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RISE with SAP and S/4HANA Accelerated with Selective Data Transformation

The pandemic has accelerated digitisation in the global business landscape. And with innovation and technology the prime movers that propel companies to maintain their relevance and competitiveness, many enterprises today are combining business process redesign with data retention to keep up with their ever-changing business reality. The key here is effective data migration; but with voluminous data stored and processed regularly, how can SAP business users shift to an intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) approach while maintaining business continuity? And what role does SAP S/4HANA play when companies implement Selective Data Transformation on their journey to digital conversion?


Moving Forward: How to modernise your business through cloud technology

Evolving technology means evolving ways in the business environment. Technology adoption is now critical for business growth and those who do not learn to leverage technology may well be left behind. But with all the recent trends from digitalisation, AI and machine learning what should business begin to focus on?


Investing in Northern Ireland: Market Access to United Kingdom and European Union

Singapore Business Review, in partnership with Invest Northern Ireland, is bringing you in an exclusive webinar on Investing in Northern Ireland: Market Access to United Kingdom and European Union. Within the 60-minute webinar, find out about the success of Northern Ireland in capturing foreign direct investment and why it will continue as a major FDI destination as it moves past UK's EU exit.


The Anatomy of An Attack

Data breach incidents are costly, and not just financially. The time cybersecurity teams take from the breach to containment is critical. As cyber attacks increase in volume and velocity, the security operations centre handling incident response is the nexus for this challenge. A well-honed incident response operation—that combined EPP+EDR—can deliver an impressive return on investment.