Ritin Mathur and Marie-Claude Ferland

Ritin Mathur
Partner, Consulting, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Ritin is a consulting partner in the artificial intelligence (AI) and data practice. Based in Singapore, he specializes in the application of AI for commercial enterprises as well as the public sector. He has worked with clients across geographies, industries and business functions to develop AI strategy and governance, implement modern data platforms, and deploy machine learning (ML) and AI powered applications.

With more than 20 years experience, Ritin brings a powerful combination of specialization in AI, business leadership and consulting experience to help clients reduce cost, drive operational efficiencies, increase revenue, and improve customer and citizen experiences.

Marie-Claude Ferland
Associate Partner, Consulting, AI Strategy, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd

Marie-Claude is the Asia-Pacific AI Strategy Lead. She has more than 18 years of experience related to AI, modeling, financial engineering, risk management and transformation. She helps global organizations leverage information using advanced technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence and generative AI to increase data-driven decision-making and transform their operations.

Marie-Claude is passionate about improving organizations’ approach to implementing AI governance that identifies and mitigates risks in AI solutions.

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