In Focus

1 Oct 18
The landscape could be rewarding to banks, shown by OCBC’s two new solutions that boosted home loans by $200m.
1 Oct 18
The first major en bloc exercise after the cooling measures ended without a single bid.
1 Oct 18
OCBC is the latest to roll out such service amidst an encouraging regulatory environment.
1 Oct 18
muru-D’s untimely exit raises concern about corporate reliance of accelerator models.
1 Oct 18
Genting Singapore (GENS) is already beefing up its headcount  in preparation for its Japan expansion.
30 Sep 18
Home prices are still 5% below their 2011 peak.
28 Sep 18
The deal could plug losses and pave the way for a clearer corporate strategy.
26 Sep 18
The price consciousness was evident as home purchases above $2m crashed from 20.7% to 14.7%.
26 Sep 18
The reported stake disposal signals more trouble for the wireless operator.
26 Sep 18
MAS proposed to make a slew of cybersecurity measures for financial institutions (FIs)  into legally binding requirements.
24 Sep 18
DBS led the shopping spree with 2.95 million stocks bought for $74.79m.
24 Sep 18
Wilmar International and First Resources could benefit from cost reduction due to their currency exposure in Indonesian rupiah.
20 Sep 18
The rising domestic demand could bring in some relief.
19 Sep 18
Private home rents are still around 12% below their peak levels in 2013.
18 Sep 18
Resale condo prices also witnessed the highest decline at 1.6% in August.
16 Sep 18
CDL's net debt to equity ratio has surged from 10% in Q1 to 18.9% in Q2.
11 Sep 18
Visitors spent $1.5b on gambling and entertainment in Singapore, but this proves to be small compared to casino companies' potential income...
10 Sep 18
The dominant telco mobile wallet, Singtel Dash, ate up only 6% of the market despite having launched early in 2014.
6 Sep 18
Early adoption of technology by banks will cushion the expected earnings blow from new competitors.
5 Sep 18
Bank stocks could weigh the STI down and rein in business loans.
3 Sep 18
Private residential prices have tapered off from 3.9% in Q1 to 3.4.% in Q2.
29 Aug 18
The necessary medical infrastructure projects expected to fill the gap will be completed within the next few years.
22 Aug 18
Homegrown fintechs are more likely to access later-stage funding that are out of reach for startups in other verticals.
22 Aug 18
Operational doubts persist as power operators look for more physical space.
20 Aug 18
The Code of Corporate Governance has been amended to beef up director independence and enhance board diversity.
20 Aug 18
E-payments may not be fully taken into account in the sector’s quarterly performance.
19 Aug 18
Will you hire bots to interview potential employees?
16 Aug 18
It is a secondary investment destination for Singaporeans and the countries are bound by good bilateral trade relations.
15 Aug 18
The Lion City could look into increasing secure server capacity as a preventive measure.
14 Aug 18
The boost from the manufacturing sector could ease in H2 as Chinese import demand cools down.
13 Aug 18
This bolstered net office take-up to 879,000 sqft, the highest since 2011.
9 Aug 18
Around 800,00 sqft of Grade A office space is expected to be completed by 2018 from 2.25m sq ft last year.
7 Aug 18
But spending in the market at $9.84b has breached 2017's total of $8.24b.
6 Aug 18
The Big 3 have posted a healthy set of results in Q2 despite bleak market conditions.
5 Aug 18
Singapore had the fourth strongest premier rental growth across Asia at over 4.1%.
2 Aug 18
Users will shoulder the increases, and airlines are not resisting.
1 Aug 18
The $9.78b achieved in the collective sales market for H1 2018 is unlikely to be repeated in H2.
31 Jul 18
Rents have been in a protracted three-year slump but analysts foresee a mild recovery in the coming months.
31 Jul 18
Buyers wait on the sidelines as new curbs could boost home prices above $3m.
30 Jul 18
Overall, there will be lower demand for office space allocated for bank branches, according to an analyst.