Commercial Property

24 Apr 18
Revenue was higher thanks to contributions from its build-to-suit project for HP.
23 Apr 18
But its revenue was up due to four newly acquired properties.
23 Apr 18
Foreigners are allowed to buy the $13.5m site.
23 Apr 18
High occupancy in IMM, Clarke Quay, and two other properties boosted revenue and income.
20 Apr 18
It marks the company’s strategic entry into German and Dutch logistics and industrial markets.
20 Apr 18
It blamed lower occupancy in five properties, including China Square Central.
20 Apr 18
They believe Singapore is a secure space that can mitigate rental escalation.
19 Apr 18
Revenue per available unit fell 7%, causing the surprise of some analysts.
18 Apr 18
Overall industrial leasing activity jumped 35% YoY in the first two months of 2018, the strongest since 2013.
18 Apr 18
Its property income from 275 George Street crashed 26.5% to $3.74m.
18 Apr 18
It jumped 35% YoY as the number of firms optimistic on the manufacturing sector stayed on the upside.
17 Apr 18
It blamed lower contributions from 72 Loyang Way, West Park BizCentral, and Eightrium.
16 Apr 18
This was due to higher contributions from City Gas and lower fees incurred from Basslink's outage.
13 Apr 18
It also bought the Phipps tower in Atlanta for $268.89m.
12 Apr 18
Analysts think the rents could have hit $12-$14 psf/month for nearly 25% of the property's leasable area.
12 Apr 18
It will continue to lease 61% of the premises.
11 Apr 18
It is the third lowest amongst eight Asian cities Colliers International surveyed.
9 Apr 18
Paragon’s negative rental reversion of 7.1% pulled down revenue.
6 Apr 18
More developers are positive about the property market.
5 Apr 18
Revenue contribution from investment properties is set to grow from 3.8% to 9.6% in 2020.
4 Apr 18
It will hold 19.9% in a joint venture that will invest in the project’s development.
3 Apr 18
Keppel was now only able to complete the deal after a minority shareholder blocked the sale.
2 Apr 18
It is riding on the expected rise in Singapore’s property upcycle.
2 Apr 18
Purchasers have the option to buy either individual or both floors, which could be used for mid-range space requirements.
29 Mar 18
It will be entitled to 77.53% of the price.
29 Mar 18
These are expected to contribute 11% and 12% to its portfolio valuation and NPI.
28 Mar 18
Woodlands Industrial Park is in the confirmed list, whilst the Tuas South Link plot is in the reserve list.
26 Mar 18
After the disposal, profits are expected to soar from $655,000 to $22.69m.
22 Mar 18
All bidders except Singhaiyi formed teams of two to three and submitted more than one proposal.
21 Mar 18
It already attracted 15 bids, exceeding analyst expectations.
19 Mar 18
Investors are “tempted” to invest at lower prices, as yields have inched up by around 50bps to around 6%.
14 Mar 18
An analyst thinks the property could be valued at $1.143b but only if PREH works hard to revive it.
13 Mar 18
The growth will continue in the next 12 months.
12 Mar 18
The FSTREH’s 23.8% growth is larger compared to the FSTREI’s 12.8% rise even after Fed hikes.
9 Mar 18
They were boosted by higher rental income and development profits from China.
2 Mar 18
The government lifted rates after the frenzied biddings for development sites both in the collective sales as well as GLS market.
1 Mar 18
It will comprise of SoHo apartments, office and retail spaces.