Food & Beverage

10 Jul 19
It will focus its efforts on its airline catering and ground handling services.
10 Jul 19
It currently has close to 20 employees that will work on tasks like cross-border partnerships and recruitment.
2 Jul 19
The firm’s post-placement market cap is at approximately $64m.
28 Jun 19
Its proceeds will fund the expansion of its franchise network and establishment of a new central kitchen in Malaysia.
14 Jun 19
A rebound in beer consumption and retail sales bodes well for the second largest Thai beer player.
7 Jun 19
Fave bought takeaway apps CutQ and FoodTime.
4 Jun 19
The firms will construct a new yeast plant in Qiqihar City.
30 May 19
Over 630,000 sqft of food factory space came on-stream in 2019 YTD.
24 May 19
The deal is expected to be completed by the end of May.
15 May 19
About 400 delivery partners will be affected.
14 May 19
The startup’s sales in Asia, including Singapore, have risen more than three-fold since March 2019.
13 May 19
Its food business saw the highest revenue increase to $163.3m in Q2.
7 May 19
Its restaurant division’s revenue rose 9.8% YoY to $40.5m.
2 May 19
It was boosted by its Thai dairies business and Singapore soft drinks unit.
2 May 19
Shares have been bought above the regulatory limit for buybacks.
24 Apr 19
The acquisition could pull Dangote Flour out of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
17 Apr 19
And MOM eyes broadening its Adapt and Grow initiative.
11 Apr 19
The acquisition will provide access to Thailand and Mekong region markets.
8 Apr 19
It will also acquire the operator for Genki Sushi’s franchised business in Thailand.
8 Apr 19
GrabFood head Tomaso Rodriguez details his vision for the food delivery app.
5 Apr 19
The advent of delivery apps has also become a double-edged sword for F&B players.
5 Apr 19
And Singapore-based F&B startup Waitrr partners with Nest Tech to boost its international expansion.
4 Apr 19
It provided 5,000 jobs across the Lion City’s F&B sector.
28 Mar 19
Staff costs are projected to rise 10% in 2020 and 2021.
27 Mar 19
For food retailers, staff costs are typically 10-12% of sales and 42% of total opex.
25 Mar 19
KrisFlyer miles will be credited into users’ account within six weeks after each successful order.
22 Mar 19
The offerings focus on Ready to Drink spirits like the Kulov Max 7 vodka.
20 Mar 19
Growth could be driven by higher contributions from its health & beauty division and associates.
20 Mar 19
The site features a fully-automated ordering experience and 40-seater dine-in space.
27 Feb 19
Their products will be offered in eight restaurants including Adrift, Bread Street Kitchen and CUT.
26 Feb 19
Nine in 10 mothers in Singapore engaged in either partial or full breastfeeding in 2018.
20 Feb 19
BreadTalk has planned to buy out its joint venture partner in Thailand for $7m.
18 Feb 19
The Thai economy continued to seal growth amidst the rise in private consumption.
18 Feb 19
The food delivery firm is beefing up its logistics network by adding 5,000 restaurant partners and 2,000 riders.
14 Feb 19
Its SABECO operations continue to show positive results after completing its restructure process.
12 Feb 19
It opened at $0.038 apiece.