Information Technology

24 Apr 18
It trailed behind South Korea and Germany in terms of automation readiness.
22 Apr 18
Retailers are lured by low taxes and expansion opportunities.
18 Apr 18
It also launched a developer platform so brands can build services related to Google Assistant.
18 Apr 18
CCB and AIA collaborated to offer blockchain-powered bancassurance products.
18 Apr 18
The region has attracted more fintech investments than North America and Europe.
18 Apr 18
Mobile banking has grown at least twofold in Emerging Asia to outpace other e-banking types.
13 Apr 18
The technological evolution unfolding before us is nothing short of extraordinary.
12 Apr 18
Almost half believe non-banks provide better assistance than traditional banks.
12 Apr 18
It uses mixed reality technology to operate.
11 Apr 18
Data privacy has become an increasingly pertinent issue in recent times.
6 Apr 18
As a response, it has changed data permissions and data sharing practices.
6 Apr 18
In October last year, the Singapore government passed the Infrastructure Protection Bill – laws to improve protection for iconic buildings...
5 Apr 18
It also launched its 18,500 sqm lab that will develop its Internet of Things platform.
2 Apr 18
Its communities are GPS-based, so users can match based on their listings.
27 Mar 18
It enforces fines of up to $1m for non-compliance with data protection rules.
27 Mar 18
She founded a startup which provides small businesses with cloud computing solutions.
26 Mar 18
Today, investors are paying increasing attention on how companies are managing digital disruption.
22 Mar 18
Many people ask how Singapore can prepare for, and lead in, the era of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of talent and human capital.
21 Mar 18
It aims to offer clients a mobile-first, end-to-end suite of solutions for firms’ digital development.
19 Mar 18
The bank is avoiding interdependence on data centre tenancy.
16 Mar 18
The chatbot can address a wide range of customer needs and everyday inquiries.
15 Mar 18
It aims to train around 2,000 students and developers in the next three years.
13 Mar 18
They are most advanced in integrating Internet of Things (IoT) in mobility, healthcare, and public safety.
12 Mar 18
Almost 40% of global ransomware attacks were aimed at the region.
12 Mar 18
Companies will be soon be able to communicate with analysts and investors, monitor sentiment, and compare industry performance.
9 Mar 18
They are also unaware of the cost of cloud service interruption.
9 Mar 18
Singapore’s mobile penetration hit a high of ~158% in the first quarter of 2014, but by the third quarter of 2017, it had fallen by 10% to...
8 Mar 18
And here's why Singapore's debt consolidation plan might not be working.
6 Mar 18
It will provide trainings and cybersecurity resources to help startups internationalise.
5 Mar 18
Asia, the US and Europe, and in fact all global markets share the same trend towards: “Mobile Agility”.
22 Feb 18
It merged the app with existing features in Android Pay.
22 Feb 18
Skills shortage and silos plague digital strategies.
21 Feb 18
They believe that it is most vital to their organisational success.
21 Feb 18
70% of firms worry about their ability to adapt to this technology.
19 Feb 18
They can ride the lift, and bring meals any time of the day.
14 Feb 18
Discovering the root cause of customer frustration drives implementation.
14 Feb 18
A 3% decline in revenue dragged its growth.
13 Feb 18
It aims to help SMBs migrate to cloud effectively.