19 Aug 18
The firm is on a buying spree with the latest acquisition priced at US$600m.
15 Aug 18
China contributed around 60% to the firm's pre-tax profits.
14 Aug 18
Its oilseeds segment also succumbed to uncertainties caused by the trade wars.
14 Aug 18
Weaker performance from the coffee, peanuts and edible oils segment hit earnings.
14 Aug 18
It was pushed by the strong performances of oilseeds and grains and tropical oils segments.
20 Jul 18
Shares were bought by the Aboitiz Group's Pilmico.
11 Jul 18
Prices have been down 6% so far, whilst GAR’s shares have dropped by 16%.
2 Jul 18
Soybean prices have fallen 4.6% since the US and China resumed announcing tariffs.
26 Jun 18
And a Singapore-based digital lender bags funding from SIG Asia Investments.
8 Jun 18
The interest will be lowered in tiers if the sustainability target is met.
29 May 18
Production of fresh fruit bunches ranged from -2% to -35% for most companies.
25 May 18
It expects proceeds worth $4m to go into plantation development.
24 May 18
It will be used to refinance its existing debt.
15 May 18
It is looking to grow its rice and flour segment, which accounts for 10% of the oilseeds and grains.
15 May 18
It was hit by the effects of inventory build-up and lower average selling prices.
15 May 18
It was hit by lower production output and softer crude palm oil prices.
14 May 18
Its sales jumped 8.5% to $6.3b.
14 May 18
Cotontchad is now a subsidiary of Olam.
10 May 18
It blamed the operating difficulties in its Tropical Oils business and seasonal sugar losses.
9 May 18
Production was supported by improved yield and more new mature areas.
8 May 18
Fresh fruit bunches grew at a healthy 20% in Q1.
5 Apr 18
The company is the second largest soybean crusher in China.
29 Mar 18
The proceeds will be used mainly on Café Outspan Vietnam Limited.
22 Mar 18
Following the acquisition, Nauvu Investments is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wilmar.
13 Mar 18
Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, and India are seen as the key markets.
11 Mar 18
Other companies registered drops in FFB production ranging from -1.0% to -16.7%.
4 Mar 18
It blamed average selling prices which fell despite high sales volumes.
1 Mar 18
Management intends to further expand its businesses in rice, flour and related consumer products.
27 Feb 18
Biodiesel revenue was cut down after it closed its production plant.
27 Feb 18
It warned that it will continue to be hurt by prices of crude palm oil and competing seed oils.
27 Feb 18
Its sales volume rose 56.3%, led by growth in grains and edible oils.
23 Feb 18
Oilseeds & Grains profit rose to $272.33m thanks to stronger sales.
22 Jan 18
It has also acquired 546,000 Long Son ordinary shares for $20m.
18 Jan 18
It's expected to make profits of $476.39m, down from last year's $780.09m.
21 Dec 17
It raised its stake in the company from 16.89% to 20%.
18 Dec 17
The two are looking for opportunities in sugar milling and refining in Indonesia.
3 Dec 17
It sold 5,100 acres of a Californian farmland.
27 Nov 17
The collaboration is the first in the palm oil industry.
27 Nov 17
It’s a strategic move to dispose of its non-core oilseed assets.