HR & Education

13 Oct 20
Consistent communication is still key, says Pamela Kirpalani, CEO of Inner High Living.
7 Oct 20
Majority feel that their education is lacking when dealing with the data aspects of their job.
26 Jan 12
The increased pace of globalization and technological advance, the changing nature of work and the labour market, and the ageing of population...
17 Jan 12
Except for healthcare, all sectors reported lower hiring expectations than last year.
12 Jan 12
“Singapore has to take the expected economic slowdown in 2012 in its stride” quoted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during...
12 Jan 12
Teach them to learn and appreciate their mother tongues even before they start formal schooling – that is the new focus of the Education...
11 Jan 12
Survey says businesses are hit by tightening in foreign worker inflows.
6 Jan 12
Gone are the days when Singapore’s private schools are seen as second choice for school-leavers aiming to pursue tertiary education...
2 Jan 12
Avoiding the ‘jacket on the chair’ syndrome.
2 Jan 12
The disruptions of service on the SMRT network have ruffled various sectors of Singapore society: the public, who are angered and dismayed;...
2 Jan 12
Performance measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) are a powerful part of a Singapore manager’s tool kit but when applied...
2 Jan 12
For many adults in Singapore, life is a long and difficult speedway that stretches from the instant they begin working to the moment they goes...
2 Jan 12
When it comes to client servicing in Singapore, we all know how ‘dedicated’ we can be.
2 Jan 12
The integration of mobile technology, internal mobility and the use of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for global expansion are amongst the top...
2 Jan 12
Companies that will win in 2012 will be the ones that create an agile, lean working environment where employees are trained, equipped with the...
2 Jan 12
A day doesn’t go by in Singapore without reading about the doom and gloom, the economic uncertainty, the Eurozone crisis, china’s...
22 Dec 11
The future of employment seems bleak as some sectors have already scaled back on hiring.
19 Dec 11
Almost half of Singaporeans believe that gender influences income levels, particularly in higher-powered positions.
15 Dec 11
So what will be the businesses' staff retention strategy in the first quarter of 2012?
14 Dec 11
That is of course if they were paid more, amidst pessimistic business outlook for next year.
14 Dec 11
Singapore employees are bracing themselves for the difficult year ahead.
13 Dec 11
Its NUS research facility a first-of-its-kind in South-east Asia.
13 Dec 11
62% of Singaporeans will work during the holidays this year, but is it worth squandering the festive season?
13 Dec 11
Don't expect too much as salary increases are expected to remain stagnant at 4.4% next year.
8 Dec 11
A study revealed Singapore is ideal for expats relocating for money prospects as half of those surveyed in the city earn over US$200,000 per...
2 Dec 11
It seems so as 75% of Asians in the travel and hospitality industry said they received a pay raise in the last 12 months.
1 Dec 11
Diversity in the workforce has an increasingly global relevance, but there is much debate both here in Singapore and abroad about how it can...
1 Dec 11
A poll of employee attitudes in 14 countries has ranked Singapore bottom in terms of overall workplace happiness.
1 Dec 11
Speaking and training around the world for the last decade has allowed me to compare many of the major cities from the perspective of a learning...
1 Dec 11
Imagine working for a company here in Singapore where all its employees, shareholders, customers, and vendors understand the company strategy...
1 Dec 11
Many employers take the lead from the public service over many HR initiatives in Singapore.
1 Dec 11
In our global community, talented people are making more connections and career moves than ever before.
1 Dec 11
And guess what was the highest paying sector this year?
30 Nov 11
No more fees for country clubs plus housing and car allowance for you - too bad.
23 Nov 11
More than half say that their key motivation is work-life balance.
22 Nov 11
So which sectors expect to fire people in the next three months?
15 Nov 11
Ortega Valentine Philip steps down.
11 Nov 11
The group recorded a net gain of S$15.9m from the 50% sale of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Value Vantage.
10 Nov 11
The other 69 % are clock watchers who meticulously drop their work and rush out the door on time.
7 Nov 11
The cessation was due to personal reasons.