22 Jan 18
It will install smart sensors in cities in China, Europe, India, and the US.
12 Jan 18
Its deal with Malaysia is set to expire in 2061.
11 Jan 18
Renewables eats up only 5% of its power mix.
11 Dec 17
It will invest, construct, and maintain the project for 22 years.
8 Dec 17
It will manage local and overseas fuel procurement and sales.
15 Nov 17
He wants to pursue other opportunities outside the Group.
14 Nov 17
Construction projects boosted its revenue.
10 Nov 17
Income from its construction businesses and service agreements boosted revenue.
7 Nov 17
He previously worked as president of Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd.
2 Nov 17
The solar panels will cover 848 HDB blocks and 27 government sites.
26 Oct 17
The projects will cost $5.4m and have a combined capacity of 4.1 MW.
23 Oct 17
It will reduce 30% of grid-supplied electricity during peak load.
22 Oct 17
Both projects will have a concession period of 29 years.
17 Oct 17
But distributable cash flows were up, thanks to City Gas' performance.
12 Oct 17
And here's how bike share firms could stay in business.
9 Oct 17
Electricity prices in India bolted to a record high of 10.6 cents/kWh (INR5.1/kWh) in Q3.
9 Oct 17
The site will be located in Batu Kawan Industrial park.
28 Sep 17
The plant is expected to add 30 million gallons of water to the national supply.
28 Aug 17
This led to a minimal impact on inflation.
4 Aug 17
Blame its weak-performing thermal power project in India.
17 Jul 17
This will be due to its operations in India.
30 Jun 17
It is a dual-mode desalination plant.
29 Jun 17
He will also be the chairman of the audit and remuneration committee.
6 Jun 17
The plan eyes a 15% cut in electricity consumption by 2020.
30 May 17
He was appointed on 22 May 2017.
17 May 17
And here's what you need to know about the temporary closure in Singapore Changi.
8 May 17
The group eyes improving its net loss of $16m in the country.
4 May 17
Its European Energy Exchange acquired CLTX last year.
4 May 17
Thanks to its robust urban development business.
19 Apr 17
The facility will produce industrial gases from various feedstock.
14 Apr 17
He tendered resignation due to personal reasons.
6 Apr 17
And here are the things you should avoid if you want to earn passive income.
4 Apr 17
It uses predictive analytics in the operations of utilities plants.
2 Mar 17
It is to reflect water's true scarcity value.
30 Jan 17
He wanted to pursue personal interests.
14 Jan 17
He was advisor to KKR Water Investment.
22 Dec 16
It is expected to be operational in 2020.
22 Dec 16
The funding is for its power plant project in Bangladesh.