24 Jun 18
Construction will begin Q3 of 2018.
24 Jun 18
The project will provide a 4.5 Heterogenous Network throughout traffic hotspots across Singapore.
21 Jun 18
The court previously granted the moratorium to four Hyflux subsidiaries.
20 Jun 18
It is finishing 2 projects and talking with creditors to improve cash flow.
19 Jun 18
The first batch of 30 charging points will be in operation by end of 2018.
13 Jun 18
It installed rooftop solar panels on the 3 buildings of Continental Automotive Singapore.
11 Jun 18
It was backed by its advisors and the bonds’ trustee.
4 Jun 18
It warned that it will have more debts that will fall due “time to time”.
4 Jun 18
The energy generator plans to grow its battery capacity over 32 locations in the UK.
1 Jun 18
Around 3,156 customers were affected.
31 May 18
The two had previously won the tender to build the plant on Jurong Island.
29 May 18
Five of its subsidiaries have applied to realign their businesses.
21 May 18
The sale is part of the company's recycling of capital, Sembcorp's CEO said.
17 May 18
The new owner is a joint venture between TEE Infrastructure and Asia Enviro Services.
16 May 18
Construction is expected to begin in July.
3 May 18
It blamed low business volume in its marine segment and low land sales.
27 Apr 18
It signed an MOU with the government of Quang Ngai Province.
26 Apr 18
It said it will benefit from China’s strict policies on pollution.
24 Apr 18
It cited recent market volatility as the cause.
20 Apr 18
It will encourage trans-national REC transactions for buyers and energy generators in different countries.
3 Apr 18
This is mainly due to the higher energy cost of producing electricity.
27 Mar 18
Its 31.7% market share in 2005 fell to 19.2% in 2016.
25 Mar 18
Analysts doubt it will dent earnings, as Sembcorp Power only contributed $3.4m-$4.4m to net profit.
23 Mar 18
Its Marina East Desalination project could boost headline earnings by 5-6%.
22 Mar 18
It will also add 170 employees to its local headcount of 1,600.
21 Mar 18
Companies are coming up with competitive energy packages, but analysts are wary if they can deliver.
5 Mar 18
It wants to achieve double-digit ROE in five years and renewables business growth amongst others.
28 Feb 18
The construction services, operation services, and finance income growth boosted the earnings.
23 Feb 18
It was hit by a $35m loss due to the poor performance of its marine rig business.
21 Feb 18
Smart meter and leakage detection systems will be deployed in the emirate.
15 Feb 18
It has yet to address its Indian IPO and Sembmarine collaboration.
7 Feb 18
Singapore joins the trend of having increased access to capital markets.
22 Jan 18
It will install smart sensors in cities in China, Europe, India, and the US.
12 Jan 18
Its deal with Malaysia is set to expire in 2061.
11 Jan 18
Renewables eats up only 5% of its power mix.
11 Dec 17
It will invest, construct, and maintain the project for 22 years.
8 Dec 17
It will manage local and overseas fuel procurement and sales.
15 Nov 17
He wants to pursue other opportunities outside the Group.
14 Nov 17
Construction projects boosted its revenue.