Financial Services

16 Jan 19
The firms aim to provide its products to uninsured consumers through Grab’s mobile app.
15 Jan 19
The dashboard features over 40 business apps.
15 Jan 19
And Singapore Bank Officer’s Association opens its doors to all BFS employees.
11 Jan 19
Over half admit to not having plans to ensure compliance with local and global requirements in 2019.
11 Jan 19
Money transfers from Singapore to Myanmar through Dash will be available by March 2019.
10 Jan 19
EY says that the revenue could be used to enhance Singapore's growth as a fintech hub.
10 Jan 19
The bank will distribute Prudential Group’s life insurance products to its consumer banking customer base across the region.
9 Jan 19
SMEs can access accounting, digital marketing and cybersecurity solutions.
9 Jan 19
Loans and balance sheet leverage will drive revenue expansion.
8 Jan 19
Singapore residents and citizens aged 21 and above can prepare their own wills within 10 minutes.
8 Jan 19
Prompt payments fell from 50.40% to 48.43% in a year.
7 Jan 19
NIMs have only inched up by 2-12 bp since 2015 even as the 3M SIBOR soared 58bp.
20 Dec 18
Investors should take comfort that loan growth is still in the positive territory, analysts said.
19 Dec 18
This translates to almost 50 investment bankers leaving in the past six months.
19 Dec 18
Customers can send money directly into international bank accounts and mobile wallets.
19 Dec 18
He will also be prohibited from taking part in managing any capital markets services firm in Singapore.
18 Dec 18
Services, transportation and wholesale were the most optimistic sectors.
17 Dec 18
The drop is due to the absence of one-off special dividends paid by DBS and Keppel Corporation.
17 Dec 18
The time taken to set up an account will be cut 75% from months to weeks.
14 Dec 18
Monthly card sales increased 7% after adopting cashless payment methods.
11 Dec 18
PT QBE General Insurance Indonesia will be absorbed as subsidiary.
10 Dec 18
Users can use their Visa Virtual accounts and Apple pay for transactions online and in-store worldwide.
7 Dec 18
The service will also be available next year in Malaysia and Taiwan.
5 Dec 18
OCBC and DBS are more vulnerable due to their larger Greater China footprint.
4 Dec 18
Jirnexu operates financial comparison website, RinggitPlus.
4 Dec 18
It will co-fund up to $3m to support cybersecurity advancement per firm in the financial sector.
3 Dec 18
Its swaps and futures will reference the 65% Fe Brazilian fines index, CFR Qingdao.
30 Nov 18
Business loans grew by 3.35% due to a steep 10.53% climb in building and construction loans.
29 Nov 18
Frasers Experience will allow shoppers to digitise their physical gift cards and to load it to their app's e-wallet.
28 Nov 18
Incumbents are launching VC arms and innovation labs to avoid being outpaced.
26 Nov 18
Singapore dollar notes by First REIT and those sold by OUE have dropped amidst a liquidity crunch.
23 Nov 18
Net interest margins are poised to widen amidst expected rate hikes.
21 Nov 18
GrabPay and Go-Pay are examples.