26 Oct 20
They alliance kicked off with the CapitaLand x Shopee 11.11 campaign.
22 Oct 20
Rental gap between suburban malls and in Orchard will continue to narrow.
20 Oct 20
They utilise online retail channels at a rate higher than average.
17 Oct 20
Analysts are bearish about the sector for the rest of 2020 due to weak tourism.
16 Oct 20
And ABC Bargain Centre, ABC Express, Valu$ to stop using misleading ads.
16 Oct 20
They would also have to avoid eating for 8 days.
16 Oct 20
As muted tourism continues, retailers in Singapore are looking to see improvement.
6 Oct 20
While retail sales improved since July, F&B services sales declined further.
6 Sep 20
Numbers are still down from a year earlier, but at a slower pace than in June.
31 Aug 20
Customers can enjoy these features during the company's ShopFest promotion.
25 Aug 20
It employs a triple-layer structure, and is machine washable.
25 Aug 20
Flash vouchers of up to $118 can be redeemed every Monday.
24 Aug 20
This will be the third Apple store in Singapore and the first-of-its-kind in the world.
12 Aug 20
Purchases are concentrated on food and health products.
6 Aug 20
Tourist arrivals are unlikely to grow in the coming months.
5 Aug 20
It offers discount vouchers and promo codes from some of the biggest retailers.
5 Aug 20
Department stores saw the largest drop in sales.
3 Aug 20
Orchard Road’s malaise is a microcosm of the city-state’s pain.
30 Jul 20
The company saw elevated consumer demand in Q2.
30 Jul 20
Its health and beauty business suffered partly from lack of tourists in Hong Kong.
29 Jul 20
Total retail sales declined by 33.4% YoY in April.
24 Jul 20
The island-wide vacancy rate rose to 9.6% during the second quarter.
24 Jul 20
The island-wide vacancy rate has increased to 12.1% during the same period.
22 Jul 20
They will offer year-round and seasonal discounts.
20 Jul 20
It will serve as a platform for FairPrice and its brands to put out announcements.
16 Jul 20
The company also partnered with Shopify to allow the COD feature.
15 Jul 20
Consumer mobility behaviour was still weak after circuit breaker measures.
14 Jul 20
About 400 material suppliers will join the showcase.
12 Jul 20
Retailers are still expected to continue developing their physical stores post-pandemic.
6 Jul 20
Contactless payments and takeaways were implemented.
5 Jul 20
LazLive is its in-app live streaming feature which allows users to interact in real time.
5 Jul 20
The last full month of the Circuit Breaker came worse, but is expected to lighten by June.
29 Jun 20
He was the company’s co-president and Indonesia CEO.
29 Jun 20
Companies are likely to leverage on this behaviour to offer seamless omnichannel shopping.
25 Jun 20
Alternative workplaces will be Bridge+, The Workshop, The Work Project, and CoSpace Park.
25 Jun 20
The show will present 25 homegrown labels.
23 Jun 20
Enhanced safety measures are in place across all 14 malls.
23 Jun 20
eCapitaMall and Capita3Eats have signed in over 280 merchants since launch.
22 Jun 20
Its interactive eLearning content offers live practice opportunities.
21 Jun 20
The AI-based startup makes sure competitive intelligence is not just for established players.