HR & Education

27 Mar 19
For food retailers, staff costs are typically 10-12% of sales and 42% of total opex.
26 Mar 19
The board deemed it reasonable given the change in its financial year end from 31 December to 30 June.
25 Mar 19
NWC will convene in April and May 2019 to develop its annual guidelines on wage and employment-related issues.
25 Mar 19
The foreign worker quota in the services sector will be cut as finance minister Heng notes that the growth in S-pass services holders hit a five-...
22 Mar 19
New real estate salespersons need to pay $100 in administrative and materials fees to join the network.
20 Mar 19
Overall, one in three vacancies were unfilled for six months or more.
20 Mar 19
 ICT roles such as chief information officers, database designers & administrators and IT security specialists were in hot demand.
20 Mar 19
The number of women in leadership teams also dipped from 30% to 29% in 2019.
19 Mar 19
And regulatory tech company Tookitaki secures US$7.5m in its Series A funding round.
18 Mar 19
In total, the company issued around $18m in remuneration packages for its 13 executives.
18 Mar 19
This was attributed to a moderation in the decline in Work Permit Holders.
15 Mar 19
Residents made up 66% of the retrenchments in 2018, slightly lower than their share of employment at 67%.
15 Mar 19
About 70% will be disbursed to SMEs.
14 Mar 19
The sectors had witnessed its steepest growth in November 2018.
14 Mar 19
It was one of the two sectors that have weaker hiring prospects in the upcoming quarter.
8 Mar 19
But gender parity remains an issue as only 9% of firms have a female CEO.
6 Mar 19
It will benefit about 440,000 Singaporeans.
6 Mar 19
CPF payout eligibility age would remain at 65.
6 Mar 19
And a Barclays executive ditches his job for Standard Chartered Singapore.
5 Mar 19
Singapore workers lament the lack of transparency regarding pay level settings.
1 Mar 19
Job hopping is more prevalent in the finance and accounting industry.
28 Feb 19
For 73%, a work-life balance means no work on weekends, whilst for 69%, it meant being able to leave work on time everyday.
27 Feb 19
The average gross monthly salary of those in full-time permanent employment rose to $3,733 from $3,613 in 2017.
25 Feb 19
The tighter manpower rules will hit consumer and healthcare bottomlines by less than 4% by FY20.
21 Feb 19
And 7 in 10 reported e-commerce scams in 2018 transacted in Carousell.
20 Feb 19
Only 27% of firms agreed they could trust that their finance teams identified all errors to ensure they are reporting accurately.
19 Feb 19
The dependency ratio ceiling for foreign workers will be cut from 40% to 35%.
15 Feb 19
Human resources is still a critical component of Singapore’s Smart City vision.
14 Feb 19
Financial services, e-commerce, and telcos emerge as top industries to be dominated by digital talents.
7 Feb 19
IT savvy employees are in hot demand due to technological disruptions across all industries.
6 Feb 19
It also offers wage offsets to employers with older workers.
1 Feb 19
The series will begin with seven courses from March.
1 Feb 19
Young professionals can gain new skills, knowledge and certification through tech courses and programmes.
1 Feb 19
Patients can get their diagnosis instantly through video conferencing.
1 Feb 19
The wage hike lags behind that of India (5%) and Vietnam (4.8%).
1 Feb 19
Employees are training themselves to learn more about AI.
1 Feb 19
MAS and the STB were identified as the most attractive employers.
31 Jan 19
Retrenchments declined across the construction, manufacturing and services industries.