Information Technology

Singapore launches second National AI Strategy

The renewed NAIS will promote a safer AI ecosystem.
7 hours ago

Singapore launches second National AI Strategy

The renewed NAIS will promote a safer AI ecosystem.
7 hours ago

IMDA, AI Singapore, A*STAR launch $70m AI initiative

The initiative aims to develop Southeast Asia’s first large language model ecosystem.
7 hours ago

UOB deploys AI tools to level up employees’ productivity

The bank with the largest consumer footprint in ASEAN leads the way in adopting Microsoft’s Copilot for more collaborative and productive banking.
4 days ago

SquareX’s ‘Browser Isolation’ opens links in protected cloud

Startup company SquareX recently announced a $6 million seed fund for a ‘disposable browser.’
5 days ago

City 5.0, AI, data analytics, and the next step in the evolution of smart cities

Implementing smart city initiatives is like planting seeds in a garden. The initial stages require careful nurturing and attention, but as the plants...

SPTel, SpeQtral to build SG's first nationwide quantum-safe network

The network will use quantum cryptography to achieve unprecedented levels of security.

CSE Global revenue jumps 31.4% YoY in 3Q23

CSE’s electrification business contributed 46.3% to this revenue growth.

UOB leads Microsoft’s copilot trial in Singapore

The bank aims to leverage generative AI to bolster employee efficiency and redefine customer engagement.

About 4 in 5 business leaders are concerned about 'missing out' on AI benefits

Only 38% are positive and secure about their data accuracy.

Singapore connectivity level reaches 99%: IMDA report

The report also found that 2 in 3 Singaporeans are keen to try new digital technologies.

SG launches cybersecurity training programme

In support, SG will extend its $30m cyber capacity-building commitment to 2026.

CSA taps Microsoft, Google to strengthen national cybersecurity

The parties will facilitate cyber threat intelligence sharing amongst others.

CSA launches ‘handbook’ to guide SMEs on cloud cybersecurity risks

It provides steps to fight cyber attacks and cloud-based role training.

United Women Singapore, Alibaba Cloud launch tech training programme

The programme will benefit nearly 1,000 women in Singapore.

IMDA inks MOU with US Federal Communications Commission to fight scams

The deal will boost cross-border efforts to combat unlawful communications.

SG firms lead investment in AI and machine learning technologies

Local businesses, on average, invest 24% of their annual budget in AI and machine learning.