Building & Engineering

17 Jul 19
It will mark its third newbuild dredger contract for maritime contracting firm Van Oord.
17 Jul 19
The turning fortunes of the construction sector were cited as a possible reason for the improved performance.
16 Jul 19
It will construct influent pumping stations for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project.
15 Jul 19
The short-term outperformance of the buildings sector will momentarily propel growth before slowing down in 2020.
10 Jul 19
Five more BTO projects are scheduled for launch by the end of the year.
9 Jul 19
It is expected to begin construction in August 2019.
9 Jul 19
It has resumed its shelved mega projects.
9 Jul 19
China may soon erode Japanse funding dominance after it pledged $32.7b (US$24b) of investments for the next decade.
2 Jul 19
G&W owns a portfolio of 120 short line railroads across North America, Europe, and Australia.
25 Jun 19
Project delays result in cost overruns, with multi-state projects being hit the hardest.
25 Jun 19
It will also integrate this project with an ExxonMobil plant.
25 Jun 19
The 238-km2 concession area in northwestern Madagascar was acquired through a 60% stake in Tantalum Holding Mauritius.
19 Jun 19
The second tranche will be consolidated with the $200m 4.75% perpetual securities issued on 12 June.
19 Jun 19
KS Drilling will not take delivery of the KS Java Star 3 rig.
14 Jun 19
Its orderbook recognition for the next three quarters is expected to rise 31%.
7 Jun 19
He is currently the permanent secretary for defence development.
7 Jun 19
The joint company will focus on component MRO solutions.
7 Jun 19
The construction of its waterfront facility was halted in 2016.
3 Jun 19
The new unit will work on the upgrade and repair of drilling rigs, military, para-military and commercial ships.
24 May 19
The proceeds will be used to finance acquisitions and asset enhancement works amongst others.
22 May 19
STAIS was formed to take on a helicopter manufacturing programme that has already been completed.
21 May 19
In Q1 alone, the firm scored $2.1b in new contracts for the aerospace and electronics segments.
16 May 19
Its Newtec acquisition and satellite communications business makes it a standout for Smart City initiatives.
16 May 19
Its renewable generation pumped in $15-20m profits a quarter in 2018.
15 May 19
Its profit from its energy business grew 21% to $85m.
9 May 19
The construction sector shrank by 3.4% in 2018 due to a slowdown in public sector construction activities.
29 Apr 19
Its floating city project, Green Float, can house up to 50,000 people.
29 Apr 19
It will focus on tech for mining and construction.
25 Apr 19
Its US subsidiary won a contract for a US Navy Polar Security Cutter with options of up to $2.6b.
24 Apr 19
The first ship will be delivered in 2024.
23 Apr 19
Its aerospace sector clinched projects amounting to $1.3b.
22 Apr 19
It will work on 774 units and four levels of basement carparks.
16 Apr 19
The $775m acquisition cost of Ixom hit profits hard.
16 Apr 19
It will design and build two crude oil pipelines and ancillary facilities which will connect to Jurong Rock Caverns.
15 Apr 19
The acquisition is set to close in the week beginning 15 April.
3 Apr 19
It said if Nam Cheong continues operations, they could be unable to discharge their liabilities.
3 Apr 19
It will build a sewage treatment plant and associated pipe networks in Laifeng County.
3 Apr 19
The firm participate in the overhaul of centrifugal pumps, disintegrators and related equipment.
2 Apr 19
SIAEC will provide MRO and fleet management support services to SIA’s fleet.
1 Apr 19
It will turn 3.6 km of a two-lane road to a four-lane divided road in Western Sydney’s Northern Road.