12 Mar 19
And Singapore-based healthcare startup Docquity bagged US$11m in a series B funding round.
1 Mar 19
Wong has stepped down after being CEO for about two years.
28 Feb 19
And healthcare company DocDoc secures investment from Hong Kong’s Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF).
26 Feb 19
The revenue of its Healthcare Services division grew 6% and boosted growth.
25 Feb 19
Stoffel will be responsible for the segment’s operations, quality, engineering and strategic growth.
21 Feb 19
Homage nurses can soon consult with doctors via video services from a patient’s home or office.
19 Feb 19
The subsidies will be extended to cover all Singaporeans regardless of income.
14 Feb 19
The government has been laying out schemes to support lower classes’ healthcare spending.
14 Feb 19
Singapore remains a leader in making healthcare more accessible for its growing pioneer generation.
14 Feb 19
Medicine sales could also grow 5.7% annually and hit $2.22b by 2028.
13 Feb 19
Steep finance costs following the consolidation of Capitol Singapore’s debt hit earnings.
13 Feb 19
It targets mid-career professionals.
4 Feb 19
And here's how those who missed out on the Pioneer Generation Package can qualify for the Merdeka Generation Package.
1 Feb 19
ISEC Healthcare topped the list with returns of 7.8%.
21 Jan 19
Those in the diagnostics and devices sectors can enjoy the highest wage increase.
18 Jan 19
This compares to $500m investments in 2017 and $700m in 2016.
15 Jan 19
It also fined SingHealth $250,000 for the negligence of its data controllers.
15 Jan 19
The sector saw the highest net inflow in November with $10.5m.
10 Jan 19
And the NEA plans to launch four new funeral parlour sites for development over the next 10 years.
8 Jan 19
This includes pharmaceutical firm Takeda’s $58b acquisition of Ireland’s drug company Shire.
8 Jan 19
Four healthcare firms made their trading debut on SGX’s Catalist board.
19 Dec 18
Biolidics debuted at $0.265.
19 Dec 18
Deductions could be subject to a cap which could be scaled according to age.
18 Dec 18
Malaysia and Thailand offer more cost-competitive alternatives.
14 Dec 18
It provides an 82% accuracy rate in estimating hospital bills.
14 Dec 18
The hospital will have more than 200 beds serving the local community.
12 Dec 18
Ageing populations will boost demand for long-term investment and health coverage.
11 Dec 18
And Singpost customers will soon receive alerts 30 minutes before delivery.
7 Dec 18
It has a market cap of around $33b.
3 Dec 18
2 in 5 of them are either not checking how much they've put in for retirement or have no contributions at all.
28 Nov 18
It was hit by foreign exchange losses.
26 Nov 18
The plan to cover the health insurances of 84% of the population could drive investment growth.
26 Nov 18
China raised more than US$1.1b in Q3.
16 Nov 18
Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines could witness over 10% increases.
14 Nov 18
Cancer and cardiovascular issues are pushing the medical plan costs up.
8 Nov 18
Eligible patients who feed intravenously can claim up to $1,700 monthly.
31 Oct 18
Total healthcare spending will surge to US$2.27t by 2026.
29 Oct 18
Revenue from healthcare services division grew 8% amidst new corporate clients and a new contract.