In Focus

19 Aug 18
Will you hire bots to interview potential employees?
16 Aug 18
It is a secondary investment destination for Singaporeans and the countries are bound by good bilateral trade relations.
15 Aug 18
The Lion City could look into increasing secure server capacity as a preventive measure.
14 Aug 18
The boost from the manufacturing sector could ease in H2 as Chinese import demand cools down.
13 Aug 18
This bolstered net office take-up to 879,000 sqft, the highest since 2011.
9 Aug 18
Around 800,00 sqft of Grade A office space is expected to be completed by 2018 from 2.25m sq ft last year.
7 Aug 18
But spending in the market at $9.84b has breached 2017's total of $8.24b.
6 Aug 18
The Big 3 have posted a healthy set of results in Q2 despite bleak market conditions.
5 Aug 18
Singapore had the fourth strongest premier rental growth across Asia at over 4.1%.
2 Aug 18
Users will shoulder the increases, and airlines are not resisting.
1 Aug 18
The $9.78b achieved in the collective sales market for H1 2018 is unlikely to be repeated in H2.
31 Jul 18
Rents have been in a protracted three-year slump but analysts foresee a mild recovery in the coming months.
31 Jul 18
Buyers wait on the sidelines as new curbs could boost home prices above $3m.
30 Jul 18
Overall, there will be lower demand for office space allocated for bank branches, according to an analyst.
26 Jul 18
A mere 9.1% price rebound flag concerns that such an intervention may have been uncalled for.
25 Jul 18
Singapore is developing its air traffic control system for drones.
25 Jul 18
Financial institutions are discouraged from relying on the stolen information for customer verification.
23 Jul 18
The SingHealth cyberattack affected over 1.5 million Singaporeans, specifically 160,000 patients.
23 Jul 18
Some banks are looking to establish family offices to serve Chinese entrepreneurs; as a sizeable proportion will look to transfer their wealth to...
19 Jul 18
DBS fees from wealth are forecast to fall by 9.4%.
18 Jul 18
Gains in capital and rents boosted interest in properties in Jalan Besar, Kampong Glam, and Little India.
17 Jul 18
A total of 66 mergers have been lodged with the Competition Commission of Singapore as of end-June.
16 Jul 18
Companies have yet to win over projects worth US$145b for the rest of 2018.
15 Jul 18
The country's Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 (RIE 2020) allocated $4b for R&D developments from 2016 to 2020.
13 Jul 18
Manufacturing led the growth with an 8.6% advance YoY.
11 Jul 18
Some analysts see traditional grocers building a strategic alliance with Grab whilst some see an eventual tail-wagging-dog syndrome, whereby the...
11 Jul 18
They comprised 26% of its total portfolio value.
9 Jul 18
Some banks have been reportedly scrapping fixed deposit linked packages in favor of Sibor pegged packages.
8 Jul 18
UOB could be hit the hardest as 27.6% of its total loans are home loans.
6 Jul 18
Existing launches like Martin Modern and Affinity at Serangoon were offering an additional 5% discount for buyers who committed to purchases on...
4 Jul 18
Singapore’s property market has seen a “resurgence” in prices and transactions, according MAS chief Ravi Menon.
4 Jul 18
To increase their competitive edge, some co-working operators have incorporated unique themes and services, like The Great Room's lavish...
2 Jul 18
Nearly 3 in 5 bosses blamed competition and disagreement over the valuation price.
2 Jul 18
Its expected market share was cut from 5.5% to 4% due to incumbent telcos partnering with MVNOs.
29 Jun 18
The Clementi estate's proximity to amenities and schools will make it more attractive.
27 Jun 18
It is currently at 3.4%, nearly hitting five-year lows.
26 Jun 18
The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has received 259 refund complaints on oBike.
25 Jun 18
Just recently, oBike shut down its Singapore operations and cited difficulties in fulfilling licence guidelines.
24 Jun 18
Watsons Singapore and Sephora Singapore introduced an app that allows consumers to try makeup virtually, whilst bars like Hopheads and Level Up...
21 Jun 18
Net take-up is at 6% so far, higher than the 2-3% rates recorded in 2017.