Information Technology

17 Sep 20
The map aims to help local insurtech firms promote their business locally and globally.
16 Sep 20
Booming digital demand for goods and services is driving hiring opportunities.
16 Sep 20
It kicks off with two research projects on AI and traffic management.
15 Sep 20
45% of corporates in the Lion City have a "well-defined strategy".
15 Sep 20
It is already hiring various positions for operations in the city.
11 Sep 20
It is not expected to have a material impact on Sembcorp’s EPS.
10 Sep 20
86% still believe in older rules-based technology for AML compliance.
3 Sep 20
The platform aims to grow and groom cybersecurity talents.
28 Aug 20
The end-to-end encryption system is expected to protect patient data privacy.
26 Aug 20
When COVID-19 struck, people were looking for masks, gloves and toilet paper.
25 Aug 20
Disruption is not new to Singapore.
21 Aug 20
Nearly half of such businesses still have no up-to-date cybersecurity strategies.
20 Aug 20
Cities around the world including Singapore were laid bare by the pandemic that has forced businesses to start working from home on a massive...
18 Aug 20
It has secured pilot partners in Brazil, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and the US.
17 Aug 20
The employees will experience artificial intelligence and machine learning through a gamified learning process.
16 Aug 20
An audience of senior IT professionals took part in the exclusive webinar, supported by Quest Software.
13 Aug 20
The impact of COVID-19 has been felt in every part of the world.
13 Aug 20
The pre-2020 concept of working at the office has been turned on its head.
12 Aug 20
One of the things we take for granted these days is the humble smartphone - it’s easy to forget the full range of its capabilities and...
11 Aug 20
It leverages AI, and data science to assist lawyers and clients.
6 Aug 20
It aims to enable trusted cross-border data flows without unnecessary and costly requirements.
6 Aug 20
Airtel Cloud will build an AWS Cloud Practice supported by AWS Professional Services.
4 Aug 20
All of its business segments saw an uptick in revenues.
28 Jul 20
With cybercriminals capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic, White Ops’ Ryan Murray argues now is the time to boost community immunity...
16 Jul 20
David Koh, Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, argues that family-owned businesses risk being left behind if the preconceptions of...
16 Jul 20
The company also partnered with Shopify to allow the COD feature.
15 Jul 20
This is said to help them take advantage of emerging technologies and test out innovations.
13 Jul 20
All Singapore firms surveyed are concerned about current levels of cloud security.
7 Jul 20
It offers public officers access to learning resources, and the latest development tools.
7 Jul 20
This is said to empower more public officers to understand and make use of data.
2 Jul 20
The concern is led by data security issues with bankcard fraud topping the list.
1 Jul 20
It aims to accelerate the use of AI and other technologies to improve human condition.
1 Jul 20
The startup creates algorithms, software tools, methods and models for quantum computers.
29 Jun 20
Tech firms and banks were amongst the most commonly spoofed firms.
24 Jun 20
The mapping tech startup gives places a unique universal address to make them digitally fit.
23 Jun 20
Free registration is going on for SMEs and startups in ASEAN.
23 Jun 20
There are currently five B2B platforms and six B2C solution partners pre-approved.
23 Jun 20
It aims to tackle bilateral cooperation in new emerging digital areas.
22 Jun 20
5 Best Practices for a Displaced Workforce.
21 Jun 20
The AI-based startup makes sure competitive intelligence is not just for established players.