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7 of 10 Singapore employers have no DE&I policies

This is according to a joint report by SNEF & Kincentric.
5 hours ago

7 of 10 Singapore employers have no DE&I policies

This is according to a joint report by SNEF & Kincentric.
5 hours ago

DBS revitalizes Hack2Hire to accumulate top technology talent

DBS expects 150 talents to take part in this initiative.
6 hours ago

Stricter health standards imposed in migrant worker dormitories

MOM, MND, and MOH were in charge of developing the standards.
1 day ago

Top Employers Institute celebrates 30 years of helping organisations enrich the world of work

The company is looking forward to another 30 years of striving for the best in HR.

Singapore needs to look beyond the technical for the talent it needs

Singapore and many countries in the world are facing a tech talent crunch in the post-pandemic digital world – but are we looking at the right place and for the right people to fulfil these needs?

What do Singapore employees want from their organisations?

74% of Singapore employees cited “work-life balance as top EVP factor, according to Randstad.

Hybrid work setup will stay despite security concerns: Entrust

97% of Singaporean employees prefer a hybrid work environment.

Singapore is 17th most expensive location to send expat workers

The expatriate pay package for mid-level workers costs around US$225,171 annually.

HR Briefing: How firms can brace for the hybrid work

Around 61% of workers still prefer to stay at home whilst governments roll out their respective vaccine programs.

Gen Z: The trials and tribulations of seeking employment

Accounting expert Chiew Chun Wee talks about the challenges faced by Singapore’s younger employees.

Majority of SG executives said automation helped upskill finance staff

More than half of C-suite executives said automation relieved them of at least a quarter of their workload.

Singaporeans believe getting the jab will help them get jobs: survey

Approximately 62% of Singaporeans believe that getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will lead to more employment opportunities.

Industrial and manufacturing employment soars 60% in Q2

This is due to growth plans across semiconductor chip manufacturers, capital equipment, and electronics makers.

89% Singaporean Gen Zs believe COVID-19 highlighted inequalities

One in four of them want to be the person to change the world.

Deliveroo SG plans to upskill 1,000 riders by 2021

To date, 300 Deliveroo riders have completed their training from a choice of 700 free online classes.