HR & Education

24 Apr 18
Hotels have started using robo-butlers for delivery services whilst the government has deployed AI systems for border security purposes.
18 Apr 18
Moreover, 99% of CFOs are willing to award pay rises to an average of 25% to their finance staff.
17 Apr 18
Users will be matched to jobs that are scored based on the proximity to their skillset.
13 Apr 18
The struggle to recruit skilled workers is a recurring concern for manufacturing businesses in Singapore.
12 Apr 18
Switzerland continues to be the talent hotspot in the world.
3 Apr 18
From 1998 to 2018, it improved its livability score by 4.7%.
29 Mar 18
Only 59% of employees are engaged in work, compared to 76% in Indonesia.
27 Mar 18
The Hack2Hire programme will hire up to 100 qualified candidates.
19 Mar 18
Besides salary issues, more workers are seeking new career challenges.
19 Mar 18
SMEs will receive the bulk of the payouts, at around 71% of the sum disbursed.
16 Mar 18
Thanks to gains led by the manufacturing and wholesale & retail trade sectors.
15 Mar 18
But job-skills mismatch continues to be a challenge due to ongoing economic restructuring.
14 Mar 18
They will comply with an advisory that also covers HR issues like the impact of technology on workers and retrenchments.
13 Mar 18
A survey said expats picked Singapore due to low crime rates, quality schools and healthcare, and low pollution.
11 Mar 18
Recruitment and HR firms noted that they are the least confident when it comes to negotiating for a higher pay.
9 Mar 18
They are weighed down by their protracted challenges in achieving work-life balance.
8 Mar 18
Over half of female expats also think it is the best for work culture and personal fulfilment.
8 Mar 18
This is lower compared to ASEAN’s average of 39%.
8 Mar 18
They are struggling to pick workers who will fit in with the company culture.
7 Mar 18
Only 53% also have a formal diversity policy, a drop from 58% in 2017.
6 Mar 18
Women are 55% more likely to advance to manager roles or above.
6 Mar 18
This gets worse down the workforce as almost all employees have reported getting overwhelmed when analysing data.
6 Mar 18
It will now offer programmes for manufacturing and professional services sectors.
6 Mar 18
The ministry aims to merge some programmes of the current 230 polytechnic courses.
5 Mar 18
But they still lag Hong Kong and Malaysia which have a higher number of workers confident about raises.
5 Mar 18
Financial firms see highest growth in employment level.
5 Mar 18
Students can enroll in online lessons where they can see their tutor and virtual classmates in real-time.
2 Mar 18
However, they’re still one of the world’s most highly paid officials.
2 Mar 18
From being the fourth highest paid expats in the world, Singapore expats are now tenth in the rankings.
28 Feb 18
Nearly half of employers (48%) in the Asia Pacific region think that they will need fewer employees.
28 Feb 18
Automation will account for an average of 29% of all the work being done.
27 Feb 18
The raises will be surely received by those with niche skills in sales, IT, and accountancy & finance.
27 Feb 18
Nineteen percent of expats in Singapore think they have great job opportunities compared to 24% in Hong Kong.
27 Feb 18
In Singapore, with a changing workforce demographic comes a change in workplace preferences, attitudes and expectations.
26 Feb 18
Singapore’s hard-fought economic transformation is dependent on the ability of its enterprises and people, to learn, unlearn and relearn new...
21 Feb 18
70% of firms worry about their ability to adapt to this technology.
21 Feb 18
Firms that don’t boost their hiring budgets will miss out on getting the right candidates.
20 Feb 18
It will be used to boost financial assistance schemes for students.
15 Feb 18
And here are two REITs with recent up-and-down performances.
13 Feb 18
New wealth management track will be rolled out on the university’s business degree programme.