Media & Marketing

30 May 19
He will also be the firm’s member of the nominating and remuneration committees.
28 May 19
One of the most important departments, if not the most important, of every firm is the sales team.
3 May 19
The Bank of New York Mellon replaced British and Malayan Trustees as the trustee.
29 Apr 19
It will provide computer vision and video recognition to Publicis Media Russia’s portfolio.
22 Apr 19
And Singapore and Malaysia will discuss the new GPS-based instrument approach to Seletar Airport.
10 Apr 19
Lower ad and circulation revenue pulled down the company's performance.
4 Apr 19
And Temasek joins US-based payments management platform’s US$88m-funding round.
1 Apr 19
And Wirecard rejects the link between its compliance manager’s exit and fraud allegations.
20 Mar 19
20,425 ordinary shares were bought from AP Media.
11 Mar 19
The search is on for the best listed companies in Singapore.
8 Mar 19
Asia holds 60% of the world’s youth and appealing to this huge demographic takes great understanding, says Fennel.
6 Mar 19
And a Barclays executive ditches his job for Standard Chartered Singapore.
6 Feb 19
Deadline to confirm participation is on 26 April.
15 Jan 19
Its first UK purpose built student accommodation contributed $6.3m to its profits.
14 Jan 19
Its media segment's revenue fell 6.8% to $162.1m.
5 Dec 18
SMEs and media enterprises can assess digital solutions and skills training to expand growth.
12 Nov 18
Its sister publication Asian Banking & Finance landed the gold award for the business/professional media of the year in the Asia...
2 Nov 18
On the whole, Singapore has a high (84%) penetration of internet users (4.83M), with 83% (4.8M users) who are on social media, and 95% of these...
16 Oct 18
Operating revenue from the media segment slipped 9.6% to $725.4m.
4 Oct 18
Its viral marketing campaigns worked and cheap meals did the wonders.
25 Sep 18
It has a market capitalisation of $84m.
20 Sep 18
And hundreds line up in Orchard Road Apple Store a day before iPhone XS launch.
17 Sep 18
Earnings from the media segment dropped by $10m to $12m from 2016 to 2017.
7 Sep 18
Their proportion in total pages slipped from 10% in June to just 4-5%.
6 Sep 18
The proceeds will be used to fuel its expansion plans.
28 Aug 18
In a world plagued with a deficit of dependency, Singapore reaffirmed the relevance and usefulness of its nation-brand by proving how it can...
22 Aug 18
GrabAds will offer mobile billboards, in-car engagement, and in-app engagement for brands.
17 Jul 18
The deal includes Videology’s tech platform, intellectual property, and assets around US$5.3m.
13 Jul 18
Deputy CEO Erik Low See earlier bought $873,000 of company shares.
11 Jul 18
It found growth in its aged care and education businesses, but media revenue remained weak.
25 Jun 18
The cable company will introduce a lineup of seven new channels by 3 July instead.
21 Jun 18
The winners presented their exceptional case studies at an awards ceremony held at the Sheraton Towers on 21 June.
21 Jun 18
Vinculum helped automate Riverwood's near-manual operations and warehouse processes.
21 Jun 18
QuickHR's human resource management platform has provided Saintmarc with a cost-effective solution for its hiring process.
15 Jun 18
Its page count was still down by 12.5%.
14 Jun 18
‘Neuro Lab’ comes equipped with facial coding tools to monitor consumer response.