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Where are all the female role models?

Apart from encouraging young women to take up STEM courses, we should also have more female role models in these fields and take on a “Kampong” approach. 

Diversity Strategies for the Technology Sector in Singapore

Growing evidence connects diverse leadership and workforces with positive business performance.

Leveraging video communications to build a workplace culture of care

Trust and technology are the cornerstones of a productive hybrid workplace.

Joblessness eases for the second straight month in September

The unemployment rate continues to be above pre-pandemic levels.

6 in 10 Singaporeans prefer hybrid working arrangement

About 40% of existing employees have already requested a flexible schedule.

E for Empathy: 42% of wealthy Singaporeans say empathy part of CEO's job

About 52% said being understanding is an essential quality of a good CEO.   About 42% of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and senior executives in Singapore are now considering empathy as part of a CEO’s job, Bupa Global’s Executive Wellbeing Index 2021 showed.   From the 200 surveyed, 49% are expecting CEOs to show greater empathy and understanding towards their employees given the changes in workplace norms brought about by the pandemic.   More than half (52%) of the HNWIs also said being understanding is the most essential quality that a good CEO must have, closely followed by being decisive (50%), and having integrity (49%).   Bupa Global‘s Global Marketing Director, Neil Kirby, said the emergence of an “empathetic, inclusive leadership style,” was brought about by the pandemic.   This was echoed by 56% of Singaporean HNWIs who said the pandemic has elevated the importance they place on their personal well-being.   More Singaporean business leaders have also put a high priority on the welfare of their employees, with 50% believing that their organisation should have a greater responsibility for supporting employee wellbeing and 44% wanting more focus on mental health.   Singapore is expected to increase its spending on mental health support at work in the coming year by 11%.   Meanwhile, the Index also revealed that more leaders will be prioritising balancing profit with purpose and planning greater focus on the environmental agenda in the next 12 months.   In Singapore, 36% of companies are planning to put more emphasis on their environmental agenda, while 2 in 5 (41%) of HNWIs believe their respective companies understand the importance of balancing profit with purpose.  

Grab and Mastercard to bring digital upskilling to millions in SEA

Both companies will create training programs to support digital entrepreneurship and digital upskilling for Grab partners.

SG best place in the world for freelancers: Tide

Meanwhile, Japan is the worst country to work in freelance.

HR Briefing: Empowering SG’s ageing workforce in a tech-driven world

Those over 60 years old are more willing to retrain compared to other age groups.

MOM extends Jobs Growth Initiative until March 2022

Approximately 400,000 locals were hired through the government programme.

Singapore to ally with WTO initiative on services domestic regulation

The initiative aims to improve the overseas service exports environment.

Hello to Hybrid – The modern Singapore workforce

Milieu Insight, in its latest survey, examined how employee demands and expectations have shifted.

What industries offer the most jobs today?

Hiring activities online increased by 55.7% in August.

How edtech startup founder Jamie Tan built a business from a thesis

With encouragement from peers and professors, Tan started Flying Cape.