23 Aug 19
There is currently a lot of hype about AI and machine learning – perhaps echoing the hype about technology and machines in the past.
20 Aug 19
The past few years have seen many organisations embark on their digital transformation journey, with organisations looking to move their systems...
13 Aug 19
"Asian markets and customers are much too price sensitive!" "We are experiencing 20%+ growth.
2 Aug 19
A Bain & Company report has outlined global exponential growth in the IoT markets from US$235b in 2017 to more than double at US$520b by 2021...
2 Aug 19
ASEAN is quickly gaining a reputation as an important trade hub, thanks to many factors at play.
2 Aug 19
Cybersecurity, fraud and “fake news” often dominate the headlines in today’s world.
2 Aug 19
I recently spoke on the topic of artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in the future of banking and financial services at a conference in...
30 Jul 19
Nowadays, the General Counsel (GC) role looks significantly different.
29 Jul 19
Artificial intelligence (AI) anticipation is high.
25 Jul 19
It is true. Singapore is a smart nation.
24 Jul 19
According to Dell Technologies's Digital Transformation Index 2019, 40% of Singaporean businesses are planning to invest in multi-cloud...
23 Jul 19
The rising prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our conversations, the way we work and do business, protect communities against crime and...
23 Jul 19
Ever wondered why some people turn down the thought of living abroad, even if it meant a chance at bigger opportunities, wider networks and,...
17 Jul 19
The machines have taken over almost all array of business applications and operations whilst generating copious quantities of data.
16 Jul 19
In the age of Industry 4.0, innovation hubs have grown beyond borders almost as a pre-requisite for companies looking to jumpstart their digital...
12 Jul 19
With more than 1 in 4 companies experiencing business email compromise scams in the past year, Singapore was found to be the most targeted country...
12 Jul 19
According to the most recent research, 63% of World’s Most Attractive Employers organisations leverage video interviews in their recruitment...
9 Jul 19
Aviation market in Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing in the world, and on course to become the world’s largest in the next 20...
8 Jul 19
All across Asia and especially in Singapore, our reputation for overwork persists.
5 Jul 19
Mass data breaches have been impacting our region, reiterating the fact that no business or nation is truly immune from cyber threats.
2 Jul 19
It may seem like money laundering is on the rise if recent news headlines are anything to go by.
2 Jul 19
Although Singapore was ranked as the safest country in the world based on a report by the World Justice Project in 2018, cybersecurity breaches...
26 Jun 19
There are increasing calls all around the world for the government to regulate social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter and tech giants...
26 Jun 19
It was now over ten years ago when the cargo ships stopped moving.
24 Jun 19
The way people want to work is constantly evolving.
24 Jun 19
As growing uncertainty mounts in the global economy due to the US-China trade conflicts, the need to transform Singapore into a globally...
14 Jun 19
To mark the end of Singapore’s ASEAN chairmanship in November 2018, Prime Minister Lee handed Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o...
14 Jun 19
The retail sales (excluding auto) in Singapore has been declining since 2014 on an average of 0.2% per year, but the yearly decline is much faster...
10 Jun 19
The current approach to addressing cyber threats, implemented by corporations in Singapore, is not being communicated effectively enough to its...
6 Jun 19
The underlying narrative of the 21st century has been underscored by technological advancements, whether it be in smartphones and tablets, the...
6 Jun 19
Disruptive and emerging technologies are changing the way we work and live today.
30 May 19
Globalisation, digitalisation and automation are fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their customers and the way people work....
28 May 19
One of the most important departments, if not the most important, of every firm is the sales team.
23 May 19
In the moments after a security breach is detected, moving quickly is incredibly important for Singapore businesses, especially now that the...
23 May 19
Rapid technology innovation in Singapore has made digital disruption the new normal as once safe, stable, and secure industries begin to fully...
23 May 19
You have a strong product, a great team, and a 5-year business plan at hand – so what’s missing?
22 May 19
Worldwide spending on digital transformation will amount to nearly US$2t in 2022 as organisations spend on technologies and services to...
15 May 19
Globalisation of the economy has resulted in a shift in the way Singapore corporations operate – from local country-specific business models...
7 May 19
The results of a global survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) confirm that Asia remains the leading growth region for mobile payments....
6 May 19
In recent years, we have seen an influx of Asian money into countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.