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Two is better than one: Wealthbeing by AIA for High Net Worth Individuals

AIA Singapore pairs wealth and well-being together for ‘Wealthbeing’ 

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) such as business leaders, CEOs, and executives may fulfil their life aspirations, but they often experience common challenges in managing their busy lives. Hectic schedules, travel, and demands for continual high performance often leave little time left over for them to focus on securing their future with well-rounded personal planning that includes growing their wealth and building their legacy whilst ensuring that their well-being is optimised. 

Based on Agility Research & Strategy’s WealthLens™ Singapore study 2021, COVID-19 has changed investment behaviour and investment portfolios of HNWIs in Singapore and globally, as well as their views on what wealth and well-being actually means to them. It is now important for HNWIs to have good health in order to enjoy their wealth and to live life, each moment of every day, to the fullest.

This is why AIA Singapore developed a value proposition to meet the growing needs of HNWIs. Wealthbeing by AIA is a holistic approach by AIA Singapore, which includes well-rounded solutions to support HNWIs to manage and achieve their goals in both their health and wealth needs.

A new value proposition for your life: 'Wealthbeing by AIA' 

AIA Singapore has been listening to the needs and aspirations of generations of families in Singapore for more than 90 years. As a leading insurer, AIA’s brand promise is to enable people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives. Responding to new norms in the lives of HNWIs, AIA is focused on helping HNWIs to attain resilient financial planning and optimise their well-being with a holistic approach that is structured to provide all-rounded solutions.

“Understanding the health and wealth concerns of HNWIs has led to the launch of 'Wealthbeing by AIA’. Wealthbeing redefines the future of wealth planning by pairing wealth and well-being. AIA's strong wealth management expertise and health credentials support HNWIs to create more meaningful legacies by living life to the fullest,” said Melita Teo, Chief Customer and Digital Officer of AIA Singapore.

Expertise at the heart of your Wealthbeing 

Living a healthy and fulfilling life whilst building one’s legacy for generations can be achieved all-in-one with sound advice. AIA partnered with the Wealth Management Institute (WMI) to ensure AIA Insurance Representatives are professionally qualified with private banking expertise to provide advisory that extends beyond insurance and financial planning to address the evolving Wealthbeing needs of HNWIs. AIA remains the only insurer in Singapore, that upskills its insurance representatives with both the Client Advisor Competency Standards (CACS) regulatory examinations and WMI’s Certified Private Banker qualifications to achieve the IBF Qualified Private Banking certification. 

AIA’s capabilities also extend to AIA Investments, AIA Group’s investment arm, which focuses on driving superior long-term sustainable investment returns for clients. It has one of the largest teams of investment professionals in Asia Pacific, consisting of over 250 Investment specialists, who are responsible for managing close to USD340 billion in assets (as at 31 December 2021).

Building on AIA's expertise, the company offers a curated suite of wealth solutions, from legacy planning, wealth accumulation to comprehensive protection coverage. The insurer is here to help HNWIs meet their varied needs and different goals to attain Wealthbeing for themselves and their family with tailored products.

For instance, to cater to entrepreneurs and business owners who travel frequently and require access to healthcare on the go, AIA has launched the AIA Premier International Medical - a comprehensive international medical insurance that allows business owners to choose their coverage based on their preferred geographical location and get access to an extensive cashless global medical network with 24 hours of dedicated customer service. The plan offers extensive coverage, including Outpatient, Dental, Maternity, Optical, and Wellness. 

Bespoke Wealthbeing 

Clients who have AIA policies with total annualised premiums of at least S$10,000 have access to an invitation-only AIA Altitude programme, which offers a specially curated array of privileges and experiences to elevate the lifestyle and experience with AIA. There are three membership tiers, namely AIA Altitude, AIA Altitude Platinum, and the newly introduced AIA Altitude Pinnacle for ultra-high-net-worth clients who qualify with total annualised premiums of S$100,000 and above. AIA Altitude Platinum and Pinnacle members can enjoy complimentary will writing services, advanced healthcare services, and bespoke experiences such as exclusive event invitations, amongst many others. 

Sustaining Healthier, Longer, Better lives 

Findings from Agility Research & Strategy’s WealthLens™ Singapore study last year reveal that sustainability is an important consideration for HNWIs. This is aligned with AIA’s belief that sustainable and responsible investing can contribute to the Global Goals and benefit the communities we serve. In 2021, AIA Group took bold steps to support a more climate-resilient future by committing to the target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as well as divesting from its entire directly-managed listed equity and fixed income exposure to coal mining and coal-fired power businesses. We believe that the common well-being of people and the planet should not get lost in short-term profit making. 

The essence of Wealthbeing by AIA

AIA believes that Wealthbeing is the future of wealth planning, where sustainable legacies are built not just on wealth but also on health. AIA knows that wealth alone does not enrich lives; resilient financial planning calls for more than wealth, it calls for Wealthbeing. With a suite of tailored wealth and insurance solutions, lifestyle privileges, and services, Wealthbeing is an all-rounded approach that caters to high-net-worth individuals’ every need, enabling them to live Healthier, Longer, Better lives. 

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