products at the 12,000 sqft space are smart home-compatible.
26 Jun 19
There are increasing calls all around the world for the government to regulate social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter and tech giants...
25 Jun 19
The app lets shoppers earn rewards by browsing online offers and scanning product barcodes.
24 Jun 19
The hiring spree came amidst news of a 5G rollout by 2020.
19 Jun 19
The deal will explore information sharing and staff exchanges.
19 Jun 19
Digital transformation in 44.6% of SMEs already has some alignment to company strategies.
10 Jun 19
The current approach to addressing cyber threats, implemented by corporations in Singapore, is not being communicated effectively enough to its...
10 Jun 19
It specializes in the interactive technology industry.
10 Jun 19
Instead, it will focus on strengthening its facial recognition verification services.
10 Jun 19
It has teamed up with WeChat solutions provider Weimob to help SMEs tap into China’s market.
6 Jun 19
The underlying narrative of the 21st century has been underscored by technological advancements, whether it be in smartphones and tablets, the...
4 Jun 19
The resolution received close to no opposition at the firm’s extraordinary general meeting.
3 Jun 19
Etix has a network of data centres across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.
2 Jun 19
The proceeds will be used to enhance its product and grow the team.
31 May 19
The two nations will do joint research projects and cross-share experiences and best practices.
31 May 19
It aims to promote and adopt technologies to overcome regulatory challenges.
31 May 19
It has been on the watchlist since March 2015 due to buyback issues.
30 May 19
Globalisation, digitalisation and automation are fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their customers and the way people work....
29 May 19
Companies now plan to spend on average 46% more to adopt technologies to counter it.
29 May 19
hive enables members to orchestrate their supply chain activities from physical logistics to financial requirements.
28 May 19
Most of the tech initiatives will roll out in Q3.
27 May 19
It will support at least 30 projects within the next three years.
24 May 19
However,more than half agreed that AI will boost job efficiency and productivity.
23 May 19
In the moments after a security breach is detected, moving quickly is incredibly important for Singapore businesses, especially now that the...
23 May 19
Rapid technology innovation in Singapore has made digital disruption the new normal as once safe, stable, and secure industries begin to fully...
23 May 19
You have a strong product, a great team, and a 5-year business plan at hand – so what’s missing?