Professional Services/Legal

18 Oct 16
It owns 45% of the company.
14 Oct 16
Appointment effective on October 12, 2016.
7 Oct 16
KPMG to serve as financial advisory.
22 Sep 16
Taking extra care in complying to corruption rules is strongly advised.
15 Sep 16
It will give birth to its Malaysian arm through a joint venture.
13 Sep 16
It marks its first foray into security consultancy in China.
8 Sep 16
It is expected to propel its growth.
22 Aug 16
Entries are accepted until October 21.
2 Aug 16
Venture Hub will cater to innovations in Regtech, LegalTech.
25 Jul 16
He was a self-made millionaire at age 26.
27 Jun 16
While the legal and accounting industry has been relatively shielded from "disruption," this is set to change as technology enters the...
20 Jun 16
A few years ago it seems like compliance was limited to a few heavily regulated industries.
8 Jun 16
Fines will be aligned with international standards.
7 Jun 16
The city-state is Asia’s top arbitration hub.
6 Jun 16
Indian entities are among SIAC’s top clients.
19 May 16
There are possible breaches of the Companies Act.
26 Apr 16
Blame it on unrealised fair value losses.
22 Apr 16
A new job matching platform is under fire.
21 Apr 16
The value of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Singapore rose to S$142 billion in 2015, almost double that in 2014.
26 Feb 16
It will provide more certainty in cases of competing offers.
19 Jan 16
It will invest in early-stage companies.
13 Jan 16
They made over $6.5m in false petty cash claims.
27 Nov 15
He is currently a director of Astaka Padu Ltd and Astaka Padu Sdn.
24 Nov 15
Corporate governance compliance is under review.
19 Nov 15
There's a need for greater transparency.
19 Nov 15
Only one regulatory body will handle licensing matters.
2 Nov 15
Higher finance costs also eroded profits.
1 Oct 15
Small caps are more prone to audit errors.
30 Sep 15
To keep debts under control.
1 Sep 15
SBR is now accepting nominations for 2015 edition.
13 Aug 15
He was a consultant for Word Sport Group.
11 Aug 15
Its mark-to-market framework is in line with rules.
29 Jul 15
Here’s what it will do differently compared to the Big Four.
27 Jul 15
The Colonial Probates Act allows for application for grant of representation in certain countries of the world where someone has died and has UK...
20 Jul 15
It's rooting out undeclared offshore accounts.
13 Jul 15
Tourist Refund Scheme is in the spotlight.