In Focus

12 Dec 17
It dropped five ranks from the 20 most expensive locations for expats.
11 Dec 17
MAS said Singapore's debt situation has improved.
10 Dec 17
20 projects have already been sold, surpassing numbers in both 2015 and 2016.
7 Dec 17
Thanks to a good business environment and links with Southeast Asian countries.
6 Dec 17
For one, unsold inventories have been declining for two years already.
5 Dec 17
A positive sign came from the 35% uptick of public engineering contracts awarded.
4 Dec 17
It rose 0.3 point from last month to 52.9.
3 Dec 17
CBD rents rose to $9.1 psf/month for the first time in 10 quarters, but pricing worries remain.
30 Nov 17
This could also mean a slowdown in business as consumers had a history of buying a lot before tax hikes.
29 Nov 17
Half of them plan to invest their disposable income next year.
28 Nov 17
Goods and Services Tax (GST) will rise by 2 ppt to cover primary deficit which is expected to hit $3.5b.
27 Nov 17
The growth of pharmaceutical production, which supported the GDP, is considered lumpy and volatile.
26 Nov 17
They also topped Southeast Asia's leaderboard.
23 Nov 17
54% of fintechs have focused on banks.
22 Nov 17
But food and beverage stores are taking up more mall space.
21 Nov 17
Investment picked up 50% to $7.68b after a number of large deals.
20 Nov 17
Perhaps not surprisingly, the Swiss Business school behind the survey, IMD, ranked Switzerland as the best place for expats.
19 Nov 17
Robust demand for air travel services kept airfares down.
16 Nov 17
The average number of bids per tender has been on the rise since 2014.
16 Nov 17
It ranked eighth globally in terms of its productivity drivers.
14 Nov 17
Total value of sold residential projects alone hit $6.34b, the highest in 10 years.
13 Nov 17
IPO activity could rise by as much as 30% in a year.
12 Nov 17
Sales value of sold mortgagee auctioned units spiked 743.7% YoY in Q3.
10 Nov 17
It trailed behind Copenhagen by 0.41 points.
9 Nov 17
Oil and gas service exposures make up 2-3% of the banks' loans.
8 Nov 17
The city-state is expected to focus on AI, blockchain, and regtech.
6 Nov 17
They believe recruitment processes should only last at most four weeks.
5 Nov 17
Tech company Hmlet facilitates rentals for users for as short as three months and for $900 per room.
2 Nov 17
Singapore’s failure rate hit 9.2%, just slightly below Australia's 11.9% and China's 12.9%.
1 Nov 17
The population is ageing and retiree income is growing.
31 Oct 17
Business loans growth jumped to 8.0% YoY, thanks to higher loans from general commerce.
30 Oct 17
It scored 62.7 overall across categories on planet, profit, and people.
29 Oct 17
And yet, 39% said they still don't have a security strategy.
26 Oct 17
But banks are sending warning signals about the sector’s rocky performance.
25 Oct 17
The US$15.94b acquisition of Global Logistic Properties topped the list.
24 Oct 17
It created 164,000 jobs, larger in number than jobs in banking and manufacturing.
23 Oct 17
They fell from +2.6% in August to +2.1% this month.
22 Oct 17
Omnichannelisation is the name of the game for traditional retailers in Singapore.
19 Oct 17
Its 370 MW IT power supply for data centres is the largest in the world.
18 Oct 17
Rental growth from 2017 to 2021 is expected to hit 0.7% in prime spots.