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AIA Singapore empowers corporate wellness through comprehensive solutions

AIA Singapore sets itself apart as a leader in prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees with its WorkWell with AIA programme focused on the four hollistic pillars of well-being.

AIA Singapore has positioned itself as a leader in employee benefits and corporate insurance by proactively addressing mental health challenges and offering innovative solutions.

In the bustling corporate world, where productivity reigns supreme, the well-being of employees often becomes an afterthought. Imagine a workplace where employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and social health are all valued and nurtured. This is where holistic corporate wellness comes in, particularly AIA's comprehensive and holistic WorkWell programme.

Many companies today focus predominantly on physical health benefits such as gym memberships and weight management initiatives. Whilst these have merit, AIA Singapore's holistic wellness proposition goes beyond the physical. It encourages organisations to provide resources for mental wellness, embrace emotional well-being initiatives as an essential component of corporate culture, and become catalysts for meaningful social connections amongst employees so they can thrive together.

With the recent appointment of its Chief Corporate Solutions Officer Kenneth Tan, AIA Singapore reiterates its commitment to advancing holistic wellness initiatives. Tan brings forth extensive expertise and a fresh perspective to drive the company’s efforts in promoting mental well-being and supporting initiatives such as the WorkWell programme.

The Work Well proposition encompasses the four pillars of well-being: Think Well, Feel Well, Plan Well, and Live Well.

Four pillars of corporate wellness as foundation of well-being

With the increasing focus on mental wellness, AIA Singapore expanded the Think Well pillar earlier this year, in collaboration with WhiteCoat Holdings Pte. Ltd., marking a significant first for the region. Through the years, the company has also implemented programmes, campaigns, and policies that address mental health challenges. In doing so, it has been known as a leading advocate for the destigmatisation of mental health and pushing for a healthy workforce.

Think Well

Think Well stands out because of its provision of complimentary, synchronous text-based mental health services. Through this programme, AIA Singapore’s corporate outpatient clients can complete a mental health self-assessment and schedule a same-day appointment with qualified mental health professionals, such as counsellors or psychologists, via text. This way, they are given assistance when they need it the most, without delays.

The programme also goes beyond immediate consultations and provides a personal touch through its follow-up care, which can be done through text, video, or in-person consultations. Each follow-up is tailored to each individual’s needs, promoting their long-term recovery.

On top of the said consultations, WhiteCoat will also be supporting employees through a comprehensive self-guided programme featuring a daily mood tracker, a journalling tool helpful for channelling thoughts, and a dynamic and personalised content library of curated mental health materials that will motivate them to stay mentally fit as part of AIA’s planned enhancements.

An aspect of each employee's life that ties in with their mental state is their sense of belonging and self-esteem. In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, creating a work environment that promotes social wellness is essential.

Feel Well

At the heart of Feel Well by AIA Singapore is the recognition that social connections and a supportive network play a crucial role in promoting employee well-being. It focuses on social wellness to help employees build an inclusive work environment whilst making meaningful connections with each other. Through this initiative, AIA Singapore paves the way for a more engaged and resilient workforce that prioritises social connections, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.

AIA Singapore’s Live Well campaign, meanwhile, addresses the diverse needs of customers in terms of physical wellness and support during critical illnesses. The provision of a free six-month cover for 37 critical illnesses showcases AIA Singapore's commitment to its customers' financial well-being during challenging times. Live Well likewise emphasises the importance of preventive measures, physical activity, good nutrition, and convenient access to quality health services.

Live Well

Feel Well and Live Well stand out with the first-ever AIA Vitality corporate challenge launched in 2022, which encourages employees to participate in various activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. By encouraging physical activities, conducting health screenings, and gathering employee feedback through the wellness survey, AIA Singapore empowers companies to make informed decisions and create tailored wellness programmes that meet the specific needs of their workforce.

Plan Well

Plan Well, the final pillar of the Work Well proposition, is designed to enhance financial literacy through self-help tools and solutions. Its inclusion of six months of free critical illness coverage offers a safety net during uncertain times, providing financial security in the event of a critical illness diagnosis. In turn, it helps employees gain control over their finances, reduce financial stress, and achieve long-term financial security.

HR professionals empowered in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

HR professionals play a crucial role in managing employee benefits and corporate wellness in any organisation. They navigate the complexities of benefits programmes such as health insurance and retirement plans, as well as employee assistance, ensuring they are tailored to employees’ diverse needs.

AIA Singapore understands the important role that HR professionals play in any workplace, and to empower them and enhance their capabilities, the insurer partnered with CIPD.

The CIPD, headquartered in the UK, is a professional body of HR and people development professionals that works with over 160,000 members in Asia and around the world.

AIA Singapore’s partnership with the organisation seeks to provide the HR community with the tools and learning essentials it needs amidst the rapid changes in the workforce and economy. It offers them valuable insights and resources so they can navigate the landscape of employee benefits more effectively. 

By supporting the growth and development of HR professionals, AIA Singapore aims to ensure that companies receive expert guidance in designing benefits packages that prioritise employee well-being.

Through initiatives like the Work Well proposition, the company pioneers accessible and holistic support, ensuring the well-being of employees. Moreover, its partnership with the CIPD reinforces its dedication to supporting HR professionals in managing employee benefits effectively.

By going beyond traditional insurance offerings, AIA Singapore has created a benchmark for other companies in the industry. Its flexible solutions, extensive networks, and holistic wellness initiatives contribute to the creation of healthy work environments. As AIA Singapore continues to evolve and tailor its insights-driven solutions to meet the changing needs of enterprises, the well-being of employees remains at the forefront of its endeavours.

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