In Focus

Why 'shrinkflation' is dangerous for F&B operators 

Inflation is expected to remain high at 4.6% in Singapore.

Number of searches on jobs linked to AI jumped by 148.6%

The most significant growth in job postings has been for research fellows.

Ohmyhome eyes sector and market expansion post-Nasdaq debut

CEO Rhonda Wong brings properties vision ‘to be there for everyone’ from SG to the world.

ABSD rate hike: The winners and the losers

Singapore increased the ABSD for all residential statuses by 3% to 30%.

Tech startups unfazed by challenging early-stage fundraising environment: report

In Singapore, about 60 tech startups get incorporated annually.

Majority of Singaporeans expect a salary increase this year

Around 45% of the workers feel they are underpaid.

March inflation slows to 5.5% YoY

The rate of price increase in all sectors slowed down except for electricity and gas. 

Around 8 in 10 business leaders face decision distress: report

They believe having the right data will help them make better decisions.

Study ranks banks, manufacturing, and tech firms as top employers of 2023

LinkedIn data showed that the top in-demand skills are tech and finance skills.

Sustainable SG: Singaporeans reveal top 3 sectors for green investments

More than half of local investors plan to increase investments due to improved market stability.

3 factors weighing down Singapore’s economic growth

Analysts expect full-year GDP growth to clock in at 1.4%, lower than the 2022 record.

Half of Singaporeans expect inflation to decline in the next 12 months

Consumers cite three reasons for the shift in their expectations.

7 in 10 local SMEs expect a recession within the next 2 years

In response, SMEs are taking a prudent approach to their financial spending.

The IT job: Demand for digital occupations rises in Singapore

It accounted for an annual average of 11% of total online job positions in Singapore.

8 in 10 organisations want employees with tech-focused certification

Seven in 10 are having difficulty finding such employees.

Greener pastures? Employees' interest to relocate for job opportunities declines

Less than half of workers express interest to move away from Singapore.