Building & Engineering

23 Jan 18
Mainly thanks to contributions from City Gas in Q4.
22 Jan 18
It will install smart sensors in cities in China, Europe, India, and the US.
21 Jan 18
It secured $2.24b worth of new orders for the year.
18 Jan 18
The electronics division is expected to add $2b to the total.
17 Jan 18
The contracts covered maintenance and pilot training services.
15 Jan 18
The vacancy rate for private homes hit 8.4% by September 2017, compared to the 5.5% average between 2010 and 2013.
12 Jan 18
The GDP is expected to grow 3%, slower than last year's 3.5%.
11 Jan 18
Demand for public sector construction is expected to grow from $16b to $19b.
9 Jan 18
This will support the expansion of its engine leasing business.
8 Jan 18
The North-South Corridor could be a key project.
21 Dec 17
One of them achieved a unique engineering feat through The Scotts Tower project.
20 Dec 17
In 2001, the Singapore government wanted to upgrade the old national stadium.
20 Dec 17
Improved training is needed amidst wave of new projects and developments.
15 Dec 17
It has always planned to buy the company ever since it delisted in 2014.
8 Dec 17
He is to pursue other business interests.
6 Dec 17
She is also appointed as company secretary.
5 Dec 17
A positive sign came from the 35% uptick of public engineering contracts awarded.
3 Dec 17
Keppel's share of the contract is at $1.95b for operation and maintenance.
20 Nov 17
It will hold a 50.1% stake in the JV.
16 Nov 17
And they're willing to pay 5% more.
15 Nov 17
She will remain as executive chairman.
10 Nov 17
It attributes the decline in profit to the subdued sentiment brought about by an uncertain business climate.
10 Nov 17
But revenue fell due to its weaker design-and-build and leasing segments.
9 Nov 17
Weak demand for its aluminum products and components dragged its revenue down.
8 Nov 17
The surge was driven by the payment of a one-off impairment incurred last quarter.
7 Nov 17
She previously worked as finance manager at King Wan Construction Pte Ltd.
6 Nov 17
Its airframe & component overhaul services and line maintenance businesses performed well.
5 Nov 17
Profits can reach $121m at most in a bear case.
3 Nov 17
He is to pursue personal interests.
3 Nov 17
He is the brother of Suma Hadi Negoro.
3 Nov 17
He retired by rotation at the Company’s annual general meeting.
2 Nov 17
The design and development scene in Singapore is bursting with innovation, thanks to its highly competitive architectural workforce...
1 Nov 17
14% expect business improvement, whilst 9% do not.
26 Oct 17
The projects will cost $5.4m and have a combined capacity of 4.1 MW.
26 Oct 17
It will reconstruct a property for retail and serviced residence use.
25 Oct 17
Technicae provides MRO services for auto platforms for mostly military customers.
25 Oct 17
It won contracts for rail, telco, and ICT projects.
23 Oct 17
The projects are expected to be accomplished by 2020.
20 Oct 17
He is to pursue other career opportunities.
20 Oct 17
He is to pursue interests outside the Group.