Residential Property
33 min ago
Led by a 0.7% uptick in central region prices.
Markets & Investing
1 hour ago
It’s operating margin has declined to 50% this year.
Commercial Property
2 hours ago
Blame it on weak residential sales.
Markets & Investing
3 hours ago
Several nations have reigned in excessive credit growth.
HR & Education
4 hours ago
While 5,500 workers were made redundant in Q2.
5 hours ago
It handled 4.84 million passenger movements last month.
Markets & Investing
7 hours ago
Blame it on an impairment charge of $6m.
7 hours ago
Opportunities to open new stories are rising, analysts say.
Financial Services
7 hours ago
Thanks to its rising non-interest income.
Commercial Property
7 hours ago
Orchard Road median prime rents dropped again in Q2.
5 hours ago
Thanks to acquisitions and AEIs.
6 hours ago
Profit were also battered by increased expenses.
6 hours ago
All three business segments raked in the big bucks.
6 days ago
Blame it on Park Mall divestment hurting revenue.
1 week ago
Work productivity dropped to 54.6% in 2015.
1 week ago
High entry costs will no longer bother local manufacturers.
1 week ago
Extending its Mainland China network to seven cities.
1 week ago
Its SGXNet announcement was “not balanced and fair”.
2 weeks ago
Thanks to a reduction in property tax expense.


Restaurant Watch
A second branch of Burger Joint in Singapore is underway.
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18 Jul 2016
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It lists over 195 sports.
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40 and under
He was a self-made millionaire at age 26.
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He’s building a community with Singapore as pilot location.
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Check out what it means to work in a ‘hot office’, too.
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Graduates are still in demand, but work experience often trumps education.
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15 Jul 2016
Retail Watch
It’s not all doom and gloom for the retail sector.
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13 Jul 2016
Innovation Watch
It saves the hotel $100,000 a year on waste disposal fees.
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21 Jul 2016
Special Report
Most are targeted for completion in 2018.
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22 Jul 2016
Chart of the Week
Buyers are snubbing gadgets and jewelry.
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26 Jul 2016
Hot Entrepreneur
He’s the man behind Jus Delish Group.
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19 Jul 2016
Real Estate Watch
A so-called ‘Sentosa Cove in the suburbs’ is one thing.
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12 Jul 2016

Hong Kong

40 weeks ago
It hopes to liberate Wall Street from its terminal obsession.
2 years ago
23% of investors want in on each.
2 years ago
A slight increase of 3.3 points from last month.
5 weeks ago
The regulator is likely to ease further, analysts say.
14 weeks ago
Equities are riskier than loans.
17 weeks ago
Domestic demand will keep the economy afloat.
19 weeks ago
Despite economic slowdown. It has been noted that GDP growth of Vietnam is expected to slow to 6.3% in 2016 (lower than consensus expectations of 6.7%) from 6.7% in 2015.

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