Japfa is a pan-Asian, industrial agri-food company dedicated to feeding emerging Asia with essential proteins. Headquartered in Singapore; it employs over 40,000 people across an integrated network of industrial farms.

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Japfa's 1Q24 profit rebounds to $16.93m

A year ago, the company recorded a $58.55m loss.

Japfa's 1Q24 profit rebounds to $16.93m

A year ago, the company recorded a $58.55m loss.

Japfa declines to comment on private deal speculations

It said it “does not consider it appropriate” to comment on the matter.

Japfa’s segments to face uncertainties in higher costs and ASPs

The agri-food firm’s net PATMI declined 73.9%, on a yearly basis.

Japfa’s attributable profit plunges 62.9% to US$44m

This is due to the higher raw materials costs and other external factors.

Japfa to list AustAsia subsidiary on SEHK

Unlocking its shareholder value could lead to Japfa's equity value re-rating.

Japfa net profit declined by 34.6% in 2021

The total net profit recorded was $161.2m.

Japfa net profit down 12.4%

Strict lockdowns and restrictions affected the demand for its protein products.

Japfa expands with partnerships in China

The move is aimed at strengthening AustAsia, a subsidiary of Japfa.

Japfa net profit grew 54.3% YoY to US$118.5m in H1

Its revenue also rose 23.4% YoY to. US$2,262.4m in the same period. 

Japfa buys two dairy farms to boost China expansion

This comes as the Group plans to be the leading raw milk producer in China.