Telecom & Internet

24 Jan 12
Developers in the region are now placing an equal focus on competitors like Android and Windows Phone.
19 Jan 12
Profit for fiscal year 2011 was $79.4m.
17 Jan 12
The telco is favored for its defensive earnings and greater NBN potential.
11 Jan 12
She will spearhead the company’s marketing strategy for the region alongside the global executive team.
10 Jan 12
It's a do-or-die year for all three telcos to monetize data usage growth.
9 Jan 12
Sorry SingTel, but your 0.5GB to 2GB data bundle is no match against M1’s whopping 12GB bundle.
2 Jan 12
What is the first thing you do to find out more about a company these days?
2 Jan 12
The end of the year and the beginning of the next is the usual time for predictions and trend-spotting.
22 Dec 11
Mr. Li has been chairman of 3 companies.
21 Dec 11
Mr Nickl to assume leadership of the Company's commercial operations.
21 Dec 11
Well, you won’t wait too long as the telco will launch it for both consumers and businesses - but how much will the bundle be?
20 Dec 11
Tagged as the first in South East Asia but is no longer due for launching by Q1 next year as earlier announced.
13 Dec 11
OCBC expects them to put in a decent performance, as growth will be driven by an increase in mobile data usage.
8 Dec 11
Tablet PCs are hot but smartphones remain way sexier, notes an expert.
1 Dec 11
A look around on the bus or the train in the morning reveals just how attached to our mobile phones Singaporeans are.
29 Nov 11
The only downside is that it will have to offer SingTel subscribers the same price that it will charge its own subscribers.
22 Nov 11
OCBC says the competition is tight as all three telcos - M1, SingTel and StarHub - put in pretty decent showing in their 3Q11 results.
21 Nov 11
The new centre is located 20km away from Guangzhou and near major expressways, with integrated energy and water saving features.
21 Nov 11
So will a provision for doubtful debt be necessary?
17 Nov 11
DBS refutes popular perception that national broadband network will hurt SingTel - but on what grounds?
17 Nov 11
The discrepancies in the company’s decrease in revenue and trade receivables got SGX concerned.
16 Nov 11
Hello M1: if you have any ambitions to become a ‘total communications provider’, then you can’t be mobile-...
15 Nov 11
The Telco says IDA got its facts wrong and refutes the IDA's findings.
10 Nov 11
A survey revealed that 43% of Singapore consumers don’t want to engage with brands via social media.
10 Nov 11
Oh, and the androids have finally knocked the apples of their tree.
10 Nov 11
It's surprising to know that a whopping 793,000 households take up at least one of its fixed network services.
10 Nov 11
So what caused the loss despite 4% revenue growth?
8 Nov 11
StarHub better watch out as SingTel and M1 are aiming to break through the pay TV space soon.
8 Nov 11
CIMB expects 2H to be stronger given that affiliate Bharti’s performance would improve on the back of tariff hikes.
1 Nov 11
But the economics of pay TV and the painfully slow take-up of NBN are posing threats to the telco.
28 Oct 11
The agreement with Vodafone isn’t everything, so there’s still hope for M1.
27 Oct 11
So soon you might want to head now to the store.
23 Oct 11
M1 Saturday announced that it will offer the iPhone 4S in Singapore on 28 October, Friday.
18 Oct 11
The iPhone's selling power is put to the test.
17 Oct 11
The company has 41,000 additional customers in the third quarter, bringing its total customer base to 2mn by September.
11 Oct 11
An application that allows phone users to access their positioning information within buildings where the traditional system has often proved...
7 Oct 11
M1’s day as a cheap competitor is over as M1 is shifting to corporate deals.
7 Oct 11
This after Indonesia’s Telkom said SingTel is willing to sell its stake in Telkomsel.
6 Oct 11
By setting up its own NGNBN operating company, M1 aims to offer more customised solutions and increase its competitiveness in the market.
6 Oct 11
West Corporation, a leading provider of technology-driven voice and data solutions, today celebrates the 20th anniversary of its subsidiary,...