HR & Education

10 Sep 18
And Singapore’s first fully smart residential project lures 9,000 crowd at preview.
7 Sep 18
The research found that the larger portion of healthcare expenditure in Singapore is not covered by insurance.
7 Sep 18
Expats are having a hard time to have work-life balance and to find local friends in the Lion City.
7 Sep 18
It’s been almost a year since Singapore’s Ministry for Manpower launched the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Working Arrangements....
6 Sep 18
India continues to be a top source of these talents migrating to the city.
5 Sep 18
YY Part Time Jobs app aims to respond to the industry's urgent manpower crunch.
5 Sep 18
They will receive a monthly stipend of $5,000 and their tuition fee will be waived.
30 Aug 18
They get about $99,600 a year on average.
29 Aug 18
The IT and advertising & media sectors also saw 6% and 2% rise in online hiring, respectively.
28 Aug 18
And Workforce Singapore to work on career practitioners’ development through a new framework.
28 Aug 18
It has weakened firms' appetite for investments in the country.
20 Aug 18
‘HSBC Pioneer’ runs for 12 months and operates on an invitation-only basis.
19 Aug 18
Will you hire bots to interview potential employees?
16 Aug 18
Apprentices will go through 12 months of training in critical emerging tech areas.
16 Aug 18
Koh Boon Hwee stepped down as company executive in 2008 at age 58.
14 Aug 18
The Lion City fell to 37th place in the global liveabilty rankings whilst Hong Kong rose to 35th.
14 Aug 18
Good wages and lower taxes offset the Lion City’s high cost of living.
13 Aug 18
An overwhelming 88% will quit if the role doesn’t meet their expectations.
13 Aug 18
Blame crippling conditions in the marine & offshore engineering segment.
10 Aug 18
And Carousell expands its meet-up feature to the Philippines.
9 Aug 18
Nearly a fourth have relied on a smartphone app to apply.
6 Aug 18
Relationship managers in bancassurance were in hot demand.
5 Aug 18
They may approach a five-hour decrease to a 41.9 hours from the usual 45-hour work week by 2030.
2 Aug 18
It will offer skills upgrading, career advisory, and job matching services.
1 Aug 18
Over 11,000 already joined the government’s SkillsFuture Series.
31 Jul 18
Some firms have on-going restructuring and reorganisation.
31 Jul 18
All-male boards for Top 100 firms declined to 27% in June.
30 Jul 18
Retrenchments inched up to 2,500 from 2,320 in Q1.
26 Jul 18
And Tre Ver condo prices will be discounted amidst property curbs.
26 Jul 18
It will invest in preschool and early learning real estate assets in the Asia Pacific.
26 Jul 18
Technological advancements and higher incomes could fuel this change.
23 Jul 18
But 55% fear it will interfere with personal time.
23 Jul 18
This also reflected in the total unemployment rate, which fell from about 2.2% in H1 to 2.1% in H2.
19 Jul 18
Local businessmen think that tax and cost of living could make workers think twice about moving to the Lion City.
19 Jul 18
The BFSI sector saw a 19% growth in e-hiring activities.
16 Jul 18
Majority of healthcare and tech workers want to work away from home.
13 Jul 18
Real wages rose 1.9% whilst productivity grew only 1.1% in 2011-2017.
12 Jul 18
About 46% expect to leave their companies in the next 12 months.