In Focus

25 May 17
Food delivery firms battle for sustainability.
24 May 17
Majority of them expect to finally lay back at 60.
22 May 17
And here are three ways on how financial firms can improve their loyalty services.
21 May 17
Job seekers are considering more than just salary.
18 May 17
UOB’s wealth management segment more than doubled since 2010.
17 May 17
It can push government to increase land supply soon.
17 May 17
It represents the highest preference for e-payments in SEA.
15 May 17
Around 3,300 jobs were made available for IT professionals.
15 May 17
Volatilities are likely to ease because of these inter-linked reasons.
12 May 17
They still feel gender discrimination and bias against motherhood in the workplace.
11 May 17
The Marina One project may boost leasing activity.
10 May 17
But it still lags behind its Asian peers when it comes to diversity in the workplace.
9 May 17
This thinking is most prevalent amongst IT workers.
8 May 17
Manufacturing PMI eased 0.1 points to 51.1.
5 May 17
MAS may step in to prevent the currency from strengthening further.
4 May 17
Recruitment campaigns are being prolonged and rerun.
3 May 17
This is despite the strong 2.5% GDP growth print in Q1.
2 May 17
12% of manufacturers expect improvement.
27 Apr 17
This is in tandem with lower occupancy rates.
27 Apr 17
On the external front, exports continue to recover.
26 Apr 17
But 3 in 4 see the need to digitalise to survive.
24 Apr 17
The market revenue per user could reach $1,022 this year.
24 Apr 17
A multi-year relaxation trend of current property curbs is predicted to begin.
21 Apr 17
The tourism board signing a 3-year collaboration with Walt Disney is one.
19 Apr 17
2 in 3 will not complete buying due to poor service.
18 Apr 17
Developer sales jumped to its highest monthly takeup since June 2013.
17 Apr 17
They feel valued by the ‘local heroes'.
12 Apr 17
But it still secured the top spot in global liveability rankings.
12 Apr 17
The fourth quarter of 2016 saw manufacturing bounce back, and signs point to the surge spilling over into the first half of 2017.
10 Apr 17
As the number of estate agencies and agents in Singapore shrinks, many are turning to technology to help beat the property downturn blues.
10 Apr 17
Only 59% of women in Singapore are happy with their employers.
6 Apr 17
In turn, a majority of banks plan to increase fintech partnerships.
6 Apr 17
They will be hiring beyond replacement roles.
4 Apr 17
The spike in the number of skilled workers is boosting the economy.
4 Apr 17
RevPARs could recover starting 2H18.
3 Apr 17
Average tenure is around two years.
31 Mar 17
4 in 5 said legacy should not get in the way of business growth.
30 Mar 17
Key challenges include skills shift, low engagement, and poor retention.
29 Mar 17
Unit labour costs rose 3.9%.