HR & Education

4 Dec 20
The most requested were mental health and financial support.
4 Dec 20
Lester Tan Teck Chuan has been the senior VP since 2017.
3 Dec 20
It stood on the same ranking as Thailand.
3 Dec 20
The current CEO, Mr Ho Meng Kit, is set to retire next year.
2 Dec 20
Government-led initiatives kept Singapore at the forefront of workplace development.
27 Nov 20
The regulator will cover up to $1,000 of stipend under their internship programme.
26 Nov 20
As work opportunities continue to wither, Singaporeans wish for a better future.
23 Nov 20
Thrive HR Exchange members will gain access to Thrive Global’s content library.
23 Nov 20
1,821 NTU faculty and staff gave over 20,000 days of unutilised leave.
20 Nov 20
The campaign comprises three short films on telco-related ruse.
20 Nov 20
Fewer companies indicated that they will still freeze salaries next year.
18 Nov 20
It will be launching a job-sharing scheme for two workers to fill a full-time role.
13 Nov 20
Salary hikes will be few and far between as firms grapple with COVID-19’s sudden impact.
10 Nov 20
The funding round was led by Sequoia Capital India.
4 Nov 20
And COE prices close lower in latest bidding exercise.
3 Nov 20
A total of 112,500 residents are unemployed, 97,700 of which are Singaporean citizens.
30 Oct 20
Perception plays an important role in happiness, a new study has found A study led by Singapore Management University Assistant...
29 Oct 20
Workers can also book an Exit Pass to visit their dorm’s assigned centre.
27 Oct 20
It’s ranked amongst top Asian universities (14th) and business schools (8th).
26 Oct 20
By Malina Platon, Managing Director, Strategic Accounts, APAC, UiPath Between the pandemic and population shifts, havoc is being...
26 Oct 20
By Marc Remond, vice president, meeting and learning experience solutions, Barco APAC Higher education institutions around the...
22 Oct 20
The university also placed first internationally in three subjects.
20 Oct 20
39 pension systems from across the world were reviewed.
13 Oct 20
Consistent communication is still key, says Pamela Kirpalani, CEO of Inner High Living.
7 Oct 20
Majority feel that their education is lacking when dealing with the data aspects of their job.
29 Sep 20
The three-week tournament offered cash prizes and academic credits.
13 Sep 20
More than 50% said that their stress management activities were disrupted.
7 Sep 20
More than 26% of employers expect recovery to take 10-12 months.
4 Sep 20
71% feel frustrated due to network issues and latency.
2 Sep 20
Workers eager for ongoing flexibility and a focus on personal well-being in the post-COVID workplace.
1 Sep 20
Over 13,000 employees will receive support.
1 Sep 20
Residents who lost their jobs are the target participants of the programme.
31 Aug 20
Around 60% of the respondent's to the life insurer's survey say they are not confident to be part of crowds, while 65% still fear...
28 Aug 20
The move comes into effect as companies face shortages for skilled manpower critical for recovery and growth.
28 Aug 20
Affected staff will receive a month’s salary for every year of service as severance payment.
27 Aug 20
Recruiters say that the barriers to entry are mounting.
24 Aug 20
Samer Kabbani will lead the company’s overall technology strategy.
23 Aug 20
The turnover will be in phases and will be fully operational by 1 October.