Telecom & Internet

15 Feb 19
It blamed lower contributions from its mobile and Pay TV segments.
14 Feb 19
It blamed lower NBN migration and an increased shift from voice to data services.
12 Feb 19
The service revenues of the country's big 3 players will also inch up by 1% following a flattish year.
8 Feb 19
Around 81% have decided to stick to their tried-and-tested providers for over two years.
29 Jan 19
It blamed higher costs associated to customer retention, repair and maintenance expenses.
25 Jan 19
Operators are looking to make way for 4G and eventually 5G data networks.
25 Jan 19
The authority will also launch an electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) implementation guide.
25 Jan 19
A sharp increase in new mobile operators is placing further pressure on them to solidify their subscriber bases.
24 Jan 19
The increase was due to higher gains from its associated companies.
21 Jan 19
The platform is integrated with cybersecurity technologies to secure IoT devices and data.
17 Jan 19
The facility will serve as a training centre and laboratory to boost 5G adoption.
16 Jan 19
It could fail to hit EBITDA-breakeven revenue of $150m over the next four years.
11 Jan 19
Money transfers from Singapore to Myanmar through Dash will be available by March 2019.
10 Jan 19
The plans will offer monthly power bill savings of up to 30%.
18 Dec 18
They were able to achieve nearly 1Gbps download speed.
10 Dec 18
Users can use their Visa Virtual accounts and Apple pay for transactions online and in-store worldwide.
10 Dec 18
It clinched 47 regional lots for $185.1m across Australia.
10 Dec 18
Singtel is projected to trade at a yield of 5.7% versus StarHub’s 6.6% amidst TPG’s entry.
6 Dec 18
The telco will enhance the port’s network coverage to boost connectivity and operational efficiency.
5 Dec 18
Their $50 sim only plan includes a data bundle with 40GB.
5 Dec 18
It will provide round the clock managed security solutions and services to global customers.
27 Nov 18
Unless it will boost its capex spend which currently stands at $65m, 10 times smaller than Starhub's estimated $600m spending for its 4G...
23 Nov 18
The latest deal will make Singtel TV the official Singapore broadcaster for 12 straight years.
22 Nov 18
StarHub profits are poised to grow at a CAGR of 7% from 2018-2020.
19 Nov 18
‘Discover’ recommends events based on user preference.
16 Nov 18
The internet company offered exclusive fibre broadband and mobile promotions to celebrate the opening.
14 Nov 18
Singtel could be an outlier as its EBITDA could expand through higher associate earnings and lower group digital life losses.
13 Nov 18
The telco could see $30m savings annually as it cuts its cable services.
12 Nov 18
It blamed higher operating costs in equipment and traffic expenses from roaming.
9 Nov 18
Its core mobile business remains lethargic amidst Telkomsel’s positive contributions, an analyst said.
8 Nov 18
It blamed a $48m exceptional loss mainly consisting of staff restructuring costs.
8 Nov 18
It could offer SIM-only plans for the same or lower price with incumbents but with higher quotas.
6 Nov 18
She will be succeeded by telco veteran Manjot Singh Mann.
2 Nov 18
It is ushering its customers to an all-fibre network for more efficient services.
29 Oct 18
A counter offer from Axiata Group is not likely following the 27% collapse of its share price in October, an analyst said.
24 Oct 18
Revenue from international call services dropped 20.7% to $9.8m.
24 Oct 18
The TPG-Vodafone merger and StarHub’s spending are also likely to minimise market competition.
24 Oct 18
It will be utilised for Airtel Africa's preparation for an intended IPO.
23 Oct 18
The telco will cut 300 employees to improve operational efficiency.