17 May 19
The firm’s CEO said that this will help them enter a smooth transaction with the struggling water company.
16 May 19
The investor is targeting Hyflux assets in the Middle East and North Africa.
16 May 19
Its renewable generation pumped in $15-20m profits a quarter in 2018.
15 May 19
It only received a draft from the Middle Eastern utility’s advisors.
15 May 19
Its profit from its energy business grew 21% to $85m.
13 May 19
It is also looking to buy Hyflux shares for up to $26m.
7 May 19
The French bank is claiming the sum over a performance bond issued to Hyflux’s associate firm Tahlyat Myah Magtaa (TMM).
6 May 19
Consumers can choose from a wide array of electricity, gas, water, broadband and TV service providers.
6 May 19
Utico is the largest private full service utility and developer in UAE.
28 Apr 19
Hyflux is forced to make more cost-cutting measures after the SM Investments deal fell apart.
26 Apr 19
It had asked the court to let it prolong its search for a rescue investor.
25 Apr 19
The unnamed Middle Eastern entity is an owner of water and power utilities.
23 Apr 19
It is also hit by new claims worth $47.96m.
22 Apr 19
The bank will appoint receivers and managers over the assets of Tuaspring, save for its desalination plant and shared infrastructure.
18 Apr 19
It provides a 30-day notice period before the plant takeover.
16 Apr 19
The water firm is also claiming a $38.9m deposit placed into escrow.
16 Apr 19
It will design and build two crude oil pipelines and ancillary facilities which will connect to Jurong Rock Caverns.
8 Apr 19
The mining giant is set to lay off more than 700 functional jobs.
4 Apr 19
The utility said it has no confidence that SMI is prepared to complete the investment even if the restructuring gets completed.
3 Apr 19
It will build a sewage treatment plant and associated pipe networks in Laifeng County.
3 Apr 19
It will install pipelines and manholes, and diversion services for infrastructure cables across Singapore.
3 Apr 19
And Open Innovation platform Agorize raises US$14.6m in series B funding.
2 Apr 19
The restructuring scheme would only discharge the company but not its management.
2 Apr 19
They plan to introduce IoT-enabled storage devices that will boost the energy efficiency of smart buildings and grids.
1 Apr 19
It argued that SMI knew the terms of the deal before they were published on 16 February.
28 Mar 19
Meetings will be held at The Star Performing Arts Centre to accommodate more attendees.
27 Mar 19
Hyflux unveiled the status of its restructuring in response to SIAS’ demands.
26 Mar 19
It needs to respond to disputes over three deals and one protocol through arbitration.
26 Mar 19
Investor anxiety is rising as Hyflux is not resolving issues to keep the restructuring on track, it said.
22 Mar 19
About 8,000 panels are expected to generate over 3,400MW hours of power annually.
22 Mar 19
SM Investments gave Hyflux two weeks to resolve its default or it will terminate the restructuring deal.
19 Mar 19
Hyflux and Tuaspring have until 1 April to resolve all defaults or PUB will take control of the plant.
18 Mar 19
It rejected a $502.61m claim for the Magtaa desalination plant in Algeria.
12 Mar 19
The firm says they need a bigger venue due to a large number of shareholders wanting to attend.
8 Mar 19
Unsecured facilities claims, which include claims from Mizuho and BNP Paribas, have reached $572.1m.
8 Mar 19
The two REITs have exposure to three properties where Hyflux operates.
7 Mar 19
The plant will have a total cooling capacity of 105MW.
6 Mar 19
Hyflux Membrane is one of the top 10 tenants of the REIT’s 8 Tuas South Lane property.
6 Mar 19
Tuaspring struggled to keep the plant ‘reliably operational’ to deliver the required desalinated water.