Shipping & Marine

9 Feb 18
This is to drive the adoption of 3D printing in O&G and O&M sectors.
7 Feb 18
But higher interest rates may drag expected earnings.
6 Feb 18
It was dragged by its revenue, which decreased to $1.95b.
5 Feb 18
This makes its parent company, Sembcorp Industries, the best performing stock in January.
23 Jan 18
Thanks to oil prices higher than US$60/bbl and lower project costs.
23 Jan 18
Thanks to higher income from Bugis Junction Towers and Ocean Financial Centre.
22 Jan 18
OCBC unveils three possible factors behind the pricing spikes.
22 Jan 18
It confirmed a news report but said it hasn't set a price for the sale yet.
15 Jan 18
It also wants to create 5,000 jobs by 2025.
8 Jan 18
It bagged over $1.1b contracts last year.
19 Dec 17
MPV Everest can operate in ambient temperature as low as minus 30 degree Celsius.
14 Dec 17
Half of the fund will be used to build LNG-fuelled vessels.
11 Dec 17
It won additional work for Petrobras and SOFEC Inc.
8 Dec 17
The parent company has identified a new CFO.
7 Dec 17
The contract will cover the engineering and construction of a hull and living quarters.
6 Dec 17
If it happens, Sembmarine's net gearing could fall to 70%.
6 Dec 17
It will construct the topside and hull of the unit.
29 Nov 17
The sale is part of its ongoing restructuring to clear debt and lift the business.
23 Nov 17
Its total provisions made for Keppel and Sembmarine were $230m and $329m.
23 Nov 17
With $2.5b in new orders pending, 2018 could be a big year.
23 Nov 17
Its mothballing exercise is at the tail-end.
17 Nov 17
This includes issuing e-certificates directly to ships.
17 Nov 17
The company aims to raise $60m in an equity fundraising exercise.
15 Nov 17
He is to pursue other interests.
14 Nov 17
Marco Polo Drilling will withdraw its claims in the arbitration.
13 Nov 17
It will build a barge designed to carry 4,000 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas.
10 Nov 17
It signed a letter of intent with Statoil Petroleum AS.
10 Nov 17
Tests will be done for the construction and inspection of ship parts.
9 Nov 17
Blame lower utilisation rates of its rigs and vessels.
7 Nov 17
He previously served as director of administration of the company.
6 Nov 17
But gains only came from discontinued operations in China.
6 Nov 17
He will be engaged as an adviser to the Group.
1 Nov 17
The industry is showing initial signs of recovery.
31 Oct 17
Lower selling prices kept the revenue flat.
25 Oct 17
Right-sizing failed to pull profits up, no thanks to low work volume.
12 Oct 17
He was appointed on 1 October 2017.
6 Oct 17
It will work on refurbishment and installation of new parts.
4 Oct 17
He retires pursuant to the company’s constitution.
4 Oct 17
Oil prices and contract wins are not enough.
29 Sep 17
One of the contracts is worth $45.2m.