27 Feb 18
In Singapore, with a changing workforce demographic comes a change in workplace preferences, attitudes and expectations.
26 Feb 18
Singapore’s hard-fought economic transformation is dependent on the ability of its enterprises and people, to learn, unlearn and relearn new...
23 Feb 18
Singapore’s 2018 Budget includes a new Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) designed to help firms internationalise.
23 Feb 18
Singapore’s e-commerce market is slowly positioning itself as a key player in the country’s retail industry.
9 Feb 18
It seems as if queuing is almost part of the Singapore culture – it appears to be that we’re happy to queue for things we know will be...
1 Feb 18
Traditionally, visibility and scrutiny of a company’s tax position was limited to a small number of interested parties who used disclosures...
1 Feb 18
It was during one fine day in my trip at East Coast Park, when I decided to use a bike sharing app for the first time.   I...
1 Feb 18
There is much talk about the Federal reserve rate hike.
30 Jan 18
45% of Singaporeans are unhappy at work JobStreet recently revealed in a survey.   What are the main reasons for this and what...
23 Jan 18
To emerge as the world’s first crypto-hub, Singapore needs to find the middle ground between ‘crypto is a fraud/Ponzi scheme’...
18 Jan 18
Zero budget marketing took hold in Singapore in 2017 and will run rampant in 2018.
9 Jan 18
E-sports are capturing the attention of sports and gaming fans like never before.
20 Dec 17
In 2001, the Singapore government wanted to upgrade the old national stadium.
19 Dec 17
The two morning SMRT train faults on 15 Nov 2017 will make anyone want to find out the reasons why problems continue to exist regularly for the...
5 Dec 17
What will you see in 2018? Laundry that gets done as you wear it or ordered as it wears out.
4 Dec 17
Singapore’s new brand platform “Passion Made Possible” is an attempt at authenticity – taking on an approach that conveys...
20 Nov 17
There are many in the industry today, who believe that disruption came almost like a tsunami, out of nowhere and swept away all existing trends,...
10 Nov 17
For many Singaporeans, our passions go well beyond our day jobs – and turning them into viable business ventures has never been easier.
10 Nov 17
Singapore’s job market is on the mend, with the economy expanding 4.6% in the third quarter from a year ago, according to advance estimates...
10 Nov 17
After breaching $6,500 for the first time a day earlier, Bitcoin prices surged as high as $7,350 in trading Thursday likely thanks to traders in...
27 Oct 17
As our network and system infrastructures get more complex, so are the ways hackers infiltrate them.
27 Oct 17
Retirement can be a bit like the Wild West so to be safe and comfortable in your golden years you will need to prepare and practice like the...
27 Oct 17
Want to be a budding entrepreneur, but not sure how to start?
24 Oct 17
The reality of an ageing workforce is rapidly dawning upon Singapore.
24 Oct 17
If you are a white collared professional dismayed after years of hard work clocking 15-hour days, 6 days a week, you might start to wonder what...
20 Oct 17
According to the January 2017 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social Singapore, there are currently 644.1 million people in Southeast Asia.
20 Oct 17
Employee stress is a rising issue in Singapore.
19 Oct 17
To start off: is starting an F&B still a good business for investment in Singapore?
18 Oct 17
Singapore remains a key financial centre of the world, where nearly 99%1 of the 216,900 business in Singapore are small and medium...
18 Oct 17
The inward re-domiciliation regime, introduced in the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017, came into effect in Singapore on 11 October 2017.
13 Oct 17
Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses have always sought to capitalise on the technology of their time to improve the efficiency of their...
11 Oct 17
Earlier this year, the Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017 by Startup Genome, a US-based organisation, revealed that Singapore has...
10 Oct 17
Singapore is the country of business opportunities.
9 Oct 17
Singapore’s food and beverage market is currently estimated at US$108 million1, with major beverage companies expanding their...
3 Oct 17
Mobile data usage in Singapore has seen a steady increase in the last three years - from 7.91 petabytes in 2014 to over 13.31 petabytes in 2017....
3 Oct 17
It can be difficult to let go of the past and look forward to the future.
3 Oct 17
Blockchain is becoming an increasingly common buzzword locally, particularly within Singapore’s Fintech industry.
3 Oct 17
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become the latest buzzword in Singapore.
3 Oct 17
Singaporeans, like many others, are concerned that emerging technologies could lead to widespread unemployment and social unrest as humans are...