21 May 19
The notes were placed to nine investors at a fixed rate of 3.89% for five years.
15 May 19
It blamed weaker palm oil prices despite higher sales volumes.
14 May 19
It was bolstered by improved performance from its palm, laurics, and other segments.
14 May 19
The higher contributions from edible nuts and cocoa boosted earnings.
13 May 19
Pre-tax profit in the tropical oils segment skyrocketed 81% to $250.88m.
2 May 19
It blamed weaker operating profit from PT Japfa Tbk, which suffered from low broiler prices.
23 Apr 19
And the Transport Minister hopes that the agreement to suspend the RTS would be finalised soon.
2 Apr 19
It will support the firm’s efforts towards digital transformation.
22 Mar 19
It is backed by its ARAWANA brand for cooking oil, pack rice, flour, and pack dry noodles.
12 Mar 19
Goodman Fielder manufactures food ingredients and consumer branded food for Australasia.
8 Mar 19
Environment and Water Resources minister aims to use new tech solutions to raise productivity of farms.
5 Mar 19
It should be ready from Q2 2021, trade and industry minister Koh Poh Koon said.
1 Mar 19
Growth in production volumes outweighed overall sales volumes during the year.
28 Feb 19
It had a large exceptional $149.4m gain recorded in 2017 primarily from the sale of its 50% stake in FEA.
27 Feb 19
It blamed weakening agriculture commodity prices and foreign exchange losses.
27 Feb 19
The acquisition will add 150,000 metric tonnes of cocoa bean processing and capacity.
27 Feb 19
It blamed softer CPO prices and the losses from its joint venture.
26 Feb 19
It blamed the African swine fever outbreak in China and weaker commodity prices.
25 Jan 19
It will sell some of its assets to make its six-year strategic plan happen.
9 Jan 19
The decision comes after raw and white sugar futures finished 2018 at a ten-year low.
20 Nov 18
Buyers have stocked up soymeal as they prepare for a potential shortage.
16 Nov 18
The firm’s ‘floating rate’ borrowings also pose a threat to its earnings.
15 Nov 18
It is poised to be the largest downstream player in palm oil processing.
14 Nov 18
It blamed tough trading conditions in coffee and weaker performance from its peanut business and commodity financial services.
13 Nov 18
Revenue from the oilseeds segment dropped 23.2% to $499.93m.
13 Nov 18
It was backed by higher sales especially in its tropical oils segment.
12 Nov 18
The increase was mainly driven by higher production volumes.
26 Sep 18
Demand contraction in EU and India could persist.
24 Sep 18
Wilmar International and First Resources could benefit from cost reduction due to their currency exposure in Indonesian rupiah.
12 Sep 18
They will provide up to $4m per deep tech startup.
22 Aug 18
It includes both raw and refined sugar contracts.
19 Aug 18
The firm is on a buying spree with the latest acquisition priced at US$600m.
15 Aug 18
China contributed around 60% to the firm's pre-tax profits.
14 Aug 18
Its oilseeds segment also succumbed to uncertainties caused by the trade wars.
14 Aug 18
Weaker performance from the coffee, peanuts and edible oils segment hit earnings.
14 Aug 18
It was pushed by the strong performances of oilseeds and grains and tropical oils segments.
20 Jul 18
Shares were bought by the Aboitiz Group's Pilmico.