15 Nov 18
These days, it is hard to avoid the topic of digitalisation when you read any expert commentary, business book, or newspaper headline.
14 Nov 18
The upcoming introduction of the Singapore Variable Capital Company (S-VACC or VCC) is a significant event in Singapore’s asset management...
8 Nov 18
Corporate budgets for travel and expenses (T&E) have grown exponentially over the past decade, thanks to the globalisation of trade.
5 Nov 18
This generation is living longer than ever before.
2 Nov 18
On the whole, Singapore has a high (84%) penetration of internet users (4.83M), with 83% (4.8M users) who are on social media, and 95% of these...
29 Oct 18
Singapore is now a prime target for cyber criminals.
18 Oct 18
Being in the epicentre of exchange and commerce means that Singapore must rely on and keep up with technology.
25 Sep 18
Singapore is facing an inherent 30% talent shortage, particularly in the industries of Fintech, where the government set the goal of adding 1,000...
7 Sep 18
It’s been almost a year since Singapore’s Ministry for Manpower launched the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Working Arrangements....
5 Sep 18
One of the great economic challenges of the 21st century is defining the role and scope of intellectual property (IP) in the economy.
28 Aug 18
In a world plagued with a deficit of dependency, Singapore reaffirmed the relevance and usefulness of its nation-brand by proving how it can...
6 Aug 18
When does Singapore feel proud of their sports stars and realise the amazing economic potential of them?
2 Aug 18
Social media has developed into a mainstream communications channel, which has given rise to today’s empowered consumer.
19 Jul 18
Globalisation has undoubtedly bolstered positive economic growth, but the world’s increasing interconnectivity is coming at a high price....
11 Jul 18
Unlike its journey from third world to first where model economies abound, Singapore must today boldly chart its own course into an era dubbed by...
9 Jul 18
Singapore businesses are facing several significant legal changes on the horizon which will impact how many companies work day-to-day.
26 Jun 18
The historic Singapore summit between Mr.
25 Jun 18
China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba ran its first global course in Singapore earlier this year.
18 Jun 18
Singapore is seeing the possibilities and benefits of adopting smart city initiatives and infrastructures.
11 Jun 18
How did you reserve your most recent hotel booking?
30 May 18
In 1942, Austrian economic prophet Joseph Schumpeter coined the term “creative destruction.” Schumpeter envisioned innovation to be...
23 May 18
The pending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already significantly impacting businesses across Asia.
21 May 18
In today’s landscape of rapid changes and innovative technologies, modern organisations need to take on a new approach that will help them...
18 May 18
The future of travel is social and mobile, and nowhere is this truer than in Singapore, where mobile travel sales have witnessed double-digit...
15 May 18
Technology has changed the way retail is presented to its customers, so what do brands need to do to keep their customers happy?  ...
10 May 18
The current US administration’s desire to limit foreign imports through protectionist measures has drawn much concern from Singapore...
10 May 18
PMET jobs are under threat.
9 May 18
Just as Singapore is benefiting from the invisible hand of technology, we have also ushered an era of data ubiquity where anyone – from the...
8 May 18
Ravi Menon, managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore recently claimed: “I do hope when the fever has gone away, when the...
30 Apr 18
Adoption of new robust digital travel expense and compliance models goes a long way, not only for the rising modern business traveller but also...
19 Apr 18
For most Singaporeans, our homes will be one of the biggest expenses we'll ever take on in our lives, whether it's a resale/BTO flat,...
18 Apr 18
Singapore’s ageing population is rising rapidly and elderly healthcare support is top of the government’s agenda with several major...
13 Apr 18
By leveraging technology and smart partnerships, Singapore can transcend its size and grow into Asia.
13 Apr 18
The struggle to recruit skilled workers is a recurring concern for manufacturing businesses in Singapore.
13 Apr 18
The technological evolution unfolding before us is nothing short of extraordinary.
11 Apr 18
Data privacy has become an increasingly pertinent issue in recent times.
6 Apr 18
In October last year, the Singapore government passed the Infrastructure Protection Bill – laws to improve protection for iconic buildings...
6 Apr 18
Consumers’ right to choose among different brands and regulators’ intent to control our consumptions clash more often than would think...
5 Apr 18
New tax framework outlined in Singapore Budget 2018 next step in enhancing country’s position as a fund management and domiciliation hub....
4 Apr 18
Logistics is the latest industry to face a bold makeover in the Singapore government's $4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme.