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Better employee experience to take HR transformation journey to the next level

IBM partners with market leaders to offer the right tools to uplift the employee experience.

Better employee experience to take HR transformation journey to the next level

IBM partners with market leaders to offer the right tools to uplift the employee experience.

Re-imagining Enterprise Experiences - Increased focus on employee experiences

The pandemic has given an exponential push to digitalisation across public and private organisations. It has fundamentally changed how we work, learn, connect, and shop. Whilst the underlying trend of increasing digital services and content consumption was prevalent due to the introduction of smart devices and 4G/5G connections, the pandemic has essentially accelerated the digital timeline, leap-frogging by about five years.

Stronger Vietnam - Singapore economic ties expected with Prime Minister's visit

Strengthening relations with Singapore is set to have a positive effect on the investment and business environment of Vietnam.

How SMEs can unlock the power of digital advertising through adtech

Wondering how SMEs can make the most of their digital presence? The answer lies in adtech.

Is 2023 the year Southeast Asia’s financial services become future-ready?

Southeast Asia’s financial services institutions (FSIs) are bracing themselves for another year of volatile geopolitical and economic conditions, with record-high inflation and rising interest rates. But those willing to push the digital envelope will find new pockets of growth to help them remain resilient and become future-ready. For this to happen, FSIs need their executives to embrace a digital-era transformative mindset – one that builds skills, flexibility and agility, preparing their organizations to pivot at any moment.

Drive growth and optimise efficiency with 24/7 on-demand delivery this Chinese New Year

Lalamove provides fast, simple and efficient delivery solutions for businesses looking to streamline their logistics.

The perks of being a certified project manager

Ben Breen of PMI talks about the importance of power skills and the role they play

Building career futures one step at a time with micro-credentials

SIT partners with NCS, Singtel, Singapore Computer Society and three polytechnics to boost upskilling efforts in ICT sector for working adults ​

The growing role of green IT in sustainability planning

Automated application management could cut global power consumption by 40%.

Why the future is moving towards the digitisation of real estate investment through blockchain

Kibarer Property Group offers faster, simpler and scalable solution to property investment.

Sustainability: a new rising corporate agenda amongst thousands of CEOs globally

Industry leaders put sustainability at the centre of their enterprises.

Why ‘good’ firms are going green

An IBM survey revealed that sustainable firms could outperform peers in innovation by 65% and projected maximum revenue growth at 151%

The SMU EMBA edge: Understanding Asian businesses with a global perspective

It offers an innovative curriculum designed with input from over 100 corporate leaders.

Flexible work arrangements key to employee recruitment, retention

Paradise Group Holdings’ Karen Tan talks about their commitment to employees’ work-life harmony and their adoption of the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements.

Embedded finance to be the next big thing in disruptive tech

Future banking apps should be more customer-centric, much like Grab and Netflix.