Information Technology

17 Sep 19
The airline has deployed 35 apps so far using the platform.
13 Sep 19
Their perception of the hiring challenge is higher than the global average.
11 Sep 19
And nearly half of Singaporeans has been hit by a cyberattack in the past year.
11 Sep 19
Price Kaki will have its pilot run in Jurong West, Tampines and Toa Payoh on 28 September.
9 Sep 19
In 2017, famous physicist Stephen Hawking said that AI could be the last big event in human history unless we learn how to avoid the risks.
6 Sep 19
It will be deployed across a 150 sq km area in South and West Singapore.
6 Sep 19
It aims to address compliance challenges faced by financial institutions when financing trade.
5 Sep 19
He previously spent over two years as Managing Director for MEA.
4 Sep 19
E-commerce platform Alibaba delivered triple-digit growth in revenue.
30 Aug 19
Singapore has seen a 47% increase in the number of data investigations since 2017 handing out over one and a half million dollars in fines,...
29 Aug 19
Just as many SMBs and enterprise workstations use Windows 7 as those that use Windows 10.
29 Aug 19
Alibaba Group was granted an AI patent in a record time of three months.
28 Aug 19
On average, they can earn as much as $22,000 monthly.
27 Aug 19
Most probably, you have heard the terms "smart city" or "future city", which generally refers to urban centres that rely on...
23 Aug 19
There is currently a lot of hype about AI and machine learning – perhaps echoing the hype about technology and machines in the past.
22 Aug 19
Services include online payments for booking hotels and homes.
22 Aug 19
IPOS Go was equipped with AI for searching similar trademarks.
20 Aug 19
The past few years have seen many organisations embark on their digital transformation journey, with organisations looking to move their systems...
19 Aug 19
The seed round of investment was lead by FreakOut Holdings, Inc.
19 Aug 19
However, total deal amount fell short of last year's tally due to lack of mega-deals.
19 Aug 19
The city ranks as the region's preferred location due to high-speed connectivity and low risk of natural disasters.
16 Aug 19
Cardholders can store credit card details in SP Group’s app to pay bills.
13 Aug 19
About half expect their jobs to be automated in the next decade.
12 Aug 19
Instagram-focused budgets are something that wasn't seen one or two years ago, said marketers.
6 Aug 19
The programme features discussions on how to use digital tools for HR and marketing.
5 Aug 19
Singapore International Commercial Court decided that cryptocurrencies are properties traded with trust.
5 Aug 19
The number of people with data privacy concerns trailed India but was above the US, UK, and France.
2 Aug 19
A Bain & Company report has outlined global exponential growth in the IoT markets from US$235b in 2017 to more than double at US$520b by 2021...
2 Aug 19
One revision guides the categorisation of material and non-material cloud outsourcing contracts.
2 Aug 19
I recently spoke on the topic of artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in the future of banking and financial services at a conference in...
29 Jul 19
Artificial intelligence (AI) anticipation is high.
25 Jul 19
Its goal is to translate 5G for government and enterprise use.
25 Jul 19
CFOs cite the breakneck pace of change as the top factor hindering digital adoption.
25 Jul 19
It is true. Singapore is a smart nation.
25 Jul 19
But it is still the region's top-ranking economy ahead of Korea, Hong Kong, and China.
24 Jul 19
According to Dell Technologies's Digital Transformation Index 2019, 40% of Singaporean businesses are planning to invest in multi-cloud...
23 Jul 19
The rising prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our conversations, the way we work and do business, protect communities against crime and...
23 Jul 19
Ever wondered why some people turn down the thought of living abroad, even if it meant a chance at bigger opportunities, wider networks and,...
19 Jul 19
ESG, Quest Ventures and SIHUB will help Singapore startups set up, test-bed and commercialise their solutions in Ho Chi Minh City.