Transport & Logistics

25 Nov 20
Resurgence of COVID-19 cases still a threat for the company.
24 Nov 20
The results will help realize smart mobility.
20 Nov 20
The new P2P regulatory framework leaves fare levels to be determined by market forces.
13 Nov 20
All segments report lower revenue for the quarter.
11 Nov 20
Currently, only 16% of Indonesian MSMEs are digitised.
10 Nov 20
Incentives will drive renewed interest from automakers.
30 Oct 20
The Land Transport Authority says it is committed to a 100% clean energy bus fleet by 2040.
27 Oct 20
A separate programme with Singapore Polytechnic is also available for tertiary students.
20 Oct 20
This is aligned with their announced restructuring plan.
16 Oct 20
With US$3.3m in seed money, the company hopes to bring e-motorbikes to the mass market.
7 Oct 20
Clients who cannot make full repayments can apply for lowered installments.
15 Sep 20
It will discontinue SpeedPost Economy in Singapore starting 15 October.
31 Aug 20
The government is seeking to transform Bangkok into a regional railway hub.
7 Aug 20
Supply chain digitalisation and modernisation were the key focus areas in the From Turbulence to Triumph webinar, recorded on August 4....
6 Aug 20
The bi-directional commercial robot can carry up to 300kg of payload.
3 Aug 20
It will be used on expanding across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
21 Jul 20
ST Engineering’s DroScan authorized to carry out general visual inspections.
20 Jul 20
The firm will construct Toh Guan, Jurong Town Hall and Pandan Reservoir stations.
16 Jul 20
It is said to have almost fully recovered its high transaction volume pre-lockdown.
13 Jul 20
This marks the first time the city-state has led the index.
10 Jul 20
The past few months have been hard for all of us, especially in the ride-hailing sector, but it has also offered opportunities.
30 Jun 20
It is said to be Singapore’s fastest public commercial DC charger.
29 Jun 20
The taxi business is said to be bearing the brunt of the pandemic.
29 Jun 20
This is due to the impact of the pandemic on the company’s operating regions.
24 Jun 20
This is days after the troubled firm disclosed a $2.92b financial hole.
24 Jun 20
Weak domestic and global demand may force factories to suspend operations.
22 Jun 20
The company will participate through its subsidiary, ComfortDelGro Transit.
19 Jun 20
Accumulated quota to get back to market over the next 12 months.
17 Jun 20
All learners will also be required to don face masks during practical lessons.
16 Jun 20
It assures affected employees that it will continue to provide them support.
15 Jun 20
These measures are said to set the standard for the automotive industry.
11 Jun 20
They aim to ensure unmanned aerial vehicles can operate safely and efficiently.
4 Jun 20
NEXST aims to drive new business models and transformational technology in the industry.
3 Jun 20
Malpractice of good personal hygiene may result in suspension of user accounts.
3 Jun 20
The sum of the investments were not disclosed.
3 Jun 20
The service is offered to all public healthcare institutions.
1 Jun 20
Construction was previously delayed until the end of May.
1 Jun 20
Charges will be modified depending upon congestion.
28 May 20
However, the firm warned that this will push the company even further into the red.
26 May 20
This is due to the decline in revenue from public transportation services and taxis.