WTO wants to seal negotiations on e-commerce rules in 2023

This was tackled on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

BNPL platforms risk losing trust by ignoring SFA Code of Conduct

Under the Code of Conduct, BNPL providers need to show customers their ‘Trustmark’.

Chart of the day: Unrecyclable products concern Singaporean shoppers the most

Six in 10 shoppers say they are concerned about products that cannot be reused.

Large vs small brands: Where do job seekers want to go?

According to Randstad, expectations of job seekers have changed significantly as customers.

What can entice Singaporeans to visit hospitality venues this Christmas?

Half of them plan to spend an average of $106 on drinking or dining out during the holidays.

What’s Singaporean’s go-to app for personal and business use

More businesses and consumers use mobile apps for purchases.

End-year festive demand to keep uplifting retail sales: UOB

Big ticket item transactions are expected in the remaining months of 2022.

Retail sales up 10.4% in October

The estimated total retail sales value was $4b.

How businesses can retain consumer loyalty

Research shows that loyalty programs can increase revenue from customs by 15%-25% annually.

More than 50% of Singaporeans want more local brands online: report

But, shoppers will only buy from brands with good deals and promotions.

What online shoppers will likely buy this holiday season

3 in four Singaporeans will make at least one online purchase a month.

The Unspoken Expectation From a Singapore Consumer With a Full Shopping Cart This Holiday Season

Singapore’s inflation rate may have eased slightly in October, but Singapore consumers will continue to be mindful of budgets and spending priorities...