Digitalisation in Singapore’s construction sector

Singapore's construction sector has suffered greatly due to the pandemic, which has resulted in labor shortages and an increase in material costs. Despite the slight improvement in the situation, construction companies still face issues like a backlog of work and costly materials. Kelvin Hon, the General Manager of ISG, recommends leveraging digital tools like BIM, 3D rendering, and 3D perspectives to mitigate these problems.

Hon acknowledges that the construction industry has yet to recover fully from the pandemic, despite the availability of more projects. Due to limited resources, companies must exercise caution when accepting work, and both employers and contractors must work together to ensure that projects are completed on time.

The surge in material costs poses a significant challenge for construction firms, with steel, aluminum, and other materials becoming 10-15% more expensive compared to last year. To address these challenges, companies must adopt new technologies and remain flexible in their project timelines. Although it may take time for the industry to fully bounce back, digital tools can help expedite the recovery process.

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