Hotels & Tourism

6 Mar 18
The MTI and STB proposed this in a public consultation to amend the Cess Collection Act.
27 Feb 18
Its consolidation with UIC Group raised revenue.
26 Feb 18
Local developer EL Development paid $118m for the property.
25 Feb 18
But its revenue rose thanks to the strong performance of its leisure and hospitality segment.
23 Feb 18
Its revenue fell after the sale of the extension to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.
23 Feb 18
The government is deliberately slowing hotel development after supply overflowed before 2017.
19 Feb 18
Its Orchard hotels and Oasia hotel Novena struggled against new competitors in Q4 2017.
16 Feb 18
Two emerging clubs want to focus on co-working and fostering thought-provoking ideas.
15 Feb 18
This was caused by a lower revenue of $109.06m.
13 Feb 18
The return of corporate spending and higher visitor arrivals are likely to drive growth in its Singapore portfolio.
13 Feb 18
Tourist shoppers spent $4.73b on shopping from Q1 to Q3.
12 Feb 18
Singapore is also projected to welcome 17.1 million visitors.
12 Feb 18
Tourists from China, US, and UK were the biggest spenders.
12 Feb 18
This could boost FPL’s growth for the year.
8 Feb 18
They're expected to yield 3.5%-4.5% in 2018.
7 Feb 18
Two residential properties will be launched by 2020.
5 Feb 18
But contributions from Japan and Singapore markets may offset headwinds.
2 Feb 18
Over $7.14b worth of sales comprised 66% of the total.
1 Feb 18
Revenue per room has fallen by 11.2% in just five years.
1 Feb 18
Earnings were dragged by the weak performance of its Australia portfolio.
1 Feb 18
And here's why Singapore downgraded a Michelin-star resto's hygiene rating.
31 Jan 18
Its sponsors recently finished Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore.
31 Jan 18
This shows OUEHT’s potential recovery from its previous declines.
30 Jan 18
The retail segment's expenses dragged earnings down.
30 Jan 18
But the oversupply of rooms may temper growth.
30 Jan 18
The purchase price is 101.5% higher than its latest valuation.
29 Jan 18
This was due to the 1.2% YoY increase to $186 in average daily room rate.
26 Jan 18
Thanks to improved performance from The Lowry Hotel and Pullman Hotel Munich.
26 Jan 18
Users of the app just have to scan a QR code.
26 Jan 18
Growth only stopped in 2014 when the key China market declined 24.1% due to curbs on shopping tours.
25 Jan 18
Gross profit from its Australian portfolio rose by 4.9%.
25 Jan 18
And here's why you shouldn't empty your CPF for your first home.
25 Jan 18
Rooms from Dusit Thani and the reopened Raffles Hotel are seen to boost the supply.
24 Jan 18
On average, 2,970 rooms were added a year for nine consecutive years.
23 Jan 18
Mostly because of lower occupancy rates.
17 Jan 18
It dropped to eighth place in Asian cities' rankings.
15 Jan 18
It marks the company’s sixth property in Australia and third in Sydney.
14 Jan 18
Distribution per unit could increase 4% to 3.09 cents.
12 Jan 18
An additional $15m will be issued to the vendor if net property income strikes $9.9m.
12 Jan 18
It helps travelers know about country-specific requirements related to passport validity, visa, vaccination and customs.