Information Technology

26 Jun 18
The platform includes smart city applications, a cloud network, and a multi-access computing infrastructure.
25 Jun 18
Merchants can be onboarded in one working day compared to the previous two-week application.
24 Jun 18
The project will provide a 4.5 Heterogenous Network throughout traffic hotspots across Singapore.
22 Jun 18
32% of Thai enterprises have tried implementing digital transformations in at least one area of their businesses.
20 Jun 18
The value of non-cash transactions in China hit 50% in 2016.
19 Jun 18
The ranking of its attitudes towards tech adoption is low.
19 Jun 18
SafeRide's vSentry utilizes artificial intelligence for protection against threats and anomalies.
19 Jun 18
They involved phishing attacks and ransomware.
19 Jun 18
Most targeted were VoIP phones and IoT devices.
18 Jun 18
Razer and Esports Mogul will chart initiatives to accelerate electronic payments amongst gamers.
18 Jun 18
The deal is GIC’s first investment for a Korean startup as well as Sequoia China’s first venture in a Korean company.
18 Jun 18
Singapore is seeing the possibilities and benefits of adopting smart city initiatives and infrastructures.
14 Jun 18
‘Jim’ can save up to 40 hours monthly otherwise spent on manual processing.
14 Jun 18
AID:Tech digitises aid, welfare, remittance and donations and healthcare.
8 Jun 18
Majority of investments are expected to go into SMEs, GovTech said.
7 Jun 18
Startups that venture on management and leasing may apply.
5 Jun 18
The council is composed of representatives from technological companies, users of AI, and providers of consumers’ and societal perspectives...
5 Jun 18
The government sustained tech investment buoyed the lion city to the top spot.
31 May 18
Strong regulatory support from MAS buoyed the lion city to score the APAC crown.
29 May 18
Its ranking was boosted by strong economics and governance.
25 May 18
Closed networks are out; open networks are in.
24 May 18
Pick a market sector and the Internet of Things is present: manufacturing, smart cities, retail, transportation, healthcare, education.
23 May 18
The pending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already significantly impacting businesses across Asia.
22 May 18
Saigon Sports City could enjoy faster turnaround time and a greater focus on smart precincts, an analyst said.
21 May 18
In today’s landscape of rapid changes and innovative technologies, modern organisations need to take on a new approach that will help them...
21 May 18
It is part of the government’s push for businesses to digitise.
18 May 18
The future of travel is social and mobile, and nowhere is this truer than in Singapore, where mobile travel sales have witnessed double-digit...
15 May 18
Fintech firms will be compelled to be registered with authorities.
8 May 18
Ravi Menon, managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore recently claimed: “I do hope when the fever has gone away, when the...
7 May 18
Members who don't make claims can enjoy up to 15% cashback on annual premiums.
7 May 18
The regulatory body has partnered with the EDB, IMDA and IBF.
2 May 18
The highest salaries are being offered to project managers, security specialists, and business analysts.
30 Apr 18
The startup optimises websites across devices to achieve up to 40% faster loading time.
30 Apr 18
Adoption of new robust digital travel expense and compliance models goes a long way, not only for the rising modern business traveller but also...
24 Apr 18
It trailed behind South Korea and Germany in terms of automation readiness.
22 Apr 18
Retailers are lured by low taxes and expansion opportunities.
18 Apr 18
It also launched a developer platform so brands can build services related to Google Assistant.
18 Apr 18
CCB and AIA collaborated to offer blockchain-powered bancassurance products.
18 Apr 18
The region has attracted more fintech investments than North America and Europe.