Telecom & Internet

24 Jan 18
This is due to a looming increase in the company’s expenses.
24 Jan 18
This was due to increased depreciation and amortisation expenses.
23 Jan 18
It was sold to a company under Singtel's associate.
21 Jan 18
DBS Equity Research placed it as a "digital leader" amongst Asian telcos.
18 Jan 18
But data usage is the highest in almost three years.
17 Jan 18
StarHub’s mobile revenue is projected to fall by 5.8% in 2020 after TPG's entry.
17 Jan 18
75% of its revenue belong to its mobile, pay TV and broadband businesses, which are all declining.
17 Jan 18
Consumers and telcos will have to go through processes of mediation and settlement.
16 Jan 18
It has to use NetLink NBN Trust to provide nonbuilding access points for $73.8/month.
16 Jan 18
MyRepublic plans to sell MVNO services to its 70,000 fibre broadband subscribers.
15 Jan 18
The two renewed a strategic partnership for two years.
11 Jan 18
Expect a mobile virtual network operator to go live as early as Q1.
10 Jan 18
The big three are scrambling to secure subscribers as new players enter the fray.
20 Dec 17
Electricity suppliers will be able to monitor electricity consumption more accurately.
18 Dec 17
It wants to have capabilities for solutions in cryptographic and digital security.
11 Dec 17
This is two to three times faster than LTE peak speeds.
8 Dec 17
He is retiring. Mr.
7 Dec 17
The drones can assist in managing airspace traffic.
4 Dec 17
Singtel's customers across Asia will be able to pay for Mobike rides through a mobile wallet.
4 Dec 17
It wants to optimise and organise its resources.
27 Nov 17
They will launch apps for smart parking, environmental sensors and video analytics, to name a few.
27 Nov 17
They may offer a bundle for mobile services with its existing fibre solutions at a competitive price.
26 Nov 17
Users are switching over to over-the-top content providers.
24 Nov 17
Singtel and M1 added 10,000 new customers, whilst StarHub lost 1,000.
24 Nov 17
And here are four things you need to know about Singapore's train closures.
23 Nov 17
Mobile revenue could fall 13.6% if they don't monetise data usage.
23 Nov 17
Lower revenues in voice, IDD, and roaming usage are all factors.
23 Nov 17
All three major telcos reported weaker earnings this quarter.
21 Nov 17
The shares were sold after it was announced the CEO would step down.
20 Nov 17
Its total assets under management could have already hit $1.7b.
15 Nov 17
He is to pursue other career opportunities.
15 Nov 17
The platform called Fasttrack Trade will be launched in 1Q18.
15 Nov 17
Startups and SMEs will be able to access automation software for their workloads.
14 Nov 17
Waste management firms will be able to track waste levels in real time.
10 Nov 17
They will sell a security service for cloud workloads and hybrid IT environments.
9 Nov 17
Thanks to divestment gains from NetLink Trust.
8 Nov 17
The increase is derived from profits from its continuing operations.
6 Nov 17
It increases the number of its peering points to four.
3 Nov 17
Its mobile and Pay TV segments continue to weigh down company performance.