16 May 19
They will build a sub-committee to address the legalities of the delimitation.
15 May 19
Globalisation of the economy has resulted in a shift in the way Singapore corporations operate – from local country-specific business models...
7 May 19
To mitigate cost impact, firms could embrace AI or start operations in Africa or South Asia.
2 May 19
The nation would remain ‘highly competitive’ despite its demographic decline.
2 May 19
Returns from sovereign wealth funds make up most of government revenues.
29 Apr 19
The wholesale trade sector led cessations with 8,007 entities exiting the market.
24 Apr 19
Transport prices continued its deflationary trend for the last nine months.
23 Apr 19
Smaller price increases in retail and electricity & gas offset higher services and food inflation.
19 Apr 19
The index hailed the city's central bank and stable economic policies.
18 Apr 19
And Go-Jek poaches an ex-Bain consultant from Apple as VP of strategy and planning.
17 Apr 19
Both electronic and non-electronic exports weakened.
17 Apr 19
Expectations across all categories of CPI-All Items inflation moved up QoQ.
14 Apr 19
A stable currency and sustained spending will prop up the slowing economy.
12 Apr 19
Gains in the construction sector failed to offset manufacturing decline.
5 Apr 19
Firms grapple with consumer and worker safety, consistency in service quality, and data privacy issues.
4 Apr 19
Growth in new orders, new exports, factory output, inventory, and employment level boosted the figure.
4 Apr 19
And Temasek joins US-based payments management platform’s US$88m-funding round.
3 Apr 19
The SMU-TA Centre for Excellence in Taxation (SMU-TA CET) was set up by Singapore Management University and the Tax Academy of Singapore, to...
2 Apr 19
Singapore firms will be able to use EU’s trading platforms and vice versa.
2 Apr 19
US companies accounted for more than 20% of all FDIs in Singapore.
1 Apr 19
The growth was mainly driven by agriculture, forestry and fishery, industry and construction, and services.
29 Mar 19
Its high dependency on international trade and integration in the Asian supply chain puts it at risk.
25 Mar 19
The fall reflected lower inflation for services, retail items and electricity & gas.
25 Mar 19
The foreign worker quota in the services sector will be cut as finance minister Heng notes that the growth in S-pass services holders hit a five-...
22 Mar 19
Lower fuel pump prices and high year-ago base effects weighed on the CPI.
21 Mar 19
The trade minister said he was hopeful that the trade pact could be sealed by the end of 2019.
19 Mar 19
The city trails Hong Kong and Mongolia.
19 Mar 19
Singapore and Hong Kong are 7% more expensive than New York.
18 Mar 19
Volatile export and manufacturing sectors are challenging the region’s economies.
18 Mar 19
GDP growth is expected to slow down from 5.2% to 5%.
18 Mar 19
GDP growth is expected to decline to 2.4% in 2019 from 3.2% in 2018.
18 Mar 19
Weak activity was attributed to lower than anticipated construction demand for both the private and public sectors.
14 Mar 19
Other outstanding cities following Singapore include Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.
8 Mar 19
Only 20% of Singapore women engage in investing, insurance, retirement and other long-term planning.
8 Mar 19
It aims to raise the standards for financial institutions in developing effective business continuity plans.
8 Mar 19
The country is aiming to build a commodity circulation system that fits the modern economic system.
8 Mar 19
The population is forecasted to grow 23% over the next five years.
7 Mar 19
It lagged London, New York and Hong Kong.
6 Mar 19
IMDA and MPA will tie up to develop electronic Bills of Lading.