Building & Engineering

16 May 18
It sold its 10% stake in Hong Kong Aero Engine Services.
11 May 18
It was supported by growth across all sectors except marine.
4 May 18
STELCOMMS’ staff and assets were moved to STEE-InfoComm.
24 Apr 18
It failed to sell its assets due to weak industrial demand.
19 Apr 18
It will support its metro rail and building management projects in China.
17 Apr 18
This brings its total order book to $815.55m.
10 Apr 18
Some of them eye projects like Changi T5 and the KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail.
6 Apr 18
It expects to raise $201.62m revenue in 2018 from data centre construction.
3 Apr 18
But the proportion of slow payments dipped to 49.14%.
29 Mar 18
This will be supported by the work in the 21.5km North-South Corridor.
27 Mar 18
Vincent Chong is positive the US Yard will be able to contract for the US Navy given the 20% rise in naval spending.
25 Mar 18
It is eyeing to double this in 2022 through acquisitions and organic growth.
23 Mar 18
Its Marina East Desalination project could boost headline earnings by 5-6%.
13 Mar 18
IE Singapore and PPPA will identify urban development and energy projects that firms can join in.
12 Mar 18
It will be used for operations in harsh environment like in Norwegian Continental Shelf.
12 Mar 18
In 2007, Singapore developers’ debt was only around 6% of the GDP, whilst in 2016, it has more than doubled to almost 14%.
12 Mar 18
It will test the bus stop for 12 months in front of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station from March 2018.
12 Mar 18
And here's why Singaporean developers are vulnerable to profit shocks.
5 Mar 18
The slow growth in private building segment hurts business optimism.
28 Feb 18
Building works like windows, barriers, and common storey shelter strayed from building requirements.
27 Feb 18
It will invest in promising tech start-ups and early-stage companies.
26 Feb 18
It will link six towers of Raffles City Chongqing.
25 Feb 18
It will also drive construction sector growth by 2.7% annually between 2018 and 2022.
23 Feb 18
United Engineers profits dropped 36% YoY from $140.58m to $89.57m in 2017, mainly due to the absence of profit from its discontinued Multi-...
23 Feb 18
The new industry transformation map aims to boost employment and sector growth.
23 Feb 18
Its marine sector’s earnings plunged 96.8% due to shipbuilding losses.
22 Feb 18
It brings the company’s order book to $121.3m.
21 Feb 18
Life insurers and asset managers seem most excited.
21 Feb 18
He is the founder and group managing director of Entraco Group of Companies.
12 Feb 18
And Bitcoin fights back as price rises above US$8,000.
11 Feb 18
However, the surge will be stunted come 2019 to just 5%.
8 Feb 18
Total sales reached $21.7b, up 119% YoY.
6 Feb 18
It will pay debts from the acquisition of warehouses.
5 Feb 18
Supply is expected to surge only by 2021 due to the absence of building completions.
2 Feb 18
This is despite a decline of 0.5% in revenue.
2 Feb 18
New office space supply will wane until 2020.
1 Feb 18
A construction firm will design and build homes and community services.