17 May 18
Electronics exports shrank by 6.9% and marked their fifth month of decline.
4 May 18
It was bolstered by faster rises in output and new orders.
1 May 18
Analysts cite weak e-cigarette sales of Philip Morris, which contributes 10% to Venture's revenue.
30 Apr 18
About 39% of them expect better business conditions, compared to 13% of firms overall.
26 Apr 18
This was bolstered by semiconductors, which has been growing at a double-digit rate for 25 months.
25 Apr 18
It cited its operations in engineering and advanced manufacturing as a driver of growth.
20 Apr 18
And half of Singaporean firms still only have 20% of female bosses.
19 Apr 18
It secured a maintenance contract for lighting systems for an unnamed Asian operator.
18 Apr 18
Overall industrial leasing activity jumped 35% YoY in the first two months of 2018, the strongest since 2013.
17 Apr 18
The hub offers an interactive and collaborative workplace for professional and graduate engineers and scientists.
5 Apr 18
They will be needed for its cleanroom space for 3D NAND tech transitions.
4 Apr 18
The integrated office and lab facility will be located at the International Business Park.
4 Apr 18
Logistics is the latest industry to face a bold makeover in the Singapore government's $4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme.
3 Apr 18
He received $12.02m after the company’s profits soared due to high sales.
3 Apr 18
It found that executive officers made guarantees for the company’s illegal bonds and hid related lawsuits.
2 Apr 18
The growth was caused by higher factory output, new orders, and new exports.
7 Mar 18
It aims to reduce 60,000 tonnes of e-waste generated annually.
6 Mar 18
It will now offer programmes for manufacturing and professional services sectors.
5 Mar 18
Sales volume growth to also moderate downwards to 2 percentage points.
2 Mar 18
Its exciting performance was driven by steady sales momentum and margin improvement.
26 Feb 18
The electronics cluster delivered the most outputs.
17 Feb 18
He worked 14 years at Tata Chemicals Ltd.
17 Feb 18
He worked as Nufram’s director and regional manager until 1998.
14 Feb 18
It pushes 5.7% growth in the goods producing industries.
2 Feb 18
He was appointed on 1 February 2018.
2 Feb 18
But growth remains fragile.
1 Feb 18
It was dragged by its gross revenue, which decreased by 4.9% YoY to $28.9m in Q3.
26 Jan 18
Developers are holding back launches and preferring to lease out instead.
26 Jan 18
Output volume has expanded at the quickest rate in almost four years.
25 Jan 18
Rents dipped 2.8% YoY in Q4, following a pattern of recent decline.
24 Jan 18
Revenue also went up, thanks to built-to-suit project for HP Singapore.
17 Jan 18
UMS now has a total of 109m JEP ordinary shares in the open market.
17 Jan 18
15 out of 19 categories were in expansion territory in December.
11 Jan 18
Production growth of ferrous and non-ferrous metals came in at lower levels in 2017.
10 Jan 18
It will explore alliances, partnerships, and ventures in the US.
8 Jan 18
However, the manufacturing sector remains strong as it posts its 16th consecutive month of growth.
8 Jan 18
The electronics segment posted the largest growth at 27.6%.
4 Jan 18
He has been with the Group for over 24 years.
21 Dec 17
Companies have raised production levels at the fastest rates since March.