22 Apr 19
The proportionate stake of the net proceeds is expected to be $125.3m.
18 Apr 19
The sharp 4% growth of outlets in 2018 marks the sector's cyclical problem as supply has only grown 1.6% for the past five years, an analyst...
17 Apr 19
Meanwhile, 10% of companies ignore feedback entirely.
16 Apr 19
It bought 85% of Figtree Grove Shopping Centre at a post-cost yield of 5.7%.
15 Apr 19
The early CNY celebration weighed on sales.
10 Apr 19
The proceeds will be used to enhance data capabilities and fuel expansion plans.
8 Apr 19
The income boost came from Rail Mall and Figtree Grove Shopping Centre properties.
5 Apr 19
It hosts 70 Singapore-based Indian retailers and 15,000 products.
5 Apr 19
The advent of delivery apps has also become a double-edged sword for F&B players.
5 Apr 19
The retail landscape in Singapore has faced a slump during the festive season in 2018, and analysts are predicting a challenging year ahead....
5 Apr 19
It has signed on a luxury beauty company in the Vietnamese market.
3 Apr 19
The increase in rents is marginal, ranging from 0.5-1.4% YoY as at Q2 2018.
2 Apr 19
If there is one name that luxury brands in Singapore (and Asia) need to pay attention to this year, it’s the name “HENRY”.
2 Apr 19
Its price freeze of 100 FairPrice housebrand products until 30 Jun 2020 kicked off a price competition amongst housebrands.
1 Apr 19
The mall has been closed since Q3 2018 following the exit of its anchor tenant.
28 Mar 19
A recent survey looked at which supermarkets offered the best deals, and the results may surprise you.
28 Mar 19
The combined entity will reportedly acquire 500,000 customers, generate $10m in revenue in 2019.
25 Mar 19
Taobao’s NomadX store will feature furniture items from the platform and recommendations via digital showcases.
25 Mar 19
Smaller supermarket players such as Hao Mart are facing off against giants like Sheng Siong in a race to set up shop in new Housing and...
21 Mar 19
Earnings are expected to grow to $511m after its acquisitions.
19 Mar 19
It opened 10 new stores in 2018, the highest figure since 2012.
14 Mar 19
Jewel’s opening on April could lead to shopper traffic being diverted from other malls in the eastern region.
13 Mar 19
It was buoyed by the 20% increase in motor vehicle sales.
8 Mar 19
It partnered with EDB who will participate in the strategy, network and risk-sharing capital of the firm.
8 Mar 19
The 1.9m sqft of new retail space that will come online in 2019 will mark a peak.
5 Mar 19
Growth was driven by substantial increased arrivals from the US and Europe.
3 Mar 19
Rents fell 1% in 2018, marking a slowdown from the 4.7% and 8.3% declines for 2017 and 2016.
1 Mar 19
H2 2018 featured majority stake sales of major suburban malls, including I12 Katong and Westgate.
27 Feb 19
The strong performance was attributed to its 10 new stores.
27 Feb 19
And dining platform Chope forged partnership with China’s food delivery giant Meituan-Dianping.
22 Feb 19
Online and social shopping, plus health and freshness, are amongst the top five trends set to influence Singapore’s grocery retail market...
21 Feb 19
Wholesale trade of petroleum products surged 43.2%.
21 Feb 19
This was generally supported by healthy occupancy rates of above 94%.
21 Feb 19
And 7 in 10 reported e-commerce scams in 2018 transacted in Carousell.
12 Feb 19
The funding round was led by Sequoia Capital, Temasek and the Singapore investment fund EDBI.
12 Feb 19
Medical goods and toiletries was the only sector to report an increase of 1.8%.
12 Feb 19
Higher dairy and softdrinks sales from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand boosted earnings.
12 Feb 19
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