In Focus

19 Jan 17
These make up less than 10% of total issued debt.
17 Jan 17
A total of 8,136 units were sold.
17 Jan 17
The city-state rallied ahead of Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, New York, and London.
15 Jan 17
Asian currencies will continue to depreciate.
12 Jan 17
And check out two other things Singapore can do to scale up innovation.
12 Jan 17
Is the current cap on tax deductibility impaired provision of medical benefits?
10 Jan 17
Loan growth may sit only between 1% to 2% for the whole year.
9 Jan 17
It would let local and foreign businesses anchor their R&D activities in the city-state.
9 Jan 17
Overall vacancy in private housing is to peak at 12.6% in 2017.
30 Dec 16
And check out two external risks awaiting Singapore in 2017.
22 Dec 16
While 30% claimed they accepted the offer and ended up staying.
21 Dec 16
While almost 2 in 3 plan to offer wage hikes.
20 Dec 16
M&A involving Singapore firms reached US$25b.
19 Dec 16
Mortgagee listings hit a record high this year.
15 Dec 16
And check out what MyRepublic and the incumbent telcos have to say on TPG's win.
14 Dec 16
Weak finance sector and private consumption sentiment dragged overall outlook.
13 Dec 16
84% of them said they need to acquire skills to guarantee employability.
12 Dec 16
They want more personalised reward programmes, not just the traditional point-based ones.
12 Dec 16
Weak manufacturing sector is seen a major drag.
8 Dec 16
And check out what StarHub and M1 have to say about the potential new telco.
7 Dec 16
Only 3% are devoted to their preferred brands.
6 Dec 16
Usage is expected to contract by nearly a quarter.
5 Dec 16
Nearly 2 in 5 post-graduates want to leave.
4 Dec 16
17 S-REITs took on over $5bn in debt since January last year.
1 Dec 16
But it offers cost advantage against other Asian countries.
30 Nov 16
Singaporeans take work home less often than Hong Kongers.
29 Nov 16
They're raising salaries for compliance roles by up to 15%.
28 Nov 16
And checkout how they adopt Japanese ready meals mix trend.
27 Nov 16
Nearly 7 in 10 are wary over stringent regulations.
24 Nov 16
They spend two hours every day.
24 Nov 16
But they get the biggest paychecks.
22 Nov 16
Only 7% are 'very confident' about their topline growth.
21 Nov 16
Over 7 in 10 share passwords and engage in other risky behaviours.
20 Nov 16
More than half blame it on shopping options available on mobile devices.
17 Nov 16
8 in 10 assume they're well-prepared, yet half suffered an attack last year.
16 Nov 16
2,200 traders exited the CFD/FX market post-Brexit.
15 Nov 16
Millennials demand faster and easier ways to pay.
14 Nov 16
A majority still relies on conventional fund-raising schemes.
13 Nov 16
Blame it on rising resignations as talents seek for better opportunities.