15 Sep 20
This includes energy generated from 500 housing flats with rooftop solar installations.
10 Sep 20
The company said that it will remain open regardless of whether a judicial manager is appointed.
2 Sep 20
Osamu Ono will oversee the company’s business growth in the region.
19 Aug 20
BCP issued a letter of credit to finance its purchase of about 260,000 barrels of gasoil from CAO.
4 Aug 20
The UAE-based firm further reiterates that there are no other offers made available to them.
30 Jul 20
They also urge Utico to address the issues they earlier raised.
29 Jul 20
It is the fourth major Tuas WRP construction contract awarded by PUB.
27 Jul 20
Lim and his sister filed an application to restrain R&T from acting for the judicial managers of fleet manager Ocean Tankers.
23 Jul 20
Most of its business segments posted stable performances.
22 Jul 20
Reports claim that Johnny Widjaja is a potential investor in Hyflux.
21 Jul 20
The trading staff hold portfolios focussed on BP’s oil sales to Chinese customers.
20 Jul 20
It recorded exceptional items amounting to a negative $191m.
20 Jul 20
This is to develop solutions to manage Shell’s service stations.
20 Jul 20
None of the new potential investors has proposed offers for P&Ps yet.
16 Jul 20
The amounts borrowed under the facility will be used for the general corporate purposes of the group.
15 Jul 20
It can treat either seawater or freshwater drawn from the Marina Reservoir.
14 Jul 20
The investor assured that they are aware of the tight timelines.
13 Jul 20
Unilegend Investments is willing to add in an available working capital to the group.
8 Jul 20
The company is expected to hand over responsibilities to a judicial manager.
6 Jul 20
It has compromised places with two Japanese cities Osaka and Nagoya.
6 Jul 20
This comes after the latter’s second pre-trial conference (PTC) on 2 July.
29 Jun 20
The proposal includes buying up the existing debt of Hyflux.
24 Jun 20
The accounting firm found a number of irregularities in the oil trader’s finances.
22 Jun 20
This follows after its pre-trial conference last 18 June.
18 Jun 20
Proceeds will be used to replenish working capital of the company and its subsidiaries.
17 Jun 20
Apart from WFH arrangement, the hot weather called for more power in cooling appliances.
17 Jun 20
The water firm expressed that their revised offer may need more time.
16 Jun 20
He succeeded Teo Kiang Kok who will still be the non-executive independent director.
11 Jun 20
It came on the back of spot prices in the Asia LNG market being at its lowest point.
11 Jun 20
Annual Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference to be held virtually.
11 Jun 20
It originally planned to have the offer approved by Hyflux by 4 June.
11 Jun 20
This follows after CAD, ACRA and MAS launched a joint investigation.
10 Jun 20
The move is to control the financing cost of the company.
10 Jun 20
The investor assured that they can secure contracts for the water firm across Asia.
8 Jun 20
This follows after the court dismissed an application by Unipec Singapore.
4 Jun 20
It was awarded by the PUB for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project.
3 Jun 20
The impact of the oil crisis and the pandemic has prompted a reassessment.
3 Jun 20
The water firm is probed for suspected false and misleading statements.
27 May 20
The initial cash offer did not gain support from creditors.
14 May 20
This is on top of 1.96 million barrels of jet fuel now on water.