CDL Hospitality Trusts

CDL Hospitality Trusts invests in a diversified portfolio of real estate, which is primarily used for hospitality, hospitality-related and other accommodation and/or lodging purposes globally.

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CDLHT NPI surges 23.3% in H1

The group’s revenue reached $119.2m for the half year.

CDLHT NPI surges 23.3% in H1

The group’s revenue reached $119.2m for the half year.

Analyst remains neutral on S-Reits amidst global financial situation

There may be tighter financial conditions in the US due to interbank rates.

CDL Hospitality Trusts NPI up 43.7% YoY to $123.7m in 2022

It was mainly driven by the Singapore market and UK Hotels.

Are S-Reits with exposure to Europe safe from Euro depreciation?

UOBKayHian advises to maintain buy for six Reits whilst hold for one Reit.

CDL Hospitality Trusts' net income jumps 25.% YoY to $24.2m

The company's Singapore assets were among the main contributors to the increase.

CDL HREIT Investments acquires Hotel Brooklyn for $43.8m

The establishment is located in Manchester in the UK. 

CDL Hospitality Trusts NPI up 24.1% YoY to $49.13m for H2 2021

Distribution per stapled security and total distribution faced dips of 11% and 10.6%, respectively.

CDLHT, FEHT to see improved results going into 2022

This was according to a report published by UOBKayHian. 

CDL Hospitality Trusts net property income up 34.8% in Q3

Properties from Germany, Italy, and Japan turned a profit.

Meaningful recovery for hospitality sector likely in 2022: OCBC

OCBC Investment Research expects hospitality REITs to post stronger second-half results.

CDLHT’s NPI increases 24.4% to S$37m in H1

The group’s revenue also rose 27.2% to S$66.2m. 

CDL Hospitality Trusts names Annie Gan Poh Cheo as CFO of M&C Business Trust Management

The board considered her current role as the CFO of M&C REIT Management in her appointment.