18 Mar 19
The 9.4% YoY growth in non-electronic NODX outweighed the decrease in electronics.
5 Mar 19
It hit the sixth month of decline due to slower growth in new orders, exports, and factory output.
27 Feb 19
It shrank by 3.1% no thanks to declines in electronics and precision engineering.
26 Feb 19
It was hit by its customers’ product transitions and M&A activities.
19 Feb 19
The facility will have a gross floor area of approximately 36,300 sq m.
19 Feb 19
This is the worst NODX performance since October 2016.
15 Feb 19
The growth was driven by the 8.2% increase in non-electronic NODX.
12 Feb 19
Its major customers, Illumina and Philip Morris, guided for growth in 2019 but trade war risks remain.
6 Feb 19
The growth of new orders, new exports and factory output slowed down.
31 Jan 19
Manufacturers are less optimistic amidst weakening demand.
25 Jan 19
Manufacturing output rose 7.2% in 2018.
23 Jan 19
It is set to build electric cars in the citystate.
18 Jan 19
This compares to $500m investments in 2017 and $700m in 2016.
17 Jan 19
It was dragged by the 11.2% decrease in the electronics segment.
16 Jan 19
It will issue an aggregate 42,918,000 new shares.
9 Jan 19
The government is set to pursue efforts in developing smart factories to enhance efficiency and quality control.
18 Dec 18
Services, transportation and wholesale were the most optimistic sectors.
17 Dec 18
It was dragged by the 5.2% decrease in the non-electronic segment.
10 Dec 18
It could struggle for more market share as the second manufacturer, FLEX, has already hit supplier limit.
4 Dec 18
It was dragged by growth slowdown in new orders and new exports, amongst others.
27 Nov 18
It is aiming for a 6-10% net profit margin range.
26 Nov 18
Transport engineering led the growth as output increased by 30.8%.
16 Nov 18
It was driven by the 12.8% growth in the non-electronic segment.
14 Nov 18
The country’s steel companies will increasingly employ technology to lower emissions in complying with environmental regulations.
7 Nov 18
The sector’s growth is driven by increase in client demand.
5 Nov 18
The index reading was the lowest recorded in 15 months.
5 Nov 18
Its unique offerings and hard-to-replicate ecosystems could kickstart its rebound.
5 Nov 18
Revenue was hit by customers' planned transition to new products.
2 Nov 18
The factory output index is at its lowest since July 2017.
31 Oct 18
Real estate services and the machinery & systems manufacturing segment will bear the brunt, according to government agencies.
26 Oct 18
All clusters contracted except for transport engineering and precision engineering clusters.
17 Oct 18
It was fueled by the growth in the non-electronic segment.
14 Oct 18
The sector could dampen injuries brought by the rising trade tensions to manufacturing.
2 Oct 18
The electronics sector PMI saw a larger slip of 0.6 points to expand at 51.4.
26 Sep 18
Food, beverages & tobacco segment contracted 5.3%.
20 Sep 18
The rising domestic demand could bring in some relief.
20 Sep 18
The surge in chemical material and oil segment revenue boosted the growth.
18 Sep 18
It could look to increase production of the popular radio frequency silicon-on-insulator (RF-SOI) chips.
17 Sep 18
The growth in non-electronic NODX outweighed the declines in electronics.
16 Sep 18
The MRA Systems is also synergistic with STE’s composite manufacturing capabilities.