Information Technology

14 Dec 18
It provides an 82% accuracy rate in estimating hospital bills.
13 Dec 18
Venture's total returns was recorded at -25.3% in December YTD.
12 Dec 18
Nomination is open until 5 April 2019.
11 Dec 18
It clinched the top spot for the digital infrastructure and human capital measures.
10 Dec 18
IT security professionals in the sector who are now earning around $75,000 to $180,000 a year could be able to command a hike of up to 30% in...
5 Dec 18
SMEs and media enterprises can assess digital solutions and skills training to expand growth.
5 Dec 18
It will provide round the clock managed security solutions and services to global customers.
4 Dec 18
It will co-fund up to $3m to support cybersecurity advancement per firm in the financial sector.
29 Nov 18
The big three banks have already initiated using AI and data analytics to pump up the detection of illicit activities.
29 Nov 18
Frasers Experience will allow shoppers to digitise their physical gift cards and to load it to their app's e-wallet.
28 Nov 18
Starhub will develop the new app where residents can look for amenities and events near their vicinity.
26 Nov 18
They can access a broad range of technologies at different stages to enhance cross-border trading.
22 Nov 18
The authority aims to set up a Digital Services Laboratory.
21 Nov 18
Datarama is also part of the global RegTech 100 for the second year running.
21 Nov 18
GrabPay and Go-Pay are examples.
19 Nov 18
E-commerce was the fastest growing sector in 2018 and is projected to reach US$100b in 2025.
19 Nov 18
It has set aside $14m to support the development of new urban technologies.
19 Nov 18
The app will also allow them to transact digitally through automatic payments.
16 Nov 18
They will explore cooperation on standards development and technology partnerships.
16 Nov 18
The parties will develop products in the financial sector as well as enhance local AI talent and scale.
15 Nov 18
The move is a part of its strategy to further digitise client solutions.
15 Nov 18
These days, it is hard to avoid the topic of digitalisation when you read any expert commentary, business book, or newspaper headline.
15 Nov 18
Firms specialising in SME financing and wealth management services lured significant investor interest.
14 Nov 18
It aims to showcase AI, blockchain, big data and cloud technologies.
14 Nov 18
co.lab will help Australian fintechs crack the Asian market.
13 Nov 18
Group IB has a 300-people team serving clients like banks and telcos.
13 Nov 18
And Woodleigh Residences sold 60% of released units at soft launch.
13 Nov 18
It aims to promote fairness, ethics, accountability and transparency in using and managing data.
11 Nov 18
For a one-bedroom unit worth $838,000, buyers will get to have an integrated sink and dishwasher that could help slash washing time by 50%,...
11 Nov 18
It will simplify post-trade processes and shorten settlement cycles.
8 Nov 18
Corporate budgets for travel and expenses (T&E) have grown exponentially over the past decade, thanks to the globalisation of trade.
7 Nov 18
Artificial intelligence and automation are the leading technologies infiltrating several industries in the region, Fitch Solutions said.
4 Nov 18
Chongqing and Singapore will work together to apply FinTech solutions to make STC hassle free, safe and cost efficient for stakeholders.
1 Nov 18
Six homegrown fintech firms made it to the world’s top 100 with Grab nabbing a place in the top ten.
31 Oct 18
It has also fully consolidated a Vietnam property portal to its group.
31 Oct 18
Singapore is home to two in five, or 39%, of ASEAN fintechs according to UOB.
30 Oct 18
Singapore, however, still trails behind Japan (65%), China (57%) and Germany (48%).
29 Oct 18
Singapore is now a prime target for cyber criminals.