26 Feb 18
Investment Holdings and Hospital Services expansion drive the growth.
20 Feb 18
It will further expand in the next decade overtaking education expenditure.
18 Feb 18
Middle aged Singaporeans are about to reach 2.3 million in 2022.
13 Feb 18
This was dragged by a $5.5m decrease in revenue.
11 Feb 18
Its medical hub is now 85% occupied.
8 Feb 18
It will inject the fund into the property's operator.
7 Feb 18
It will serve as a medical institution.
2 Feb 18
Singapore Medical Group will own an effective interest of 13% stake in said company.
26 Jan 18
This is mainly due to a 6% decrease in property expenses.
12 Jan 18
The city state has 2.2 doctors for 1,000 people.
9 Jan 18
Thanks to rising affluence and an ageing population.
8 Jan 18
Bed to patient ratio is still unsatisfactory at 2.1-2.5.
21 Dec 17
Patients with chronic diseases are set to increase in Singapore, the health minister said.
19 Dec 17
Thomson Medical wants to go beyond core obstetrics and gynaecology services into a wider health network.
28 Nov 17
On the upside, this means growth for hospitals as they expand in the next three years.
28 Nov 17
The pharma has a network in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and other Asian countries.
28 Nov 17
No thanks to startup losses of its Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital.
24 Nov 17
The company is moving to appeal the court decision.
23 Nov 17
It was registered for $2.04m.
17 Nov 17
He was also a member of audit, nominating and remuneration committee.
17 Nov 17
They want to focus on improving vital signs monitors and nutrition delivery.
17 Nov 17
The offer is 11% higher than the closing price.
17 Nov 17
But distribution per unit fell due to income loss after it sold its 51% stake in FHTL.
15 Nov 17
His responsibilities will be assumed by the director of Operations.
15 Nov 17
Foreign exchange losses pulled earnings down.
15 Nov 17
Increased patient visits boosted its earnings.
13 Nov 17
The deconsolidation of Aoxin last April was partly to blame.
9 Nov 17
The decline is partly due to lower requests for fertility and delivery services.
8 Nov 17
This comes as its embattled CEO faces suspension charges.
30 Oct 17
Revenue from it healthcare services segment offset the growth of the hospital services division.
24 Oct 17
The reality of an ageing workforce is rapidly dawning upon Singapore.
20 Oct 17
It will hire four new specialists for the clinic next year.
18 Oct 17
It will incur startup losses from its new hospitals in China.
17 Oct 17
Siloam Hospitals Yogyakarta was bought for $27m.
4 Oct 17
They will provide Assisted Reproductive Technology services to SOG patients.
3 Oct 17
She is currently the consulting partner of iGlobe Partners.
22 Sep 17
And a Canadian team wins $100,000 in a business plan contest.