Transport & Logistics

16 Oct 20
With US$3.3m in seed money, the company hopes to bring e-motorbikes to the mass market.
31 Aug 20
The government is seeking to transform Bangkok into a regional railway hub.
16 Jul 20
It is said to have almost fully recovered its high transaction volume pre-lockdown.
20 Jan 12
The improved tunnel network will become operational starting January 28.
19 Jan 12
Profit for fiscal year 2011 was $79.4m.
18 Jan 12
DBS projects SMRT’s net profit to plunge to S$137m in FY12, and its growth to register a paltry 1% in FY13.
13 Jan 12
Vessel arrival tonnage and container throughput grew in 2011 despite recession woes.
11 Jan 12
Plus the Committee of Inquiry will hold its hearings in public.
10 Jan 12
New leadership may lead to drastic change in business focus and payout policies, says Kim Eng.
9 Jan 12
Tan Ek Kia said he would work quickly to ensure the leadership team of SMRT has whatever support they need.
9 Jan 12
Saw Phaik Hwa will however assist the investigation teams and the Committee of Inquiry reviewing the causes of the train operations disruptions...
5 Jan 12
Survey shows drivers in Singapore are more likely to go through an amber light.
4 Jan 12
Aside from the internal investigation, a three-person Committee of Inquiry has been appointed by the transport minister.
23 Dec 11
Outlook for the aviation and shipping industries have turned gloomy as global travel and trade are likely to remain subdued in 2012.
22 Dec 11
But with most SMRT trains repaired the 40kph cap might be lifted soon, says Transport Minister.
21 Dec 11
New center at Hampshire Road will focus on training land transport experts in Asia-Pac.
20 Dec 11
If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to be right now, it’s the CEO of SMRT.
20 Dec 11
Affecting more than 130,000 train passengers, last week’s 3 major MRT incidents over a period of 3 days has spurred public backlash.
16 Dec 11
Passengers who were unable to complete their journeys due to the disruption can file a claim for refund.
14 Dec 11
SMRT’s new taxi fares will be implemented on 20 December 2011.
13 Dec 11
Minister of Transport proclaims as port marks 2 billion GT milestone.
23 Nov 11
The new interchange is expected to benefit about 8,500 commuters daily.
15 Nov 11
Mr Leung will be tasked to steer Asia Pacific region for its Global Forwarding unit.
15 Nov 11
Revised Electronic Road Pricing rates will apply from 19 November to the end of 2011.
15 Nov 11
Its 3Q $877m revenue would have been stronger had it not been for the negative translation effect of the weaker Sterling Pound, Renminbi, and...
14 Nov 11
SBS Transit profit down 16.4% to $10.7m Operating expenses for the third quarter reached $179.2m.
10 Nov 11
According to a release, Singaporeʼs leading motoring association, the Automobile Association of Singapore (AA), is ready to embark upon a...
3 Nov 11
Its subsidiary was sued by one unhappy customer last year, and the claim was dismissed by the High Court - but now the Court of Appeal just...
1 Nov 11
Profit for the second quarter of 2011 was down to S$34.1m.
30 Oct 11
The group recorded higher revenues but lower profits from higher operating costs and investments in growth.
25 Oct 11
The company earned S$4.9m in Q3 despite a 30% revenue slump.
25 Oct 11
Mr Robert William Livingston II still holds directorship despite majority vote against his re-election, and SGX is concerned.
19 Oct 11
Investigations by LTA found that SMRT had failed to exercise the due diligence and vigilance expected of a public transport operator.
18 Oct 11
You may want to think twice about buying that second car as LTA aims to cut down annual vehicle population growth amidst average annual road...
14 Oct 11
And no more sweating at elevated MRT stations upon installation of fans.
12 Oct 11
OCBC expects SMRT’s ridership levels to surge in the coming years as the government is planning to reduce vehicle growth rates.
12 Oct 11
Construction schedule of the MRT line until 2020 was announced three years ago but to date a spokesman from the...
11 Oct 11
BMW Asia recently announced its co-sponsorship of the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore.
7 Oct 11
This as final two stages of the Circle Line start operations on 8 October 2011.