Workplace 3.0: Transforming work environments to support innovation and meaningful work

Progressive workplaces have been a subject of discourse since the recent Budget announcement. 

Workplace 3.0: Transforming work environments to support innovation and meaningful work

Progressive workplaces have been a subject of discourse since the recent Budget announcement. 

The race to gender equity for Asia’s startups

New study finds that 75% of women in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region want to learn new tech skills. Similarly, 74% of women in Singapore want to upskill, but more than 54% cite lack of time as the greatest barrier.

How Many Apps Does It Take to Change a Workplace?

For years now, the tech industry has been selling the promise that adopting more digital tools will help employees ease their workload, make time for value-added tasks, and increase productivity.

In an era of zero-sum thinking, business leaders must unlock a mutually beneficial future 

ChatGPT has dominated the airwaves the past couple of months, with fears that artificial intelligence will take over our jobs.

Diversifying your portfolio: Alternative investments in Singapore to consider in a low-interest rate environment

In today's uncertain financial landscape, investors need to diversify their portfolios to manage risk and maximise returns. With the current low-interest rate environment in Singapore, traditional investment options such as savings accounts and fixed deposits may not offer attractive returns. This is where alternative investments in Singapore can provide a fresh perspective and diversify your portfolio.

Corporate Governance – The Greatest Challenge for Start-ups?

From the collapse of biotech firm Theranos to the recent bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX, the prevailing need for proper governance in privately-owned companies is gaining more attention. These high-profile start-ups, which can be sizeable in terms of valuation, do not fall into the purview of regulators or are not publicly listed. Therefore, such regulatory arbitrage or the lack of public scrutiny may result in the firm being susceptible to governance failures if sufficient checks and balances are not in place. 

The role of digitalisation in futureproofing Singapore’s food supply chain 

Singapore, an island nation scarce in natural resources, imports more than 90 per cent of its nutritional requirements from diversified sources comprising over 170 countries and regions to ensure a resilient food supply chain. 

How the PSG government grant has helped Singapore’s small business owners

The Singapore government has implemented several measures to support small businesses, one of which is the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) government grant. This grant is aimed at helping small businesses in Singapore to adopt technology and improve their productivity. In this article, we will take a closer look at the PSG grant and how it has helped small business owners in Singapore through the examples of ComfortDelgro Engineering and Achieva Technology.

The Rapid Evolution of Digital Banking

Yves Roesti, Managing Partner and CEO, and Rahul Bansal, Associate Partner, Synpulse.

ONE Pass: A potential solution to Singapore’s leadership talent challenges

Singapore unveiled a new long-term work visa in late 2022. Singapore's ONE Pass is targeted towards attracting specific senior-level talent — those with regular monthly salaries of at least S$30,000 ($US21,128). The extended 5-year duration of the ONE Pass will also be an excellent way for individuals and businesses to consider Singapore as a long-term option. 

Maritime: An industry where opportunities abound

The maritime industry’s transformation is creating a new wave of exciting careers. It could be the perfect opportunity for those in search of a purposeful career.

Enhancing workplace safety through transformative technologies 

Singapore has made significant strides in improving workplace health and safety over the past few years. According to a Ministry of Manpower (MOM) report, the average rate over a rolling three-year period was an all-time low of one death per 100,000 workers. However, there has been an alarming spate of workplace-related accidents and deaths this year. 

How DX can help to drive business success

Digital transformation is essentially at the top of every organisation’s priority. As organisations look for ways to stay competitive in a landscape of disruptive technologies, having a well-thought-out strategic plan is crucial. And a crucial part of the strategic plan includes finding and retaining the right technical talent. However, according to the Harvey Nash Group’s 2021 Digital Leadership report, tech skills shortages are now at its highest, especially in cybersecurity, big data, and architecture. If not addressed, this gap will only widen. 

What it means for Singapore now that the Electric Vehicle Charging Bill has been passed in Parliament?

The newly tabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Bill in Parliament is a much-welcome step in the right direction as mobility in Singapore continues to evolve. By ensuring the reliability and accessibility of the EV charging network and services in Singapore, we’re already advancing the conversation on EV adoption – from talking about increasing the number of EV charging points to discussing the quality of such infrastructure that will spur the adoption of EVs.

The Unspoken Expectation From a Singapore Consumer With a Full Shopping Cart This Holiday Season

Singapore’s inflation rate may have eased slightly in October, but Singapore consumers will continue to be mindful of budgets and spending priorities, in the face of economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions. While Singapore retailers are not immune to the pressure brought about by consumers’ spending habits, the holiday season provides a window of opportunity for brands hoping to recover from the sales slump in past quarters  – if they know how to connect and engage with consumers the right way. 

Banking’s Cloud Conundrum — What’s hindering adoption?

The move to a new era of banking is underway in Singapore.