Telecom & Internet

27 May 18
It launched a plan with 1GB of monthly data allocation, 30 minutes of voice, and 10 SMS.
22 May 18
It also partnered with SingPost to enable sign-ups in post offices.
22 May 18
The firm's shared capital had increased by 30% following the acquisition.
22 May 18
Its dividend payout ratio of 81% is the highest since 2011.
17 May 18
It was boosted by gains from NetLink Trust and improved performance by its core business.
16 May 18
Blame sluggish project deployment that pulled revenues down to $228.6m.
10 May 18
It gives the business firewall services, a wireless network, and tools for traffic and use analytics.
7 May 18
It offers customers 100MB for every 10 rides using EZ-Link on public transport.
7 May 18
The telco’s wireless and pay TV business suffered the heat of new telco players in Q1.
3 May 18
It continued to be weighed down by lower revenue of mobile and pay TV services.
3 May 18
It said it wants to continue even if it was denied the fourth telco licence in 2017.
26 Apr 18
This will create the largest tower company in the world after China, it said.
22 Apr 18
After buying maincubes Data Centre, the proportion of debt in its current capital rose to 37.4%.
20 Apr 18
He was the CEO of mobile telco firm Zain Saudi Arabia.
16 Apr 18
It was due to higher income from its data centres in Dublin and Singapore.
16 Apr 18
Its handset sales and mobile revenues remained weak despite higher services revenue.
11 Apr 18
Analysts think this helped M1’s mobile revenue growth to recover after a 3-year decline.
9 Apr 18
New players created $77m wireless revenue in 2017, denting those of Singtel, StarHub, and M1.
6 Apr 18
Customers will need to switch to 1Gbps-capable phone.
6 Apr 18
It expects to raise $201.62m revenue in 2018 from data centre construction.
2 Apr 18
It is eyeing growth of ICT and digital services, which comprised 1-2% of total revenue.
2 Apr 18
It also began the 15-year triple-net master lease agreement with vendor maincubes One GmbH.
21 Mar 18
Singtel expects the service to launch mid-2018 in 20,000 points in Singapore and Thailand.
19 Mar 18
It will offer consumers two clean energy subscription plans as the power market readies for liberalisation.
15 Mar 18
It raised Amobee's share capital to over a billion at $1.2b.
14 Mar 18
It’s the only fibre network operating 76,000 km of fibre cable, which has nationwide coverage.
14 Mar 18
Analysts warn that Singaporean companies linked to China will bear the brunt of an ongoing ‘economic war’ with the US.
13 Mar 18
Singapore's companies on notice that they could pose a national security risk to America.
12 Mar 18
Singtel paid $539.4m to raise its stake in the company to 39.51%.
8 Mar 18
And here's why Singapore's debt consolidation plan might not be working.
27 Feb 18
It will use RFID technology that can be installed onto other sharing devices like umbrellas and scooters.
23 Feb 18
If you think your 4G mobile network is getting worse you are not imagining it.
21 Feb 18
Bosses are seeing greater profits and productivity after their firms upgraded to digital.
21 Feb 18
It expects services revenue to dip 1-3% as its post-paid base shrank 1.4% in 2017.
21 Feb 18
He was also appointed as member of audit, remuneration and risk committee.
19 Feb 18
Chief executive officer Tan Tong Hai bought shares as the price hit a six-month low of $2.56.
19 Feb 18
And here's one way the upcoming budget could affect you.
15 Feb 18
It bought land in Arizona to start building a data centre.
15 Feb 18
It was dragged by lower profit from operations.