HR & Education

19 Dec 18
Deductions could be subject to a cap which could be scaled according to age.
18 Dec 18
Around 60 fresh and mid-level ICT professionals will be trained over the next three years.
18 Dec 18
The strength of the Singapore dollar pushed the city back into the global top 20.
13 Dec 18
Singapore professionals rated their salary satisfaction at 5.9 on a scale of 1-10.
13 Dec 18
Growth occurred mainly in the community, social & personal services and financial & insurance sectors.
11 Dec 18
It clinched the top spot for the digital infrastructure and human capital measures.
10 Dec 18
IT security professionals in the sector who are now earning around $75,000 to $180,000 a year could be able to command a hike of up to 30% in...
10 Dec 18
A study revealed that over half or 52% of expats in Singapore are dissatisfied with the city's cost of living.
7 Dec 18
Almost half of businesses have lost talent due to the lack of creative and collaborative opportunities.
6 Dec 18
Rising emphasis on flexi hours and artificial adoption can help employers attract and retain talent.
5 Dec 18
And venture capital firm Trive Ventures launches its blockchain accelerator Tribe Accelerator.
4 Dec 18
And government agencies amp up checks on food establishments providing catering services during the festive season.
30 Nov 18
And VC firm Tin Men Capital injects $12.5m more into e-ticket distribution solutions provider GlobalTix.
29 Nov 18
The big three banks have already initiated using AI and data analytics to pump up the detection of illicit activities.
29 Nov 18
Employment rates for residents 15 & over rose from 64.9% in 2017 to 65.1%.
28 Nov 18
It was dragged down by its ranking in personal freedom where it placed 98th out of 149 countries.
27 Nov 18
And seed investor Cocoon Capital launched its $20m fund targeting fintech and medtech startups.
26 Nov 18
And here’s why commuters don’t mind longer journeys, according to LTA feedback.
22 Nov 18
Executive roles in life science and tech sector are poised to enjoy the biggest raise.
22 Nov 18
Singapore tops Asian countries in Global Talent Ranking report which assesses the extent to which countries develop, attract and retain talent to...
21 Nov 18
Over half or 52% of expats are dissatisfied with the city's cost of living.
20 Nov 18
And national development minister thinks ‘too premature’ to say whether shoebox unit measures could hit property prices.
20 Nov 18
The Lion City’s 13th place ranking is five spots ahead of the SAR.
18 Nov 18
MBA providers are struggling to attract local students, but renewed interest from Vietnam, India, and China buoy the industry’s performance...
13 Nov 18
JP Morgan, Citi and BAML are more vulnerable to threats than homegrown lenders.
6 Nov 18
But the city-state looks to lure more talents in high-skilled areas such as fintech.
5 Nov 18
This generation is living longer than ever before.
26 Oct 18
However, unemployment rates inched up slightly from 2% to 2.1%.
24 Oct 18
The statutory retirement age of 62 is quite still far from Singapore's average lifespan of 83.1.
22 Oct 18
It can open up the scheme for non-permanent residents as well.
22 Oct 18
And a UK-based fintech firm eyes to link up with new instant payment schemes in Singapore and Hong Kong.
22 Oct 18
There is still a lot of work to do in order to run after 1,400 individuals in the Lion City with net worths above $69m.
17 Oct 18
Employee engagement in Singapore continued to decline over the last three years.
16 Oct 18
It will include up to $50,000 seed funding for graduates.