HR & Education

22 Feb 19
The foreign worker quota in the services sector will be cut as finance minister Heng notes that the growth in S-pass services holders hit a five-...
21 Feb 19
And 7 in 10 reported e-commerce scams in 2018 transacted in Carousell.
20 Feb 19
Only 27% of firms agreed they could trust that their finance teams identified all errors to ensure they are reporting accurately.
19 Feb 19
The dependency ratio ceiling for foreign workers will be cut from 40% to 35%.
15 Feb 19
Human resources is still a critical component of Singapore’s Smart City vision.
14 Feb 19
Financial services, e-commerce, and telcos emerge as top industries to be dominated by digital talents.
7 Feb 19
IT savvy employees are in hot demand due to technological disruptions across all industries.
6 Feb 19
It also offers wage offsets to employers with older workers.
1 Feb 19
The series will begin with seven courses from March.
1 Feb 19
Young professionals can gain new skills, knowledge and certification through tech courses and programmes.
1 Feb 19
Patients can get their diagnosis instantly through video conferencing.
1 Feb 19
The wage hike lags behind that of India (5%) and Vietnam (4.8%).
1 Feb 19
Employees are training themselves to learn more about AI.
1 Feb 19
MAS and the STB were identified as the most attractive employers.
31 Jan 19
Retrenchments declined across the construction, manufacturing and services industries.
31 Jan 19
It will ensure that older workers are paid the same as their younger colleagues.
30 Jan 19
Purchasing, logistics and supply chain professionals were the most sought after.
30 Jan 19
It is expected to see the highest real-wage growth globally.
29 Jan 19
Legal professionals were the most sought after .
24 Jan 19
The two will also train manpower to support solar energy development.
22 Jan 19
Globally, it came in second to Switzerland.
21 Jan 19
Firms are also creating new roles within tax functions to handle narrow and specific job scopes.
21 Jan 19
Having a portfolio website to showcase expertise can offer employers a quick gauge of an individual’s character.
21 Jan 19
Those in the diagnostics and devices sectors can enjoy the highest wage increase.
17 Jan 19
The platform offers job seekers access to job listings alongside employee reviews and insights.
17 Jan 19
Proportion of firms offering at least one formal FWA increased by 3% to 53% in 2018.
17 Jan 19
Healthcare workers were ranked as the most motivated and less stressed.
15 Jan 19
And Singapore Bank Officer’s Association opens its doors to all BFS employees.
14 Jan 19
However, this represents flattish growth.
9 Jan 19
According to the Economic Development Board, there are roughly 37,400 international companies operating out of Singapore, which includes 7,000...
8 Jan 19
Improved employee benefits and flexible work arrangements are used to retain top talent.
19 Dec 18
Deductions could be subject to a cap which could be scaled according to age.
18 Dec 18
Around 60 fresh and mid-level ICT professionals will be trained over the next three years.
18 Dec 18
The strength of the Singapore dollar pushed the city back into the global top 20.