15 Apr 18
Businesses need to shed old beliefs on consumers and ramp up the uniqueness of their products and their pricing strategies.
12 Apr 18
Firms will be able to access courses through an online platform by Taobao University.
12 Apr 18
The total retail sales value hit $3.7b.
11 Apr 18
The retail giant is having trouble gaining market share with analysts pointing to its failure to offer a full click-and-mortar experience.
10 Apr 18
New online groceries can't break into the dominance of supermarkets.
6 Apr 18
Consumers’ right to choose among different brands and regulators’ intent to control our consumptions clash more often than would think...
5 Apr 18
It could lose around US$6m if it doesn’t succeed.
5 Apr 18
Firms handling brands like Johnnie Walker are tapping into more Singaporeans looking for luxury.
5 Apr 18
It will open its first terminal in Raffles City Singapore on 18 April.
5 Apr 18
And Broadcom announced that it has completed the move to US from Singapore.
4 Apr 18
Small stores cannot keep up with the market giants’ product variety and prices.
4 Apr 18
Within five years, Sheng Siong took up 18.9% whilst FairPrice ate up 56% of the market.
3 Apr 18
Shoppers no longer have to wander to find a product they want to buy.
2 Apr 18
Over 1,000 people are expected to complete the courses between April to December 2018.
27 Mar 18
RHB Research believes 3.6% of the industry growth came from the newer estates.
27 Mar 18
Competition relaxed as Amazon Prime limited its services to paying members.
26 Mar 18
This will add over 1,700 stores under the company’s ownership.
20 Mar 18
It formed an Omnichannel Advisory Board that will facilitate the integration.
19 Mar 18
Members can get a 5% rebate on grocery purchases and 20% discount on Grab rides.
19 Mar 18
And here's why economists are split on MAS tightening.
14 Mar 18
This was supported by the decline in vacancy levels in the central and suburban areas.
12 Mar 18
Total retail sales value also dropped 9.3% from $4.3b to $3.9b.
9 Mar 18
With a high rate of mobile penetration and the proliferation of e-commerce sites in Singapore, more and more millennials are buying online....
8 Mar 18
The airline will acquire 70% stake in DFASS SATS Pte.
5 Mar 18
And here are the positives and negatives in Sheng Siong’s 2017 results.
27 Feb 18
And here are 10 things you need to know about Sheng Siong results.
26 Feb 18
Structural headwinds from e-commerce are blamed for retailers woes.
22 Feb 18
The opening of its new stores contributed the most to its revenue of $829.88m.
22 Feb 18
It merged the app with existing features in Android Pay.
20 Feb 18
Customers to be hit in the hip pocket as digital services like Uber and Spotify will be taxed from 2020.
13 Feb 18
Consumers are expected to spend $30.8b on recreation in 2018-2022.
13 Feb 18
Their on-target success hit 89%.
13 Feb 18
It helps consumers make the right purchasing decisions.
13 Feb 18
Firms like Amazon and Don Quijote are building regional bases in the country.
12 Feb 18
It is pushed by sales growth on motor vehicles and computers.
8 Feb 18
The two inked a two-year partnership.
6 Feb 18
Its operating losses narrowed down to $3.8m.
1 Feb 18
CRCT finished the acquisition of 51% of the firm holding the property.
31 Jan 18
But it may cause disruptions in ASEAN economy.
31 Jan 18
The bidding will close on 15 March 2018 at 12 noon.