15 Jul 19
Its customer Illumina is expected to grow 6%, albeit at a lower rate compared to its previous estimate of 13-14%.
9 Jul 19
This was blamed on an impairment loss of $31.27m from the acquisition of Asia Box Office.
5 Jul 19
There were declines in new orders, factory output, inventory and employment performances.
5 Jul 19
Their combined net institutional inflows amounted to $264m.
27 Jun 19
It will design and construct long-distance distribution steam pipelines and a smart energy station for State Power Investment Corporation.
26 Jun 19
The chemicals, precision engineering and electronics industries led the decline.
18 Jun 19
The plant has an annual production capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes.
7 Jun 19
The lawyer was accused to have deceived CCJ Investment in disbursing $6m.
4 Jun 19
New orders, new exports, factory output, inventory, and employment level all slowed down.
3 Jun 19
The company is subject to a probe on $33m missing from an escrow account with law firm JLC.
24 May 19
Higher biomedical manufacturing and chemical output supported the sector recovery.
24 May 19
The funds may have been paid out on the instructions of JLC partner, Ong Su Aun, Jeffrey, and might have been unauthorised.
20 May 19
Businesses are only optimistic on transport engineering and biomedical manufacturing clusters.
14 May 19
The firm said that the move will boost its regional expansion.
7 May 19
Venture may manufacture 12 million 1QOS devices for Philip Morris by 2020.
6 May 19
Moderating growth in the new orders, exports, factory output, inventory and employment level dragged monthly figures.
30 Apr 19
The electronics giant has been showing a slowdown in MoM declines.
29 Apr 19
A buildup of investors has led to an oversupply in the electronics sector.
26 Apr 19
The electronics segment fell 15.3%.
26 Apr 19
The broad-based growth in its technology domains and customer programme executions boosted earnings.
23 Apr 19
All of its workers will be retrenched.
10 Apr 19
The proceeds will be used to partially repay a loan facility to fund the acquisition in Ixom.
4 Apr 19
It will focus on additive manufacturing of metal and plastic for clients in heavy industries.
4 Apr 19
The increase was in line with improving PMI readings in Vietnam, China, Thailand and South Korea.
27 Mar 19
On a month-on-month basis, manufacturing output decreased 4.1%.
18 Mar 19
The 9.4% YoY growth in non-electronic NODX outweighed the decrease in electronics.
5 Mar 19
It hit the sixth month of decline due to slower growth in new orders, exports, and factory output.
27 Feb 19
It shrank by 3.1% no thanks to declines in electronics and precision engineering.
26 Feb 19
It was hit by its customers’ product transitions and M&A activities.
19 Feb 19
The facility will have a gross floor area of approximately 36,300 sq m.
19 Feb 19
This is the worst NODX performance since October 2016.
15 Feb 19
The growth was driven by the 8.2% increase in non-electronic NODX.
12 Feb 19
Its major customers, Illumina and Philip Morris, guided for growth in 2019 but trade war risks remain.
6 Feb 19
The growth of new orders, new exports and factory output slowed down.
31 Jan 19
Manufacturers are less optimistic amidst weakening demand.
25 Jan 19
Manufacturing output rose 7.2% in 2018.
23 Jan 19
It is set to build electric cars in the citystate.
18 Jan 19
This compares to $500m investments in 2017 and $700m in 2016.
17 Jan 19
It was dragged by the 11.2% decrease in the electronics segment.