In Focus

22 Aug 17
The median monthly income for males is 18% higher than for females.
21 Aug 17
And check out the common trend seen across players in Q2.
18 Aug 17
This came with the general outlook improvement seen in Asia Pacific.
17 Aug 17
The IMDA inked seven deals with these players.
16 Aug 17
It seems like they are not getting the necessary feedback to improve.
15 Aug 17
It grew 8.1% YoY in the second quarter.
14 Aug 17
The large supply of commercial and industrial space could hamper investment on new projects.
11 Aug 17
No thanks to hiring process taking up 4.5 months.
10 Aug 17
OCBC is at the top in terms of fee income.
9 Aug 17
It rose as the fourth biggest commercial real estate market in the region.
8 Aug 17
Unemployment rate inched lower to 3.1%.
7 Aug 17
This would come as volumes approach five-year peaks.
4 Aug 17
After PMI inched up, economists believe upsides will now be limited.
3 Aug 17
Developers are actively replenishing their land banks.
2 Aug 17
For the past quarter, fintech investment reached US$61.5m.
1 Aug 17
Only the aerospace segment sees optimistic conditions.
31 Jul 17
Only 1 in 2 firms have emotional and psychological programmes in place.
28 Jul 17
This is despite the signs of market recovery.
27 Jul 17
The increase will be driven by higher fuel oil prices.
26 Jul 17
Companies are urged to adjust to millennials fast.
24 Jul 17
They hate the long waiting time for just a single transaction.
24 Jul 17
Demand for accommodation has continued to be weak.
21 Jul 17
Retail sales registered the fastest growth in over two years.
20 Jul 17
At the end of June, 3-month SIBOR has risen to 1.115%.
19 Jul 17
It beat Sydney and Hong Kong in the APAC region.
18 Jul 17
A total of 485 deals were recorded in Singapore.
17 Jul 17
What can buoy the sector in the coming quarters?
14 Jul 17
A total of 26 deals were sealed in the said quarter.
13 Jul 17
Around 59% said employees ended up leaving even with the counteroffer.
12 Jul 17
They comprise 30% of Singapore's resident population.
11 Jul 17
This is against the global average of 13%.
10 Jul 17
It could serve as a defect in the battle of incumbents with TPG.
7 Jul 17
Overall manufacturing PMIs edged modestly in June.
6 Jul 17
Uniqlo for instance now has 13 branches outside CBD.
5 Jul 17
Meet OCBC and DBS's chatbots.
4 Jul 17
It registered high growth in May, up 35.1%.
3 Jul 17
RMF, for one, hit a single-digit drop in non-local patients.
30 Jun 17
On the confirmed list, it’s Holland Road.
29 Jun 17
S&CC rebates to HDB residents is one key factor.
29 Jun 17
As the city-state remains amongst the costliest cities to live in.