18 Oct 18
It is made up of Salim Group and Medco Group.
12 Oct 18
Keppel and Sembcorp Industries passed the pre-approval by PUB, Bloomberg previously said.
9 Oct 18
Eight financiers submitted expressions of interest for the embattled firm.
5 Oct 18
It will show various Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean content.
28 Sep 18
HGTV, AFC, and Food Network will have free previews on Singtel TV until 30 November.
21 Sep 18
They may opt to stay with SP group to buy power at a regulated tariff.
18 Sep 18
Power was fully restored after 38 minutes.
4 Sep 18
China’s industrialisation drive and India’s booming growth requirements are poised to stoke demand for steel which counts...
3 Sep 18
Only 28% of one-room and two-room HDB flats households use LED lights.
14 Aug 18
And LTA seized bicycles and personal mobility devices in a move against errant retailers.
3 Aug 18
Hyflux expects to get binding bids for Tuaspring by 1 October.
3 Aug 18
It blamed losses in its marine and construction businesses.
25 Jul 18
Government support may dwindle, a report warns.
25 Jul 18
Despite lower profits and higher risks.
20 Jul 18
The only concrete news is the 16% staff reduction.
17 Jul 18
And Workforce Singapore launches an on-the-go career coaching for job seekers.
16 Jul 18
The partnership makes SGIX available to STT GDC’s customers across its six data centre facilities in Singapore through metro links.
11 Jul 18
The contract will cover a seawater reverse osmosis desalination package in Iran.
10 Jul 18
A study will be conducted in the town for a year starting July.
9 Jul 18
It wants to expand on its floating modular system launched in Punggol Waterway in 2011.
9 Jul 18
PUB's NEWater has passed 150,000 scientific tests.
4 Jul 18
Singtel announced at 10:55 am that they have restored internet access for all users.
3 Jul 18
Investors raised concerns over the macroeconomic environment and pricing.
3 Jul 18
And Golden Gate Ventures joined a $19.9m funding for a Singapore care-giving startup.
2 Jul 18
It will tap into Australia’s direct supply of renewable energy to companies.
29 Jun 18
Costs will rise due to more expensive natural gas.
29 Jun 18
It will increase the current desalination capacity from 100 mgd to 130 mgd.
25 Jun 18
The cable company will introduce a lineup of seven new channels by 3 July instead.
24 Jun 18
Construction will begin Q3 of 2018.
24 Jun 18
The project will provide a 4.5 Heterogenous Network throughout traffic hotspots across Singapore.
21 Jun 18
The court previously granted the moratorium to four Hyflux subsidiaries.
20 Jun 18
It is finishing 2 projects and talking with creditors to improve cash flow.
19 Jun 18
The first batch of 30 charging points will be in operation by end of 2018.
13 Jun 18
It installed rooftop solar panels on the 3 buildings of Continental Automotive Singapore.
11 Jun 18
It was backed by its advisors and the bonds’ trustee.
4 Jun 18
It warned that it will have more debts that will fall due “time to time”.
4 Jun 18
The energy generator plans to grow its battery capacity over 32 locations in the UK.