17 Oct 18
It was fueled by the growth in the non-electronic segment.
14 Oct 18
The sector could dampen injuries brought by the rising trade tensions to manufacturing.
2 Oct 18
The electronics sector PMI saw a larger slip of 0.6 points to expand at 51.4.
26 Sep 18
Food, beverages & tobacco segment contracted 5.3%.
20 Sep 18
The rising domestic demand could bring in some relief.
20 Sep 18
The surge in chemical material and oil segment revenue boosted the growth.
18 Sep 18
It could look to increase production of the popular radio frequency silicon-on-insulator (RF-SOI) chips.
17 Sep 18
The growth in non-electronic NODX outweighed the declines in electronics.
16 Sep 18
The MRA Systems is also synergistic with STE’s composite manufacturing capabilities.
10 Sep 18
Some Taiwanese firms with China operations have transferred their manufacturing hubs to Southeast Asia.
5 Sep 18
It fell by 1.9 points to 51.1 in August.
4 Sep 18
Electronics PMI also expanded by 0.4 ppt to 52.0.
3 Sep 18
Firms have also boosted purchasing activities, accumulating more input inventories.
3 Sep 18
Its R&D could sustain its elevated activities in the coming quarters.
28 Aug 18
The Lion City entered its 13th Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement with an African country, Gabon.
27 Aug 18
Electronics will continue easing down amidst stagnation of demand for semiconductors.
24 Aug 18
It was led by the 10.1% output expansion in biomedical manufacturing.
19 Aug 18
The manufacturing sector raised $1.7b of FAI commitments.
16 Aug 18
Manufacturing led the gains by 12.2%.
14 Aug 18
The boost from the manufacturing sector could ease in H2 as Chinese import demand cools down.
6 Aug 18
It thanked its continued R&D and lower operating costs.
6 Aug 18
They will also establish the industry-led Corporate Governance Advisory Committee by late 2019.
3 Aug 18
And here's how Google's new feature could help Singaporeans in job finding.
2 Aug 18
The slowdown was fueled by slumping growth in new orders, new exports, and factory output.
1 Aug 18
Slower sales led firms to scale back their production volumes.
26 Jul 18
Occupancy rate remained stable at 88.7%.
23 Jul 18
The IQOS that Venture creates for PMI contributed 25% of 2017 revenue.
19 Jul 18
Global electronics demand have been hit by the US-China trade war.
13 Jul 18
Manufacturing led the growth with an 8.6% advance YoY.
9 Jul 18
Weaker IQOS production could hit the firm hard as it contributes to 25% of revenue and 40% of profit.
3 Jul 18
Large manufacturers' worries intensify over trade frictions and geopolitical risks.
26 Jun 18
Output has been rising even if new orders have been falling since November.
26 Jun 18
The pharma segment led the growth at 19.2%.
21 Jun 18
The project employed more than 5,500 contract workers at the peak of construction.
20 Jun 18
And here's why Sheng Siong believes B&M retailing is still relevant.
18 Jun 18
Non-electronics jumped 26.2% and offset the 7.8% decline in electronics.
15 Jun 18
Moody’s forecasts it could fall to 5.5%.
11 Jun 18
But the firm’s profits need to breach +20% to beat expectations, an analyst said.