HR & Education

12 Jul 18
Almost half think their managers are lacking in engaging them to digital upskilling.
12 Jul 18
It will target women, young adults, and members of the Gen X.
2 Jul 18
Firms may need to shell out extra $29,100 per highly skilled finance worker by 2030.
2 Jul 18
The jobs that are hardest to fill are sales representatives, engineers, and drivers.
29 Jun 18
Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.
27 Jun 18
It can create an equilibrium of low levels of workers and a large technological gap.
26 Jun 18
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city whilst Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul also made it to the list.
26 Jun 18
For instance, coffee in Singapore is at US$5, which is significantly cheaper than coffee in Seoul (US$10) and Hong Kong (US$7).
21 Jun 18
Talent shortages for these kinds of workers could hit 38% in 2030.
20 Jun 18
About 1,450 civil servants with lower wage will receive a one-off $500 lump sum.
19 Jun 18
About 9,700 workers for services in community, finance, and transport sectors were employed in Q1.
19 Jun 18
The banking, financial services, and insurance sector raised online recruitment by 30%.
18 Jun 18
Two more Sydney pre-school centres are in the process of acquisition.
14 Jun 18
‘Jim’ can save up to 40 hours monthly otherwise spent on manual processing.
14 Jun 18
There were 2,320 retrenchments in Q1, down from 4,000 a year ago.
13 Jun 18
The unemployed ratio improved from 0.92 in December 2017 to 1.04 in March 2018.
12 Jun 18
Prices rose as the Singapore dollar strengthened versus the greenback.
12 Jun 18
Find out which sectors will most likely ramp up their hiring.
7 Jun 18
Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.
7 Jun 18
About 95% of employers could raise salaries by 10% to keep talent.
5 Jun 18
Women (57%) also place higher premium on work-life balance than men (50%).
3 Jun 18
Companies that had improved productivity were urged to give $300-$600 bonuses.
1 Jun 18
Firms that hit productivity quotas were also urged to give bonuses worth $300-$600.
30 May 18
It was hit by a 0.6% jump in inflation.
30 May 18
It will also review the retirement and re-employment age relevance.
28 May 18
Employers paid lower salaries and expat benefits cost less.
25 May 18
Employers could not be getting a good return on their investments in health.
23 May 18
And here's why the number of employers using enhanced WorkPro scheme rose.
17 May 18
Singapore could lose $142.51b from labour deficit by 2030.
16 May 18
OCBC recently rolled out a massive upskilling programme powered by a $20m investment to be made available for its 29,000 employees.
10 May 18
PMET jobs are under threat.
9 May 18
Hot jobs include technical support engineer which has a salary range of $3,600-$5,000 a month.
8 May 18
The OCBC Future Smart Programme will be available for the bank’s 29,000 employees across the world.
8 May 18
And the government is updating the Bukit Timah Heritage Trail.
3 May 18
Labour deficit could reach 1.09 million by 2030, a study revealed.
2 May 18
The highest salaries are being offered to project managers, security specialists, and business analysts.
2 May 18
They feel pressured to achieve success before they hit 30.
2 May 18
But the island nation still suffers from a large engagement deficit.
29 Apr 18
This translates to 64,800 unemployed residents.
26 Apr 18
Almost all companies (96%) are now ready to reorganise and adapt to flex work in the next two years.