Shipping & Marine

5 Jun 18
The dual-fuel vessel is scheduled for completion in 2020.
5 Jun 18
One worker died due to a shortage of clearance distance in 2015.
25 May 18
The merger will give the new company a 'substantial' market share that could wipe out potential competition.
23 May 18
It answered a query from the Singapore Exchange to disclose transaction details.
22 May 18
They were built at Sembmarine’s Admiralty Yard for 32 months.
21 May 18
This followed the signing of a letter of intent on 5 December 2017.
16 May 18
The two dredgers are expected to be completed in Q4 2020 and Q2 2021 respectively.
16 May 18
It expects 1 rig to be delivered in 2019 and 4 others in 2020.
9 May 18
FSO Ailsa will sail for the Culzean field in the UK North Sea next month.
3 May 18
It blamed low business volume in its marine segment and low land sales.
2 May 18
It still has to work through the 2016-2017 orders that were secured at lower-than-average EBIT margins.
26 Apr 18
It also launched a 5-year technical cooperation with IMO for fellowships, workshops, and scholarships.
25 Apr 18
It said recovery in rig orders will take some time as drilling segments remain oversupplied.
25 Apr 18
It is part of the seven deals it signed with maritime partners.
24 Apr 18
The other sectors they looked to were the transport and fintech & banking sectors.
23 Apr 18
It also launched a specialist diploma course in maritime superintendency for graduates.
19 Apr 18
Growth was led by the property division, whose profits surged by 298% to $378m.
17 Apr 18
This brings its total order book to $815.55m.
16 Apr 18
Analysts gauge orders worth $3b each for Keppel and Sembmarine within the year.
13 Apr 18
Keppel and Sembmarine's order books could already be at $4b and $3.5, respectively.
9 Apr 18
It signed a contract with Mitsui AP with an option to order another similar tanker.
6 Apr 18
And here’s why 99-year leasehold HDB flats aren’t a good investment for old age anymore.
4 Apr 18
It cited the downturn in the offshore and marine business.
28 Mar 18
The vessel could be worth US$1.36b, according to previous calculations.
27 Mar 18
Vincent Chong is positive the US Yard will be able to contract for the US Navy given the 20% rise in naval spending.
12 Mar 18
It will be used for operations in harsh environment like in Norwegian Continental Shelf.
7 Mar 18
It will be used to co-fund proof of concept (POC) for conceptualisation of new maritime products and services.
6 Mar 18
Energean awarded an FPSO contract to Technip which reportedly partnered with Sembmarine.
6 Mar 18
They will conduct training to boost sales skills and cruise knowledge of travel agents.
6 Mar 18
Analysts think their rig contracts won’t be cancelled as they are in a more advanced stage of completion.
28 Feb 18
If the deal pushes through, total contract value could go up to $2.3b.
23 Feb 18
It is one of several oil & gas firms still struggling to float after a plunge in crude prices caused contracts to dry up.
23 Feb 18
The new industry transformation map aims to boost employment and sector growth.
21 Feb 18
The poor performance of its rigs business pulled revenue down by 41.8%.
20 Feb 18
Firms could save costs of $50-$100 per foreign worker.
15 Feb 18
It has yet to address its Indian IPO and Sembmarine collaboration.
15 Feb 18
The company said it has already contained the incident.
13 Feb 18
It previously won the deal for the vessel's hull in December 2017.
12 Feb 18
And Bitcoin fights back as price rises above US$8,000.
9 Feb 18
This is to drive the adoption of 3D printing in O&G and O&M sectors.