Information Technology

6 Aug 18
Thanks to the US$14b funding round by China's Ant Financial.
6 Aug 18
With Innovation Labs Asia, Scott Bales is all set to build digital capabilities - one firm at a time.
3 Aug 18
It plans to implement more cybersecurity measures for critical government systems.
3 Aug 18
The 'hyperconnected financial hub' is home to $613b of bank deposits.
3 Aug 18
It will tap on mobile-first and mobile-only customers.
2 Aug 18
They also deal with internal conflicts whilst responding to digital disruption.
2 Aug 18
Social media has developed into a mainstream communications channel, which has given rise to today’s empowered consumer.
1 Aug 18
It invested around US$350m in the new facility.
30 Jul 18
Invitation shares were launched at 27 cents each.
26 Jul 18
It will launch the website on 28 July.
23 Jul 18
The SingHealth cyberattack affected over 1.5 million Singaporeans, specifically 160,000 patients.
23 Jul 18
E-payments, virtual in-store tours, and delivery services will be available for shoppers.
23 Jul 18
It will be trialled in drones and driverless vehicles by late 2018.
19 Jul 18
Globalisation has undoubtedly bolstered positive economic growth, but the world’s increasing interconnectivity is coming at a high price....
17 Jul 18
The central bank approved a pilot project creating a real-time remittance corridor.
16 Jul 18
The partnership makes SGIX available to STT GDC’s customers across its six data centre facilities in Singapore through metro links.
13 Jul 18
Immersion programmes will be conducted to aide Singapore-based startups access the innovation and startup ecosystem in France.
12 Jul 18
Almost half think their managers are lacking in engaging them to digital upskilling.
12 Jul 18
The government wants to step up the digitalisation of Kampong Glam and Little India as retail areas.
11 Jul 18
Unlike its journey from third world to first where model economies abound, Singapore must today boldly chart its own course into an era dubbed by...
10 Jul 18
PDD will be the first to integrate physical and digital infrastructures from the ground up.
10 Jul 18
It has been engaging authorities in the US and Saudi Arabia.
10 Jul 18
And AI Singapore's speech recognition system with real-time transcriber will be commercially available within 18 months.
9 Jul 18
The partnership will first cover Vietnam projects and expand to other markets.
9 Jul 18
The education model provides jobs exposure to ICT and STEM disciplines.
4 Jul 18
Users may instantly redeem from around 200 rewards which include air miles, and branded merchandise.
4 Jul 18
And here's why Raffles Medical investors have to pay 143% premium for its stocks.
29 Jun 18
Helix will utilise the funding for expansion on consumer adoption of their products.
28 Jun 18
They will be engaged in a shared network and mentorship programmes.
28 Jun 18
The funding will be used for the company's expansion into Asia Pacific and Japan.
26 Jun 18
The platform includes smart city applications, a cloud network, and a multi-access computing infrastructure.
25 Jun 18
Merchants can be onboarded in one working day compared to the previous two-week application.
24 Jun 18
The project will provide a 4.5 Heterogenous Network throughout traffic hotspots across Singapore.
22 Jun 18
32% of Thai enterprises have tried implementing digital transformations in at least one area of their businesses.
20 Jun 18
The value of non-cash transactions in China hit 50% in 2016.
19 Jun 18
The ranking of its attitudes towards tech adoption is low.