11 Mar 18
Other companies registered drops in FFB production ranging from -1.0% to -16.7%.
4 Mar 18
It blamed average selling prices which fell despite high sales volumes.
1 Mar 18
Management intends to further expand its businesses in rice, flour and related consumer products.
27 Feb 18
Biodiesel revenue was cut down after it closed its production plant.
27 Feb 18
It warned that it will continue to be hurt by prices of crude palm oil and competing seed oils.
27 Feb 18
Its sales volume rose 56.3%, led by growth in grains and edible oils.
23 Feb 18
Oilseeds & Grains profit rose to $272.33m thanks to stronger sales.
22 Jan 18
It has also acquired 546,000 Long Son ordinary shares for $20m.
18 Jan 18
It's expected to make profits of $476.39m, down from last year's $780.09m.
21 Dec 17
It raised its stake in the company from 16.89% to 20%.
18 Dec 17
The two are looking for opportunities in sugar milling and refining in Indonesia.
3 Dec 17
It sold 5,100 acres of a Californian farmland.
27 Nov 17
The collaboration is the first in the palm oil industry.
27 Nov 17
It’s a strategic move to dispose of its non-core oilseed assets.
26 Nov 17
They were formed in Singapore, South Africa, and Tanzania.
21 Nov 17
The facilities include a palm oil refinery and storage facility.
17 Nov 17
He has 20 years of experience in human resources.
15 Nov 17
He resigned on health ground.
15 Nov 17
Sales volume grew 44.4% in nine months.
15 Nov 17
The recovery in palm production contributed to higher sales volume.
14 Nov 17
Strong production figures that failed to offset the deferred tax.
14 Nov 17
Production grew at a slower pace this quarter.
14 Nov 17
The weak performance of the tropical oils and sugar business is to blame.
30 Oct 17
Profits are cut across its poultry and beef businesses.
25 Sep 17
Overall production grew in 2013 despite low FFB yields.
6 Sep 17
It also sold its 20% stake in Agrex Australia for US$8.8m.
21 Aug 17
Consumer products earnings were also hurt by higher-priced inventories.
21 Aug 17
And here are five things to ask before choosing your realtor.
18 Aug 17
The said division failed to maintain a solid sales volume.
17 Aug 17
But the agri-group expects a pickup in the following quarter.
15 Aug 17
Higher fresh fruit bunches output was amongst the growth drivers.
15 Aug 17
It plans to establish a China holding company.
14 Aug 17
It reaped good gains from its food business.
24 Jul 17
Its net profit could be down to $29m.
4 Jul 17
She was appointed on 3 July 2017.