In Focus

27 Feb 17
Their market share grew 7-10% YoY.
24 Feb 17
Employers are urged to use innovative approaches in hiring.
23 Feb 17
Market value will jump from $130m to more than $500m.
22 Feb 17
2 in 5 CFOs said they expect to face skills shortage.
21 Feb 17
Find out what EY, Deloitte, KPMG and PWC have to say about the Budget.
20 Feb 17
More money for sports, older employees, diesel and carbon taxes, higher water prices, higher motorbike prices.
20 Feb 17
GDP growth was revised higher, but still within the 1-3% forecast.
16 Feb 17
Despite the boom in tourist numbers.
16 Feb 17
They would buy more if they get rewarded.
15 Feb 17
With more than 70% of consumers shopping online, they battle it out to win customers.
14 Feb 17
CFE outlines recommendations on developing ways to create new spaces.
13 Feb 17
Over the past two years, 210 fintech firms commenced operation in Singapore.
9 Feb 17
Growth areas are high-tech manufacturing involving Industrial Internet of Things.
8 Feb 17
It will boost business sentiment and consumer purchasing power.
8 Feb 17
They are also keen to updating their internal policies.
7 Feb 17
They are changing tenant mix.
6 Feb 17
Profits could decline by less than 2%.
2 Feb 17
BMI Research believes it is likely to remain on the appreciatory trend.
2 Feb 17
Property prices are now at one of the most affordable levels on record.
1 Feb 17
StarHub payTV subscribers dropped 1.5%.
31 Jan 17
Real purchasing power will be eroded, analysts fear.
27 Jan 17
Companies are on the lookout for marketing operations talent, marketing managers, and analysts.
26 Jan 17
It is now the 7th most expensive in Asia.
25 Jan 17
Loans to this sector comprise 1-3% of the banks' gross loans.
24 Jan 17
Re-employment age is raised from 65 to 67.
23 Jan 17
Its attraction strategy is paying off.
20 Jan 17
More than 2 in 5 expect profit increase in the next twelve months.
19 Jan 17
These make up less than 10% of total issued debt.
17 Jan 17
A total of 8,136 units were sold.
17 Jan 17
The city-state rallied ahead of Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, New York, and London.
15 Jan 17
Asian currencies will continue to depreciate.
12 Jan 17
And check out two other things Singapore can do to scale up innovation.
12 Jan 17
Is the current cap on tax deductibility impaired provision of medical benefits?
10 Jan 17
Loan growth may sit only between 1% to 2% for the whole year.
9 Jan 17
It would let local and foreign businesses anchor their R&D activities in the city-state.
9 Jan 17
Overall vacancy in private housing is to peak at 12.6% in 2017.
30 Dec 16
And check out two external risks awaiting Singapore in 2017.
22 Dec 16
While 30% claimed they accepted the offer and ended up staying.
21 Dec 16
While almost 2 in 3 plan to offer wage hikes.
20 Dec 16
M&A involving Singapore firms reached US$25b.