HR & Education

5 Mar 18
Students can enroll in online lessons where they can see their tutor and virtual classmates in real-time.
2 Mar 18
However, they’re still one of the world’s most highly paid officials.
2 Mar 18
From being the fourth highest paid expats in the world, Singapore expats are now tenth in the rankings.
28 Feb 18
Nearly half of employers (48%) in the Asia Pacific region think that they will need fewer employees.
28 Feb 18
Automation will account for an average of 29% of all the work being done.
27 Feb 18
The raises will be surely received by those with niche skills in sales, IT, and accountancy & finance.
27 Feb 18
Nineteen percent of expats in Singapore think they have great job opportunities compared to 24% in Hong Kong.
27 Feb 18
In Singapore, with a changing workforce demographic comes a change in workplace preferences, attitudes and expectations.
26 Feb 18
Singapore’s hard-fought economic transformation is dependent on the ability of its enterprises and people, to learn, unlearn and relearn new...
21 Feb 18
70% of firms worry about their ability to adapt to this technology.
21 Feb 18
Firms that don’t boost their hiring budgets will miss out on getting the right candidates.
20 Feb 18
It will be used to boost financial assistance schemes for students.
15 Feb 18
And here are two REITs with recent up-and-down performances.
13 Feb 18
New wealth management track will be rolled out on the university’s business degree programme.
9 Feb 18
Government efforts are likely to take effect.
7 Feb 18
Lack of experienced talents keep plaguing the segment.
5 Feb 18
49% are willing to withdraw from the hiring process if the feedback is slow.
2 Feb 18
SkillsFuture Credit take up increased by 27% in 2017.
30 Jan 18
45% of Singaporeans are unhappy at work JobStreet recently revealed in a survey.   What are the main reasons for this and what...
30 Jan 18
He was able to navigate the rocky first year of the business on profits alone and no external funding.
30 Jan 18
Salaries are not expected to change drastically in the year.
30 Jan 18
Thanks to economic growth and the changing composition of the workforce.
29 Jan 18
But only if they couldn't find the right job options.
29 Jan 18
The number of retrenched permanent employees hit 3,000.
28 Jan 18
Fortunately, nearly half of employers also intend to raise salaries by 3-6%.
26 Jan 18
The foreign workforce shed 32,000 due to less Work Permit Holders in construction and marine.
25 Jan 18
It also aims to add $31b to the industry's value.
24 Jan 18
The hunt for online jobs in the banking and healthcare sectors recovered.
24 Jan 18
Management woes drive unhappiness at work.
23 Jan 18
It has been praised for its education, especially in the STEM disciplines.
23 Jan 18
Its smart city initiative also helped attract and retain workers.
22 Jan 18
The 1,400 sqm co-working space will start operations in April 2018.
21 Jan 18
The number of jobseekers also fell by 37%, mainly due to the Christmas holiday.
11 Jan 18
Legaltech startups can sign up for a 100-day programme to help them scale their businesses.
8 Jan 18
Most of the false information pertains to the applicant’s technical skills and work experience.
15 Dec 17
Moreover, they put in longer working hours due to motivation.
14 Dec 17
But the expected rate is one of the lowest in Asia and is smaller than last year's 2.7%.
14 Dec 17
They mostly came from the wholesale trade and financial services sector.
14 Dec 17
It looks like it doesn’t pay to be in the leisure and hospitality sector.
13 Dec 17
But employment is still declining no thanks to less marine and construction Work Permit Holders.