HR & Education

18 May 21
The sudden shift to work-from-home due to COVID-19 has been a steep learning curve for companies and corporate leaders around the world.
14 May 21
A study commissioned by Zoom seems to point in that direction.
4 May 21
This new program is in partnership with the Singapore government.
30 Apr 21
They are also less confident about job satisfaction and pay against the global average.
29 Apr 21
Professional network LinkedIn has ranked the top 15 companies that helped Singaporeans during the pandemic.
28 Apr 21
Why do 70% of Singaporean professionals actually miss going to the office?
27 Apr 21
90% of CIOs feel that they have more leadership influence.
23 Apr 21
Eight out of 10 businesses recognise the need for upskilling employees with digital skills.
21 Apr 21
Despite the toll of the pandemic on mental health, employees fear possible job loss when trying to seek help.
15 Apr 21
39% of companies in Singapore prefer those with specific technical skills over traditional qualifiers with broader abilities and experience....
15 Apr 21
A new survey has revealed that nine out of 10 Singaporean workers are struggling with mental health issues.
15 Apr 21
The accreditation represents the highest standard of quality in business education.
14 Apr 21
A majority of Singaporeans prefer to work from home for two or three days every week, according to the latest Jobstreet survey.
14 Apr 21
Lilani also discussed the huge contributions women bring to the business environment across Asia.
12 Apr 21
The slower rate of women director appointments is said to be a local issue in Singapore.
12 Apr 21
More than 70% of employers looked beyond academic records when it came to hiring in 2020.
12 Apr 21
The software company's training initiative aims to set a new foundation for a skills-based economy.
12 Apr 21
The research also revealed that financial well-being has become a new priority for employers.
7 Apr 21
Hays reported this is higher compared to the 36% recorded last year.
29 Mar 21
Employees say they feel safer to return to the office when staff are vaccinated.
26 Mar 21
17.7% of supply chain and procurement professionals experienced retrenchment.
25 Mar 21
Nearly half don’t expect a return to ‘normal’ until 2022.
24 Mar 21
The associate director allegedly accepted corrupt gratifications worth $472,000 from three companies.
24 Mar 21
Dr. Luciano Lopez first joined EHL Group as a visiting lecturer in economics.
23 Mar 21
And Foreign workers may find it harder to in seek employment in Singapore in the future.
22 Mar 21
Transferring from the aviation to the logistics sector wasn’t as tough as expected.
19 Mar 21
More CFOs will stay actively involved in the company’s digitisation projects.
17 Mar 21
And Storms to expand to Indonesia, Africa with Series A financing.
16 Mar 21
Only 44% of Singaporeans are willing to work abroad.
15 Mar 21
Since its launch, 70% of the programme’s classes were held face-to-face.
10 Mar 21
Job listings across all categories have surged by 19.2%.
10 Mar 21
The graduates will know how to apply digital technologies to business functions.
9 Mar 21
Over seven in 10 are taking prompt actions for their financial future.
8 Mar 21
Returners will get a professionally paid placement of six months.
8 Mar 21
Women comprise just 26% of business owners in Singapore.
5 Mar 21
Other top reasons for discrimination are marital status, race, and family responsibilities.