Transport & Logistics

19 Aug 19
The new regulation on ride-hailing companies will not lessen strain on CDG's taxi business.
16 Aug 19
Rise in upper-class population, high consumer confidence, and moderate inflation will spur high-ticket car purchases.
14 Aug 19
Its acquisitions in 2018 softened the impact from its weakening taxi business.
13 Aug 19
With 25,000 bikes set to be added to its fleet, SG Bike will soon hold the crown as the city’s largest bike-sharing operator.
13 Aug 19
Once approved, 25,000 bikes will be added to SG Bike’s fleet and make it the city’s largest operator.
8 Aug 19
Licensing will be open for application on February 2020.
5 Aug 19
The firm said that the move will help them increase existing efficiencies and bring down cost structure.
5 Aug 19
It was hit by Astra’s underperforming agribusiness, information technology and automotive units.
2 Aug 19
ASEAN is quickly gaining a reputation as an important trade hub, thanks to many factors at play.
2 Aug 19
It sold off its GD Express warrants.
1 Aug 19
Premium rates per trip can be paid at $0.10, $0.30, and $0.50.
1 Aug 19
Meanwhile, Jonathan Low, the last of the co-founders, submitted his resignation effective 11 July.
30 Jul 19
It aims to create a transport network featuring EVs and geo-mapping solutions.
29 Jul 19
Passenger air vehicles are having trouble taking off because of the city’s good traffic conditions and regulations.
29 Jul 19
The company decided to “reprioritise” efforts to meet global demand.
26 Jul 19
Multiple-user factory spaces recorded a 1.2 pp increase in occupancy to 87.2%.
25 Jul 19
And AI-powered retinal diagnostics company Leben Care Technologies raises undisclosed amount from IP Ventures.
24 Jul 19
New revenue contributions from 18 Tai Seng and 30A Kallang Place drove up earnings.
19 Jul 19
The quota will fall to 20,850 from 25,347 in May-July.
19 Jul 19
Some of its acquisitions have been delayed or taken off the market.
18 Jul 19
The prices of category E vehicles saw the highest increase of $5,406 to $39,406.
17 Jul 19
Contributions from its Germany and Singapore acquisitions drove up its earnings.
16 Jul 19
Revenue ballooned to $418.02m from $142.9m in Q2 2018.
11 Jul 19
The warehouse will be leased to logistics firm Arshiya.
11 Jul 19
He will also be responsible of Jardine Strategic’s investment in Zhongsheng Group.
9 Jul 19
The platform will represent $5.4b of assets under management.
8 Jul 19
Check out its efforts vis-a-vis innovation-driven countries such as Germany and Korea.
8 Jul 19
It also has some points it can improve on, according to global policy experts.
8 Jul 19
It also looks to replace letterbox masterdoors with slam-shut versions to improve security.
3 Jul 19
Category E vehicles saw the biggest premium decline of $2,499 to $36,901.
3 Jul 19
The results of the elections and consequent economic reforms are helping the market recover.
2 Jul 19
The facility will recharge electric buses in less than ten minutes.
2 Jul 19
Riders in Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand can access protection against accidents.
2 Jul 19
Nearly 1,000 registrations were recorded on the last day.
2 Jul 19
G&W owns a portfolio of 120 short line railroads across North America, Europe, and Australia.
2 Jul 19
The six facilities will provide 155MW of power capacity when fully developed.
27 Jun 19
It eyes to raise $8.81b from June 2018 to end-2019.
24 Jun 19
Demand is likely to remain subdued in the second half of the year.
20 Jun 19
Category B vehicles saw the biggest premium decline of $3,822 to $35,906.
18 Jun 19
It looks to expand its presence in India’s infrastructure sector.