Information Technology

Over 6 in 10 companies plan to reduce staff in 2023 economic recession

There’s one area, however, where companies plan to do the opposite. 
2 days ago

Chart of the Day: Worryingly, almost 8 in 10 fund managers still use fax

The report showed that 10% of fund managers’ businesses are fully manual.
2 days ago

Chart of the Day: Top three main drivers of automation for fund managers

Nearly seven in 10 are inclined to use automation for fund distribution.
5 days ago

Only 1 in 10 companies in Singapore are prepared to address cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity issues have cost organisations at least US$500,000.
5 days ago

Chart of the Day: 10% of fund managers' businesses are still unautomated

Asset servicers are less likely to be manual than investment managers.
6 days ago

Study shows half of SMEs not applying for gov’t incentives for digitisation

Businesses report plight in barriers to upgrade digitisation.

Temasek, GIC help payment startup Stripe to raise $8.7b funding round

The Series I funding round will support liquidity of its employees.

How Many Apps Does It Take to Change a Workplace?

For years now, the tech industry has been selling the promise that adopting more digital tools will help employees ease their workload, make time for...

Here’s why other Gen Zs steer clear from metaverse

Some Gen Zs said joining the platform is too expensive.

Here are top concerns on metaverse

Consumers are worried about their privacy and personal information. 

In an era of zero-sum thinking, business leaders must unlock a mutually beneficial future 

ChatGPT has dominated the airwaves the past couple of months, with fears that artificial intelligence will take over our jobs.

StarHub’s Google Cloud partnership to create secure, energy-efficient cloud network

The telco will pilot Google Distributed Cloud Edge and Nokia 5G Standalone Core.

Singapore, US partner to enhance telecom regulatory policies

This will cover areas of communications and connectivity. 

Almost half are likely to use ChatGPT for general searching

This includes searching for nutritional information on food.

Chart of the Day: Majority has reservations when chatting with ChatGPT

Non-consensual data collection and misinformation are some of their worries.