Information Technology

22 Mar 19
Most are either outdated or bogus addresses, but 119 are still being used.
19 Mar 19
And regulatory tech company Tookitaki secures US$7.5m in its Series A funding round.
10 Mar 19
Security concerns in using mobile banking apps rose from 34% in 2017 to 41% in 2018.
7 Mar 19
Members can book meeting rooms and manage guest invitations through its app.
7 Mar 19
And Singapore-based field service automation platform Zinier bags US$22m in a funding round.
6 Mar 19
Trojan-Droppers were the most prevalent of the threats.
5 Mar 19
Government policy, a receptive public and innovative segment combine to make Singapore Asia’s burgeoning tech hub.
5 Mar 19
The first leg of the programme reported 26 valid vulnerabilities in the government’s systems.
4 Mar 19
30% said their total spend on such products and servicers would grow by more than 10% in the next three years.
26 Feb 19
The new tool allows survey agents launch a video call on their web browser through a simple link.
26 Feb 19
And HDB revealed that more than half of 2-room flexi flats are purchased by seniors.
25 Feb 19
Chinese New Year has come and gone, and Singapore is getting back to work after the festivities.
21 Feb 19
Hawker centres, food courts and wet markets remain heavily dependent on cash.
20 Feb 19
It aims to develop its Singapore base into one of its largest outside of China.
19 Feb 19
Eleven startups made up the first batch of Startup Station Singapore.
18 Feb 19
Creative Technology recorded a 46.2% return in January YTD.
15 Feb 19
The defence minister thinks that Singaporeans should stand guard against both physical and digital threats to sovereignty.
15 Feb 19
There were 30 cases that involved missing laptops, whilst 11 cases affected specific individuals.
12 Feb 19
CapitaVoucher can be purchased, stored and redeemed via the CapitaStar app.
11 Feb 19
Members can book resources, sign up for events and receive community news on one platform.
11 Feb 19
With the global increase in data breaches, like the biggest data fiasco of Facebook and locally the massive cyber attack on SingHealth’s...
8 Feb 19
Lack of transparency and high software piracy levels dragged the city’s headline score.
7 Feb 19
The study revealed that Singapore is the best prepared country for cyberattacks.
1 Feb 19
Patients can get their diagnosis instantly through video conferencing.
30 Jan 19
When the internal network of a local commodities trading firm was hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in early 2018, the network...
30 Jan 19
The recently announced Payment Services Act by the Singapore government seeks to address the balance between supporting the shift to a cashless...
25 Jan 19
The authority will also launch an electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) implementation guide.
23 Jan 19
It aims to promote ethical AI use amongst private firms.
22 Jan 19
Half of the region's top execs expect growth to improve in 2019 despite economic uncertainties.
21 Jan 19
Firms are also creating new roles within tax functions to handle narrow and specific job scopes.
21 Jan 19
Having a portfolio website to showcase expertise can offer employers a quick gauge of an individual’s character.
21 Jan 19
Singapore’s growing dependence on technology, coupled with the expanding scale of its national digital environment, exposes it to a broad...
21 Jan 19
They will focus on designing and developing privacy technologies and training skilled manpower.
18 Jan 19
The gains may be higher than portfolio net profit income yield of 6.4%.
18 Jan 19
Digital Stars will allow customers to pick agents of their choice.
17 Jan 19
Creators will be given a new right to be attributed as the creator of the works regardless of whether they still own the copyright.