13 Mar 19
In 2018, Singapore emerged as the best place for expatriates to live and work in for the fourth year in a row - no mean feat considering it is...
7 Mar 19
Earlier in January, electricity retailer Red Dot Power (RDP) announced its exit from the electricity market, citing a “financial challenging...
5 Mar 19
Government policy, a receptive public and innovative segment combine to make Singapore Asia’s burgeoning tech hub.
1 Mar 19
Against a backdrop of disruptive megatrends and rapid advancements in technologies, recent initiatives have cast the spotlight back on the...
25 Feb 19
Chinese New Year has come and gone, and Singapore is getting back to work after the festivities.
22 Feb 19
Online and social shopping, plus health and freshness, are amongst the top five trends set to influence Singapore’s grocery retail market...
14 Feb 19
Singapore remains a leader in making healthcare more accessible for its growing pioneer generation.
12 Feb 19
A new year is a time for change – could this year be the one which sees women in Singapore put a sizeable crack in the glass ceiling?
11 Feb 19
Through 2021, Singapore is expected to experience a 3.4% growth in annual visitors as it extends a positive streak from 2014 and 2017 where the...
11 Feb 19
With the global increase in data breaches, like the biggest data fiasco of Facebook and locally the massive cyber attack on SingHealth’s...
30 Jan 19
When the internal network of a local commodities trading firm was hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in early 2018, the network...
30 Jan 19
The recently announced Payment Services Act by the Singapore government seeks to address the balance between supporting the shift to a cashless...
21 Jan 19
Singapore’s growing dependence on technology, coupled with the expanding scale of its national digital environment, exposes it to a broad...
9 Jan 19
According to the Economic Development Board, there are roughly 37,400 international companies operating out of Singapore, which includes 7,000...
8 Jan 19
A thriving fintech capital, Singapore has always taken a supportive stance on emerging technologies, and its positive inclination towards...
21 Dec 18
It’s hard to remember a time when people could “shop” off catalogues that came in the mail, or phoned-in to order from a TV...
10 Dec 18
The Ministry of Health is currently considering measures to reduce Singaporeans’ consumption of sugar which is a factor in obesity and...
10 Dec 18
As savvy shoppers look to the internet for their deals, the last quarter of the year is increasingly a crucial period for online retailers in...
5 Dec 18
Whilst China has been working on launching its Belt and Road initiative, the immensely ambitious undertaking of construction and infrastructure...
22 Nov 18
Singapore tops Asian countries in Global Talent Ranking report which assesses the extent to which countries develop, attract and retain talent to...
15 Nov 18
These days, it is hard to avoid the topic of digitalisation when you read any expert commentary, business book, or newspaper headline.
14 Nov 18
The upcoming introduction of the Singapore Variable Capital Company (S-VACC or VCC) is a significant event in Singapore’s asset management...
8 Nov 18
Corporate budgets for travel and expenses (T&E) have grown exponentially over the past decade, thanks to the globalisation of trade.
5 Nov 18
This generation is living longer than ever before.
2 Nov 18
On the whole, Singapore has a high (84%) penetration of internet users (4.83M), with 83% (4.8M users) who are on social media, and 95% of these...
29 Oct 18
Singapore is now a prime target for cyber criminals.
18 Oct 18
Being in the epicentre of exchange and commerce means that Singapore must rely on and keep up with technology.
25 Sep 18
Singapore is facing an inherent 30% talent shortage, particularly in the industries of Fintech, where the government set the goal of adding 1,000...
7 Sep 18
It’s been almost a year since Singapore’s Ministry for Manpower launched the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Working Arrangements....
5 Sep 18
One of the great economic challenges of the 21st century is defining the role and scope of intellectual property (IP) in the economy.
28 Aug 18
In a world plagued with a deficit of dependency, Singapore reaffirmed the relevance and usefulness of its nation-brand by proving how it can...
6 Aug 18
When does Singapore feel proud of their sports stars and realise the amazing economic potential of them?
2 Aug 18
Social media has developed into a mainstream communications channel, which has given rise to today’s empowered consumer.
19 Jul 18
Globalisation has undoubtedly bolstered positive economic growth, but the world’s increasing interconnectivity is coming at a high price....
11 Jul 18
Unlike its journey from third world to first where model economies abound, Singapore must today boldly chart its own course into an era dubbed by...
9 Jul 18
Singapore businesses are facing several significant legal changes on the horizon which will impact how many companies work day-to-day.
26 Jun 18
The historic Singapore summit between Mr.
25 Jun 18
China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba ran its first global course in Singapore earlier this year.
18 Jun 18
Singapore is seeing the possibilities and benefits of adopting smart city initiatives and infrastructures.
11 Jun 18
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