23 Aug 18
Its total store size grew to 477,620 sq ft from 404,000 sq ft in 2017.
22 Aug 18
They prefer the Orchard Road shopping belt and suburban districts.
22 Aug 18
Its ground-floor rents could lead the gradual rental recovery from 2018 to 2022.
21 Aug 18
Ground floor rents in key areas could lead the gradual recovery amidst sustained flattening out of rents.
20 Aug 18
The domestic retail trade of petroleum products inched up 23.3%.
20 Aug 18
E-payments may not be fully taken into account in the sector’s quarterly performance.
20 Aug 18
The group is expected to open two more stores within this year.
10 Aug 18
Falling COE premiums spurred purchases.
6 Aug 18
It will initially invest in retail assets across 5 Australian states.
2 Aug 18
Its store network and logistics chain could attract those who are taking the online-to-offline route.
31 Jul 18
Rents have been in a protracted three-year slump but analysts foresee a mild recovery in the coming months.
30 Jul 18
It opened 2 new stores in Bukit Batok and Yishun.
30 Jul 18
Invitation shares were launched at 27 cents each.
30 Jul 18
Net profit fell 17.7% to US$214.8m from the previous half year’s US$260.9m.
30 Jul 18
It blamed the divestment of CapitaMall Anzhen and CapitaMall Grand Canyon’s low contributions.
27 Jul 18
Rentals also suffered from weakness and fell by 1.1%.
26 Jul 18
They are amongst APAC’s biggest patrons of food delivery and ride-sharing platforms.
25 Jul 18
Singapore is developing its air traffic control system for drones.
24 Jul 18
Revenue recovered after Northpoint City North Wing’s revamp.
23 Jul 18
E-payments, virtual in-store tours, and delivery services will be available for shoppers.
23 Jul 18
The 75,000-unit serviced residence has 31,500 units in the pipeline.
20 Jul 18
Its NPI grew 3.7% to $246.4m in the first half of the year.
20 Jul 18
New sign-ups also grew more than any other single day since Prime’s launch.
19 Jul 18
Buyers can redevelop the property into a mixed-use retail-home project.
18 Jul 18
Rising disposable income could spur spending on skin-care, make-up, and accessories.
18 Jul 18
The new spaces are poised to benefit from recovering demand and rents.
17 Jul 18
But they had the lowest level of severely delinquent debt.
16 Jul 18
The company faked the opening and expenses of 500 retail stores in China.
16 Jul 18
Management was mum on rents as overall rental reversion was -6%.
12 Jul 18
Sales in the furniture & household equipment industry led growth at 9.1%.
12 Jul 18
Quality of tender will be prioritised over price offerings.
11 Jul 18
Some analysts see traditional grocers building a strategic alliance with Grab whilst some see an eventual tail-wagging-dog syndrome, whereby the...
11 Jul 18
And Dairy Farm's sales slipped 3% in 2017 despite launching 309 new stores.
10 Jul 18
Paragon and Clementi Mall both recorded negative rental reversions.
10 Jul 18
It will kick off in Indonesia in July, followed by Thailand and Malaysia by late 2018.
4 Jul 18
If its bids for 2 stores in Bukit Batok and Sumang Lane win, its store count could grow to more than 50.
2 Jul 18
Its exposure is nearly limited to only Singapore, rendering it unaffected by global trade spats.
27 Jun 18
The buy is expected to result in its reverse takeover of 2 companies.