HR & Education

8 Oct 18
And here’s what Punggol residents can look forward to in the upcoming Punggol Town Hub.
5 Oct 18
More households headed by the elderly became beneficiaries.
3 Oct 18
It lags behind other Asian counterparts which are geared for 0.1 to 0.5% salary hike increases.
30 Sep 18
The Lion City lags behind in terms of demand for developers compared to Indonesia.
28 Sep 18
Those with Ordinary Accounts will earn interest rates up to 3.5% per annum on their monies until end of Q4 2018.
28 Sep 18
Singapore’s premiere university lost by just a mere 0.4 ppt to Tsinghua in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.
28 Sep 18
Chinese SMEs are hit by slumping new orders and job losses.
26 Sep 18
1 in 2 expects a salary to rely on.
25 Sep 18
Singapore is facing an inherent 30% talent shortage, particularly in the industries of Fintech, where the government set the goal of adding 1,000...
21 Sep 18
It needs more workers to lure investments and businesses.
19 Sep 18
Jobs relating to cybersecurity, compliance, and analytics are in demand.
14 Sep 18
But a measly 16% of firms are looking to add manpower.
13 Sep 18
The construction and manufacturing sectors contracted its employment growth.
13 Sep 18
It cannot regulate overseas agencies that charge more than the maximum agency fees.
13 Sep 18
MoM has notified 1,200 employers to fix their payslip practices.
10 Sep 18
And Singapore’s first fully smart residential project lures 9,000 crowd at preview.
7 Sep 18
The research found that the larger portion of healthcare expenditure in Singapore is not covered by insurance.
7 Sep 18
Expats are having a hard time to have work-life balance and to find local friends in the Lion City.
7 Sep 18
It’s been almost a year since Singapore’s Ministry for Manpower launched the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Working Arrangements....
6 Sep 18
India continues to be a top source of these talents migrating to the city.
5 Sep 18
YY Part Time Jobs app aims to respond to the industry's urgent manpower crunch.
5 Sep 18
They will receive a monthly stipend of $5,000 and their tuition fee will be waived.
30 Aug 18
They get about $99,600 a year on average.
29 Aug 18
The IT and advertising & media sectors also saw 6% and 2% rise in online hiring, respectively.
28 Aug 18
And Workforce Singapore to work on career practitioners’ development through a new framework.
28 Aug 18
It has weakened firms' appetite for investments in the country.
20 Aug 18
‘HSBC Pioneer’ runs for 12 months and operates on an invitation-only basis.
19 Aug 18
Will you hire bots to interview potential employees?
16 Aug 18
Apprentices will go through 12 months of training in critical emerging tech areas.
16 Aug 18
Koh Boon Hwee stepped down as company executive in 2008 at age 58.
14 Aug 18
The Lion City fell to 37th place in the global liveabilty rankings whilst Hong Kong rose to 35th.
14 Aug 18
Good wages and lower taxes offset the Lion City’s high cost of living.
13 Aug 18
An overwhelming 88% will quit if the role doesn’t meet their expectations.
13 Aug 18
Blame crippling conditions in the marine & offshore engineering segment.
10 Aug 18
And Carousell expands its meet-up feature to the Philippines.