1 Feb 18
It was dragged by its gross revenue, which decreased by 4.9% YoY to $28.9m in Q3.
26 Jan 18
Developers are holding back launches and preferring to lease out instead.
26 Jan 18
Output volume has expanded at the quickest rate in almost four years.
25 Jan 18
Rents dipped 2.8% YoY in Q4, following a pattern of recent decline.
24 Jan 18
Revenue also went up, thanks to built-to-suit project for HP Singapore.
17 Jan 18
UMS now has a total of 109m JEP ordinary shares in the open market.
17 Jan 18
15 out of 19 categories were in expansion territory in December.
11 Jan 18
Production growth of ferrous and non-ferrous metals came in at lower levels in 2017.
10 Jan 18
It will explore alliances, partnerships, and ventures in the US.
8 Jan 18
However, the manufacturing sector remains strong as it posts its 16th consecutive month of growth.
8 Jan 18
The electronics segment posted the largest growth at 27.6%.
4 Jan 18
He has been with the Group for over 24 years.
21 Dec 17
Companies have raised production levels at the fastest rates since March.
18 Dec 17
A debt of US$1b dragged the company.
15 Dec 17
He was appointed on 11 December 2017.
8 Dec 17
Strong sales since 2016 will support demand over the next quarter.
8 Dec 17
She has been re-designated as chief process officer.
7 Dec 17
He previously worked as audit manager at RT LLP.
7 Dec 17
He previously worked at Healthway Medical Corporation as financial controller.
7 Dec 17
He is currently working at Fairborn Resource as director.
6 Dec 17
Korea hit a four-year high after posting 51.2 PMI last month.
5 Dec 17
The new reading is the highest since 2Q2013.
4 Dec 17
It rose 0.3 point from last month to 52.9.
29 Nov 17
The price of oil jumped 12.9%.
21 Nov 17
However, 17m subscription shares were issued to Burwill on the same day.
17 Nov 17
He was also appointed as a member of nominating, remuneration and audit committee.
17 Nov 17
He was also appointed as a member of nominating and remuneration committee.
16 Nov 17
The acquisition boosts Sodexo’s technical expertise in Singapore.
15 Nov 17
He is to pursue his personal interest.
15 Nov 17
It’s back in the black after a $2.68m loss last period.
14 Nov 17
Thanks to higher revenue from manufacturing and PCBA services.
13 Nov 17
Its Smart Industry Readiness Index will gear companies up for Industry 4.0.
13 Nov 17
Thanks to strong demand in its semiconductor business.
13 Nov 17
Thanks to improved operational efficiency in its production process.
10 Nov 17
Poor ore grades dragged its quarterly production.
9 Nov 17
Both its consumer electronics and industrial and commercial electronics segments contributed to its strong financial performance.
9 Nov 17
Its lacklustre quarter was driven by shortage of workers and parts.
8 Nov 17
Thanks to its production ramp-up and better operations.
7 Nov 17
He previously served as VP (Business Development) of the company.