Food & Beverage

16 Aug 18
It appointed 4 board executives and 3 management personnel.
15 Aug 18
Thailand is seeing signs of consumption recovery.
15 Aug 18
Blame weak performance from the spirit, non-alcoholic and food business.
14 Aug 18
The app will allow the firm's tenants and customers to use its cashless payment system.
13 Aug 18
Fast food outlet sales inched up 8.4%.
8 Aug 18
Profits of its beverages and publishing businesses fell.
2 Aug 18
It recognised a $9.3m capital gain from the sale of its stake in TripleOne Somerset.
30 Jul 18
Net profit fell 17.7% to US$214.8m from the previous half year’s US$260.9m.
27 Jul 18
It now has over 6,000 riders and 4,000 partners.
27 Jul 18
Jumbo Group has opened its first Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh franchise restaurant in Taiwan.
27 Jul 18
Food businesses will now have to work with the Singapore Food Agency.
24 Jul 18
The company’s Langfang kitchen is expected to drive growth.
19 Jul 18
Its revenue for both food solutions and gateway services grew.
17 Jul 18
Its public offer of 6.33 million shares was 17 times subscribed.
12 Jul 18
The company’s price has fallen down 20.7% YTD.
12 Jul 18
It eyes proceeds of $45.5m and a market cap of $349.8m.
10 Jul 18
It will be its third branch in Southeast Asia.
9 Jul 18
PUB's NEWater has passed 150,000 scientific tests.
2 Jul 18
It eyes developing the Song Fa brand as a market leader in South China.
28 Jun 18
It aims to build a 7-storey facility to support its stalls and outlets.
27 Jun 18
It plans to expand to China’s Southwestern market like Yunnan and Guiyang.
27 Jun 18
It will serve localised menu including chili crab burger, Hainanese chicken rise burger, and nasi lemak burger.
24 Jun 18
The rebranded Sushi Ayumu retained its operation in Mandarin Gallery.
19 Jun 18
It eyes to launch one restaurant per year under the brand.
18 Jun 18
In June, foodie circles were shocked when celebrity Michelin chef Joël Robuchon announced the closure of Joël Robuchon Restaurant and L...
14 Jun 18
Its partnership with AirAsia will open access to 15 Malaysian airports.
13 Jun 18
The loses were led by a 4.3% decline in restaurant earnings.
8 Jun 18
High-end restaurants could be losing popularity.
1 Jun 18
Licence fee incentives for Changi Airport have already expired in March 2017.
30 May 18
Earnings and revenue were hit by the deconsolidation of SATS HK after the sale of its 51% stake.
23 May 18
It will offer Pindao's tea products Nayuki and Tai Gai.
17 May 18
The company expects consumption recovery due to match timings for Asian viewers.
17 May 18
One retailer reported 25,000 orders and a revenue of $4m in Singapore.
16 May 18
The weak performance of its spirits and beer businesses pulled profits down.
14 May 18
A forecast shows that it could be boosted by still wine, followed by sparkling and fortified wines.
11 May 18
Beer production in the country continued its rate of decline at -5%.
9 May 18
But its publishing segment continued to suffer as losses widened to $8.4m.
1 May 18
They will also explore business opportunities for beverages.
24 Apr 18
It said these will help firms to get new overseas opportunities.
24 Apr 18
It partnered with seven F&B stores that will cook food exclusively on the kitchen site.